Ruling the Broodmare Band

Champagne Glow, dam of Belmont Stakes winner Ruler On Ice, was in her stall when I arrived at Jim and Pam Robinson’s Brandywine Farm near Paris, Ky. I took their portrait with their dogs Tyler and Einstein. Then Pam and I walked to the barn and the afternoon light was shining through on Champagne Glow, highlighting her beautiful coat. Pam mentioned that Champagne Glow was 23 years old. She looked fantastic.
Pam lead her out to a grassy area by a barn where we took photos-- head shots, conformation, grazing. Then as we walked back to the barn, Champagne Glow stopped and posed, head high as she took it all in.
“That’s the look,” Pam said. “She knows she’s special. And she’s opinionated. All the good ones are.”
Ruler On Ice was bred by the Robinsons and their Brandywine Farm in partnership with Rob Whiteley and his Liberation Farm. Smart and easy to work with, Champagne Glow was represented on last year’s 2010 Belmont Stakes day when Champagne d’Oro won the Acorn Stakes on the Belmont undercard.
Champagne Glow was bred back this year to Roman Ruler, sire of Ruler On Ice. She did not  have a foal this year. Her yearling, a 2010 A.P.Warrior filly, was purchased by Bill Casner as a present for his wife Susan.
“She has big, strong attractive horses,” said Pam. “There is no reason older mares can’t give you a nice foal.”

The June 18th issue of The Blood-Horse featuring Ruler On Ice on the cover has a great piece on Ruler On Ice's pedigree written by David Schmitz if you are interested in learning more.Breeders of Ruler On Ice

Jim and Pam Robinson with Tyler and Einstein.
Champagne Glow Conformation
Champagne Glow conformation pose. Order this Photo.
Champagne Glow Grazing
Champagne Glow enjoying some delicious green grass. Order this Photo.
Champagne Glow Headshot
Champagne Glow posing for the camera. Order this Photo.

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Rachel NH

She's going to have a foal at age 24???

15 Jun 2011 3:51 PM

I totally agree Rachel, that's the first thing I said when I saw they had bred her back. When are people going to learn that mares in their 20's shouldn't be having foals?? It's like a 65-70 year old woman having a baby. Just because they can, doesn't mean they should!

15 Jun 2011 4:20 PM
Jenny in MN

hopefully they will pension her soon...

What a beautiful head and eye

15 Jun 2011 11:27 PM
Criminal Type

As always Ann, Great photos and a good story. I've gotta say to am concerned about her age. I don't think I would breed her at 24 but it IS a business. She has ten foals listed but the yearling is missing. Does she also have an unlisted 2 year old? I don't think they would breed her if her vet said she was high risk. She certainly looks spectacular, all dappled out. I've liked this mare for a few years. I knew she was Champagne D'oro's dam but missed the fact that Ruler On Ice was also her foal, until after the Belmont. (I totally dismissed him, big mistake) I try to keep track of Saratoga Six's, Easy Goer & Criminal Type's daughters. I've spent hours and hours researching them. Don't ask me why it's just those 3 son's of Alydar given there was also Alysheba, Strike the Gold, Turkoman, Dare and Go, not to mention Benchmark standing in California. I just really like those three. You can see the Alydar in this girl, don't you think?

16 Jun 2011 9:37 AM

I totally agree too Rachel. Didn't Adena Springs just lose a 24yr old mare while foaling. When do these poor horses get to retire and just enjoy life? It is a shame they are expected to keep on giving including their lives??

16 Jun 2011 10:55 AM
Pedigree Ann

Too much anthropomorphizing going on. Mares don't go through a mechanism like menopause in humans, when their fertility ceases entirely. In the wild, mares cycle and are bred every year until they die; they may or may not 'catch', but they are bred. Every mare is an individual - some are ready to retire at 18 and others keep on trucking' into the mid-20s; it's a function of overall health, genetics, care, and how much being in foal takes out of them. Honor an Offer had Imperial Gesture when she was 24; Troublepeg, dam of Hollywood Gold Cup winner Pleasure Seeker, had a winning foal at 27. Champagne Glow's dam had her last foal at age 21.  There is no cut-and-dried time to stop breeding a mare, and as long as she remains healthy while in-foal, there is no reason not to breed them.

16 Jun 2011 1:07 PM

I always heard that the chances of having foaling complications increase with age, especially uterine rupture, catastrophic.

18 Jun 2011 7:55 PM

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