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The Alliance and Aftercare = Progress

Last week, the NTRA's Safety & Integrity Alliance launched a new microsite on NTRA.com devoted to aftercare. This site is the work of a lot of important people in racing, many of whom you probably don't know because you rarely if ever read about them.... Read More

Life in '11

The Life At Ten situation raises questions about two primary concerns consistently expressed by our fans and critics alike--the safety of our horses and the integrity of our game.... Read More

Pimlico's Strong Finish

I have been blogging about the NTRA Safety & Integrity Alliance for almost two years now. What happened this week was some of the best Alliance news yet. Pimlico has now been fully accredited.... Read More

Marketing 101

Next week, it's my privilege to speak to marketers from racetracks and ADWs across the country at the NTRA's Annual Meeting and Marketing Summit in Las Vegas. I plan to speak frankly about the challenges Thoroughbred racing faces. ... Read More

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