Breeders' Cup Rotation Plan - A Guy Can Dream Can't He?

By Gene Kershner, EquiSpace

So as the anticipation builds (are you holding your breath?) for the Breeders' Cup Committee to release their rotation plan for the next few Cups (or maybe more), I am putting out there my dream rotation and in-depth reasons why.  There is much debate on whether pre-setting the lineup makes sense or not.  My dream plan rotates a synthetic track in every three to four years, rotates the larger venues more frequently, and adds a "boutique" or smaller track every four years or so.

Of course 2010 is set in stone at Churchill Downs, so we'll start the dream rotation with 2011.

2011 - Belmont Park.  It'll have been six years since the Big Sandy hosted.  I remember it well being in Hilton Head on a golf trip in '05 with a few horseballs who skipped the back nine for the start of the Cup (whatever happened to Stevie Wonderboy, by the way??).

2012 - Del Mar.  One of the "boutique" rotations, and also notching a synthetic track on the rotation. Warm weather, great facility, Southern California knows how to promote it....if they could pull this off it would be tremendous.

2013 - Churchill Downs.  Why not? The facility is ginormous; they can pack 'em in and maybe the first ones under the lights?  Plus it'll be the big 5-0 for me and a cool trip.

2014 - Aqueduct Racetrack.  OK, stop laughing, it should take about 5 years to get the renovations done and since they'll have selected the winning bidder for the VLT's in 2012, it should be good to go in 2014.  Hey, I guy can dream, no?  (Sidenote:  Parking issues aside, they did host the event back in 1985)

2015 - Keeneland.  Let's give a brother a chance.  Questions on the capacity and parking could be solved via temporary/infield seating and a shuttle service?   It's a great facility and deserves to hold the Cup someday.  Boutique/synthetic rotation: check and check.

2016 - Hialeah Park.  Holy smokes would that be great or what?  Let it Ride, baby.

2017 - Belmont Park.  The six year rule would kick in and bring it back to New York, New York (start spreadin' the news).

2018 - Woodbine.  Synthetic rotation and I'm only 90 minutes away in Buffalo, which is why it had to make the rotation.  May have to bring in some large space heaters.  Backup plan: Santa Anita.  24 years is a long waiting period for our Canadian friends.

2019 - Gulfstream Park.  Nice Florida weather, although the hot weather may alienate the Euros.  Would need to add some additional seating on the stretch drive to do the trick.  20 year anniversary of the last GP Cup.

2020 - Santa Anita.  Surreal setting where we can't go longer than 10 years without a return visit.  Great sightlines (20/20 get it?)

I know there are some notable tracks missing here (Arlington, Old Hilltop and Monmouth to name a few), but that's my ten year plan with some serious speculation regarding a couple of the venues...whaddya think?

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