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The Coolest Racing App You'll Never Have

This app is called JRA-VAN, a racing app launched by the Japanese Racing Association (JRA) earlier this year. It not only gives me everything I need, but also includes everything I could possibly ever want... AND they found a way to make me want to pay for it.... Read More

Trainer John T. Ward, Jr. Talks About Dancinginherdreams

In her three career starts, Dancinginherdreams has claimed two dazzling come-from-behind victories and placed after delivering a breathtaking finishing charge in the Forward Gal Stakes. As she points to her next outing, Ward graciously agreed to answer my questions about Dancinginherdreams as she continues to move forward on the trail toward the Kentucky Oaks.... Read More

Visiting Silver Charm in Japan

One of the bi-products of being an American racing fan in Japan is that I get to check in on some of my favorite racers that have been purchased by Japan over the years. While I have not been able to check on all of them, I do make it a point to see my favorite race horse of all time: Silver Charm. ... Read More

Clearing House for Racing Signals

The people in charge are right (that is the ethereal "they"): this is not the time for big grandiose ideas. I just think the correct time was 3 years ago and they want to wait another three years,[rimshot]. ... Read More

The California Flash

Watch out turf sprinters of California: the silver streak of lightning California Flag is back and is more polished than ever before.... Read More

The Ideal 2 Year Old Training Program

Once you have your prospects, don't simply train them like everyone else -- invest a little extra time and attention, not money for once, and you can gain an edge on the competition by the time you get to the track.... Read More

Social Interaction

I have been mulling this over in my head for months now, but with Ed DeRosa's recent post I figured I'd add my .02 cents into what I'm looking for with social interaction from any horse racing website.... Read More

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