W.F. Young Introduces New Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads

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W.F. Young Introduces New Bigeloil® Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads
Innovation from Bigeloil® offers an alternative to the mess of traditional clay poultices

East Longmeadow, MA - The traditional practice of poulticing horses' legs and hooves has proven to be an invaluable treatment for general heat and stiffness, withstanding the tests of time. However, the mess it can create is equally timeless, as generations of horse owners have struggled with sloppy application. Now, Bigeloil® brings its years of expertise in muscle and leg care to poultice with Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads. The revolutionary application method using poultice encased in quilted pockets offers horse owners a quick and clean alternative to the mess of traditional clay poultices.

Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads use traditional poultice ingredients: kaolin clay and Epsom salts. The innovative application method delivers the results expected from a poultice treatment, without the notorious mess. Quilted squares contain the dry ingredients, which are activated when soaked, and easily applied to the leg or hoof. First, soak the poultice wrap or pad for 20 seconds. Then, apply to leg or sole of hoof. Finally, cover with a wrap. To remove, just take off the quilted wrap and discard; there will be no dried clay residue left on the leg or hoof.

Eliminating difficult clean up and heavy tubs, Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads bring poultice treatment into the 21st century. "The use of poultice to treat stiffness and heat in the legs and hooves is a very important method of traditional horse care," says Jaime McKinley, Vice President of New Business Development at W.F. Young, makers of Bigeloil and Absorbine®. "We wanted to simplify the process, and make this practice more accessible than ever. Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads revolutionize the experience of applying poultice for an easy and mess-free application."

To learn more about Bigeloil Quilted Poultice Leg Wraps and Hoof Pads, and to find a retailer, visit www.absorbine.com

About W.F. Young / Absorbine
Founded in 1892 by Wilbur Fenelon Young and his wife, Mary Ida, W. F. Young, Inc. has manufactured and distributed quality health care products for over 120 years. The company is recognized as a worldwide leader in innovative, specialized animal health care brands - including Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment, UltraShield® fly control, ShowSheen® grooming products, Hooflex® hoof care, and Bigeloil® products - that improve wellness and enhance the quality and enjoyment of life for people and their animals. For more information, visit www.absorbine.com

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