Lotta To Live Up To

Lotta Kim produced a full sister to Rachel Alexandra on Feb. 27, 2011, at Dr. Dede McGehee's Heaven Trees Farm near Lexington, Ky. Photographed on March 12, 2011, the Medaglia d'Oro filly is owned by Dolph Morrison. A decision has not been made on whom Lotta Kim will be bred to this season.

"The mare is a good mom,” said Dr. McGehee. “She’s matured into a fine mother. And the foal is smart, just like Rachel Alexandra was as a foal.”
The filly was born at one a.m. on a Sunday morning and was a normal foaling. The mare and foal go out for two to three hours a day and that increases weekly.

Lotta Kim and her filly now have company in their paddock. Miss Abbott, a 19-year-old mare owned by Dr. McGehee, shares the field with her El Corredor colt. The two mares shared a field before foaling.
“This foal is good size,” said Donnie Barcus, Heaven Trees’ farm manager. “She’s a similar type to Rachel Alexandra,” said Barcus. “She’s tall with long legs. She bucks and kicks and plays hard. She’s very active.”
I will be visiting with Rachel Alexandra on March 25 at Stonestreet Farm and I will be posting my images here at Through the Lens soon after, so be sure to keep your eyes open for those.

I will also post updates to my new Facebook fan page. I hope you enjoy the photos below. I would love to hear your name suggestions for this beautiful new foal. Let's see how creative you guys can get.

Lotta Kim Foal Stall
Lotta Kim watches barn activity while her foal sleeps. Order this Photo.
Fresh Air
Stepping out for some fresh air. Order this Photo.
Paddock Time
Paddock time. Order this Photo.
Run by the barn.
Running by Heaven Tree’s yearling barn. Order this Photo.
Feeling Independent.
Feeling a little independent. Order this Photo.
Slowing the Pace
Time to slow the pace. Order this Photo.
Grazing side by side. Order this Photo.
Like My Markings
Check out my facial markings. Order this Photo.
Another Angle
Is this angle better? Order this Photo.
Feeling Good
Feeling good on a pleasant sunny day in Kentucky. Order this Photo.
Another Romp With Mom
Back with mom for another romp. Order this Photo.

I have added a few additional photos to the full slideshow. Click here to view the slideshow.

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