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The Blood-Horse recently did a feature on Claiborne Farm as they celebrate their 100th anniversary this year. I sat in on author Lenny Shulman’s interview from the June 5th issue with Dell and Seth Hancock. After the interview we did a driving tour around the farm. Sitting in on the interview and viewing the farm gave me insights into the history and ideas for photographs.

A week after the interview, I spent an afternoon and evening photographing the Paris, Ky., farm. While it’s a traditional, working horse farm, the beauty and character of the farm appear everywhere you go.Famous Barn
My tour guide mapped out a plan starting with the stallions and stallion barns, before moving onto the mares and foals and then the yearlings. So much personality. The timing was perfect as mares and foals decided to run across a field to the water tanks. A group of yearlings played in a stream of water. Another group of yearlings, napping in a field of clover, only looked up to see who was approaching before lying back down.

Click here to view my full slideshow of Claiborne Farm.

Two weeks later, I planned a weekend of shooting at Churchill Downs, where Claiborne Farm’s Blame would be one of the favorites in the Stephen Foster Handicap (gr. I).

The weekend started with the Downs After Dark night racing program at Churchill. Fun night out! Disco and the 70s was the night’s theme. Employees and fans dressed in 70s garb, including the big hair, glitter and platform shoes. Live bands, DJs, and dancing were on every level as a crowd of 25,000 plus enjoyed the evening.
Churchill Downs Night Racing
Photos opportunities were abundant. I started with fans and atmosphere. Lounges set up by the paddock were very popular. Dancing started on the first floor with fans in costume dancing. As the sun went down I started shooting the upper levels and the dancing, plus the spires and colored disco lights. With darkness I concentrated on the horsemen and racing, getting various race angles. The paddock had lots of shadows as horses worked their way through it.

Click here to view my entire slideshow from Stephen Foster Weekend at Churchill Downs.

Day racing at Churchill on Saturday was under extreme heat and humidity. While transmitting images between races, I left my cameras in a locked area outside. Otherwise cameras fogged up when I left the air conditioned work area.

Horse of the Year Rachel Alexandra was the star of the undercard, winning easily and in an impressive time in the Fleur de Lis (gr. II). It was good to see the connections posing and looking relaxed after the win.

WinStar won a maiden 2-year-old race with Blue Orleans and then remained in the winners circle for a presentation. Trainer Todd Pletcher, jockey Calvin Borel and WinStar Farm were honored for Super Saver’s Kentucky Derby win.  Doug Cauthen with WinStar asked for a group photo of the WinStar team, farm employees and family. Their team has had great success this spring.

The Stephen Foster had a stellar field and a great finish as Adele Dilschneider’s and Claiborne’s Blame made a late run to win over pacesetter Battle Plan.
Order this photo.

Click here to view my entire slideshow from Stephen Foster Weekend at Churchill Downs.


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gorgeous photos.  i aspire to some day be that good.

29 Jul 2010 9:10 PM

This is a really nice feature, especially for those of us who have essentially no chance of ever actually seeing these places and events. I plan to visit often. Hope you'll include lots of photos of the horses too as they're what it's really all about. Thanks again for sharing your eyes with us.

30 Jul 2010 1:29 PM
Robin from Maryland

Thanks for the article.  I've been to Claiborne several years ago, and your pics brought back so many wonderful memories,  Thank you so much.

30 Jul 2010 11:12 PM

Thank you!!  I'm very happy to learn your blog will be a permanent feature of this site.  I loved your photo journey through Claiborne, as well as the other photos you have shared.  I'll be looking forward to more.  Thanks!



01 Aug 2010 9:52 AM


Would you mind sharing a little technical information please? I was also at Churchill on Stephen Foster day.  My photos of Blame were taken from around the 1/16th pole, but demonstrate more contrast than yours, and I had to reduce this on my computer to get reasonable photos.  How do you meter your camera in conditions of sharp contrast ie very sunny days and trying to bring out detail on a a deep bay horse who is significantly back lit?  Do you use center weighted metering in these conditions or go with matrix metering?  I presume you shoot shutter priority?  Do you trust your camera to determine your aperture setting or do you perhaps take a reading off the track and then use exposure lock when shooting the horse...if not, do you think that is a reasonable thing to do to get better detail in situations when your primary subject is dark and is very back lit?  You've stopped the action cold.  Do you use 1/1000 sec for your shutter speed to accomplish this?  Thanks for your help.  Wonderful photos.


01 Aug 2010 10:44 PM

these photos are works for art..

thank you

02 Aug 2010 9:43 AM

Cool, Anne.  Very nice to see you recognized for all your great work!!  Go Baby Go ... or something like that!  

02 Aug 2010 10:22 AM
Jeanne from Texas

I do enjoy your photographs, but wish you would please publish photos that has the horse really stretched out running with only one leg on the ground; I think those are such great pictures.  Tenacity is always evident when they are reaching out.  Your pictures seem to always have all the legs underneath the horse.  Just a request.  Thanks and keep up the good work~!

02 Aug 2010 11:05 AM

Glad to hear Through The Lens will be a staple. Such a great idea for a blog. Love the photos and look forward to more to come. Keep up the great work!

02 Aug 2010 4:41 PM
Anne Eberhardt Keogh

Thanks for the comments!

Jeanne from Texas Response: I agree that race photos of the equine athlete stretched out really show the animal's power. I usually submit two finish images, one stretched out and one with the legs undeneath. Editors then make a decision on which to use. For this blog entry it just happened that I went with the "legs underneath" finish, which can be such a pretty shot.. Variety is a good thing to keep in mind.

Riley Response: I do use Shutter Priority. For my Blame finish the camera was set at ISO 400, 640th of a second with a 7.1 fstop. My lens focal length was 200mm. I used Matrix Metering. Generally I use a -1/3rd compensation so as not to blow out the image. On this occasion I left the camera on zero compensation since the sun still was high up and it was harsh. I meter the horses in the post parade or first time by in long races.

03 Aug 2010 11:31 AM

I just now found this blog! Wow, I can't to spend some time really going through all of the gorgeous pictures and reading comments. I love photography!! Those Winning Colors photos brought back some memories. I was at Santa Anita taking my own pictures that day and have them all in a Gary Stevens scrapbook. It brings back a lot of good memories.

03 Aug 2010 2:32 PM

Today, Aug. 9, the link for the slide show of Claiborne Farm is not working. ??

I did get to enjoy the Stephen Foster weekend of photographs.  Thank you.  I enjoy your photography and this new blog.

09 Aug 2010 11:44 AM

Have been wondering about Lure.  So great to see him looking so well.  Visited Claiborne many times and found the main cemetery soo inpressive with all the great sires and Swale there.

11 Sep 2010 11:11 AM

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