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Welcome to Breeder’s Cup Day!  We were handed the reins of the TBA Blog this week and were to start at a relatively inopportune moment – Breeder’s Cup Day (or Day 2, if you prefer).  Given the justifiable focus on the best our industry has to offer today as well as ad nauseum blogs on the races themselves, we will resume your regularly scheduled blogging tomorrow.

I thought I would take this ‘quiet’ day to introduce you to your TBA bloggers this week.  All three run partnerships of various sizes, shapes and forms.  No, this won’t be a week long commercial of ‘join my group’, but rather views on racing from one of the many unique perspectives the TBA offers up to readers.  In our case: owners.

Many, if not most of you out there are owners so you deal with many of the issues that we do.  We may discuss some of those issues this week.  We may take you back to that first stakes win, the first win period or that very first race under your colors.  We may hit upon some national issues or some more parochial ones.  There may be some lessons learned the hard way that we’ll share as well as moments that we’ve had that no other sport can offer to its participants and/or spectators.

I think that what we will be able to offer you is some entertaining commentary on racing from our perspectives.  Here are the bios of your hosts this week:

Steve ZornSteve Zorn

Blog: The Business of Racing (http://businessofracing.blogspot.com/)
Location: New York

Biographical Info: Managing Partner of Castle Village Farm, a thoroughbred racing partnership group based in New York. He's also a tax lawyer, former law school professor and United Nations technical adviser. Steve is a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Thoroughbred Horsemen's Association.



Frank VespeFrank Vespe 

Blog: That’s Amore Stable (http://www.thatsamorestable.net/blog/)
Location: Maryland

Biographical Info:  Managing Partner of That’s Amore Stable, a thoroughbred racing partnership based in Maryland and racing throughout the Mid Atlantic and Florida.



Ted GrevelisTed Grevelis

Blog: Owning Racehorses (http://grevelisracing.blogspot.com)
Location: Minnesota

Biographical Info: Managing Partner of Grevelis Racing Stable LLC a thoroughbred racing partnership based in Minnesota and racing in the Midwest and Florida.  Ted is also a Director of Sales for a leading slot machine manufacturer and has been involved in racing as an owner, fan, handicapper and even ticket puncher since 1985.

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