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International Connections

I am writing this as I head to the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. I was here these last few days for the 30th annual Japan Cup as a guest of the Japan Racing Association (JRA). It was the first time I ever had sushi for Thanksgiving dinner. ... Read More

Giving Thanks

It is time again for my annual Thanksgiving holiday blog. Knowing that I tend to get caught up in the fun – family, friends and food – I like to take a few minutes before it all begins to express my gratitude too.... Read More

Life in '11

The Life At Ten situation raises questions about two primary concerns consistently expressed by our fans and critics alike--the safety of our horses and the integrity of our game.... Read More

Zenyatta's "Hearts and Minds" Campaign

The 27th edition of the Breeders’ Cup World Championships was one for the record books. It was not only fourth all time in single-day attendance (72,739 on Saturday) and highest ever in amount bet (some $180 million over the two days), but it produced a number of champions who distinguished themselves in ways only imagined some 30 years ago when the late visionary John Gaines unveiled an idea to stage a season-ending championship for Thoroughbred racing. ... Read More

A Vote Cast For Zenyatta

At last, it's here. After months of anticipation, it all comes down to one day. The ads are about to run their course. The pundits and prognosticators have all had their say. The people have engaged in ways that no one could have imagined just a few short years ago. The polls have been all over the place. The arguments and rhetoric have been heated and at times very personal. The media has given the events of the day unprecedented coverage. Finally, our collective date with destiny has arrived. ... Read More

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