Spring at Lane's End Farm

Guest blogger/photographer Mathea Kelley is back to share her latest update on our good friend Zenyatta.  Thanks Mathea! Hope you guys enjoy!

Spring at Lane's End Farm is paradise for horses and people alike. It seems like overnight the gray of the long winter is gone and there are new foals, green grass, trees and flowers blossoming everywhere.  One of the happiest horses on the farm is the queen herself, Zenyatta. She has settled well into the routine of farm life and is the picture of health with her dapples glistening in the sunshine. She spends most of her days grazing in the lush green paddock with her friends.  I wonder if the girls are contemplating motherhood as they will have foals by their sides at this time next year?  I'll post a few of my favorties below, but click here to view the entire slideshow.
Zenyatta at lanes End Farm in Spring
Order this Photo. Photo by Mathea Kelley.
Zenyatta grazing at Lanes End Farm
Order this Photo.  Photo by Mathea Kelley.

View the Slideshow

Mathea will continue to keep us updated on Zenyatta throughout the year. Please let her know how much we appreciate her keeping us up-to-date on Queen Z.
Now that the Triple Crown has wrapped up I will be lining up more visits with some of our favorite mares. Stay tuned to www.ThroughTheLensBlog.com to see who gets the next visit.

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