My Eyes Glaze Over When Someone Says ADW

Courtesy of Patrick Patten

I believe the most pressing issue in the sport is the ADW issue.  And yet when someone talks about it I wonder if it would hurt that bad if I stuck a fork in my ear and twisted.  Talks are again being, well talked, and not much is coming from them accept acrimony.  Shock I know.

And who can blame them?  Not me.  If you put three people in a room, all who represent a group with different incentives and motivations what do you expect?    There is no way they reach a common goal as someone, maybe all of them, have to give something up.  While it would be nice if they played nice, hugged it out, or did some actual work it's not in their best interest.  Oh, it's in our, the fans, best interest, but we're not represented on this panel, and it would be 1 on 3, we'd still probably lose.   

I've said it before (and been made fun of), but horseracing doesn't need a commissioner, it needs a moderator.  Get someone not attached to the sport with an accounting & law background, have everyone approve of that person and let everyone present their best case.  In the end the moderator puts out a couple plans and everyone is forced, coerced to sign up for one of them.  What leverage does the moderator have?  Image.  No one wants to look bad, be called out as being out of touch, especially if 2 out of 3 sign on.  It's not perfect, but better than the current forum sniping we see.   

If you'd like to learn more about ADW issues and get involved there are two groups I know of.  HANA is a fan startup specifically focused on takeout.  The Horseplayers Coalition is outside the NTRA but currently working with it & lobbying on tax issues.  There's a membership fee for the Coalition, but you become a member of NTRA advantage, very worth it.

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