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These Numbers Don't Lie

I noted in that blog that in 2009, polling conducted by the NTRA's long-time polling consultants (who we share with Institute of Politics at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government) found that about 50.6 million adults in the U.S. qualify as Thoroughbred racing fans. Here is a brief explanation of how these results were reached.... Read More

International Connections

I am writing this as I head to the Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan. I was here these last few days for the 30th annual Japan Cup as a guest of the Japan Racing Association (JRA). It was the first time I ever had sushi for Thanksgiving dinner. ... Read More

Giving Thanks

It is time again for my annual Thanksgiving holiday blog. Knowing that I tend to get caught up in the fun – family, friends and food – I like to take a few minutes before it all begins to express my gratitude too.... Read More

A Vote Cast For Zenyatta

At last, it's here. After months of anticipation, it all comes down to one day. The ads are about to run their course. The pundits and prognosticators have all had their say. The people have engaged in ways that no one could have imagined just a few short years ago. The polls have been all over the place. The arguments and rhetoric have been heated and at times very personal. The media has given the events of the day unprecedented coverage. Finally, our collective date with destiny has arrived. ... Read More

Education--A Continual Process

When we formed the NTRA Safety & Integrity Alliance almost two years ago, we knew that it needed to be as much as about education and best practice sharing as it was about accreditation.... Read More

Zenyatta Buzz On Brink of Reaching New Heights

As of Monday morning, my most recent blog post, entitled "Zenyatta Wins Again -- This Time With Oprah", has received more than 6,200 page views and elicited more than 350 comments. Let’s see if we can do for Zenyatta what friends on Facebook did to secure Betty White an appearance on Saturday Night Live last spring.... Read More

Alliance Accreditation - An Idea Whose Time has Come

Last week, it was my pleasure to participate in The Jockey Club’s annual Round Table Conference in Saratoga Springs, New York. They asked me to present to the conference concerning the role that the NTRA is playing through our Safety & Integrity Alliance to help bring about the considerable progress that the Thoroughbred racing industry is making on the welfare, safety and integrity fronts.... Read More

Pimlico's Strong Finish

I have been blogging about the NTRA Safety & Integrity Alliance for almost two years now. What happened this week was some of the best Alliance news yet. Pimlico has now been fully accredited.... Read More

Kentucky Derby Weekend Top Ten List

Kentucky Derby weekend was special this year for lots of reasons. With apologies to David Letterman, here is my list-in no particular order, I must admit-of 10 reasons why the Kentucky Derby is one of the most exceptional events in all of sports. ... Read More

Are the Clouds Parting?

The release by Equibase of Thoroughbred Racing's Economic Indicators for the first Quarter of 2010 was no cause for celebration. We continue to see declines in handle - about 10% so far this year when measured against 2008.... Read More

The Role of the NTRA - Part 1

This week, I want to focus on a recent query from one of my readers asking me to explain to those "on the horse side" of the business, "What is the role of NTRA - what can NTRA realistically accomplish week to week?". ... Read More

Speaking (and Listening) to the Future

A student had the courage to ask the burning question on the minds of many of his fellow classmates, "Where will this industry be in five years?" In other words, I surmised, "Am I studying for a career in the wrong field?"... Read More

Thoughts From the NHC

I just spent a fascinating two days at the Daily Racing Form/NTRA National Handicapping Championship at the Red Rock Resort, Spa and Casino in Las Vegas.... Read More

Handicappers Take Center Stage

This is a big week for some of racing's most devoted followers. On Friday and Saturday, some 300 horse players will compete in the 11th Daily Racing Form/NTRA National Handicapping Championship in Las Vegas.... Read More

Rachel Alexandra vs. Zenyatta--Act II

After years of watching our stars cut their racing careers short as owners understandably pursued lucrative breeding and stallion syndication deals, it's a breath of fresh air to have Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra both back for another year. ... Read More

Price Wars

You are no doubt aware that a large number of Mid-Atlantic racetracks and OTBs are being denied the right to offer simulcast wagering on races run at Gulfstream Park, Fair Grounds, and Santa Anita Park. ... Read More

Wishes for the Decade Ahead

It's the time of year when people like to make a wish list for the upcoming 12 months. We are on the verge, though, of completing not just another year, but a full decade. So in that spirit, here's my list of wishes for the Thoroughbred industry in the 2010s.... Read More

What a Year

Selecting the 2009 Moment of the Year may be nearly as contentious as selecting the 2009 Horse of the Year.... Read More

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