Balancing Past, Present, and Future - By Marla Bickel


 (Originally published in the December 4, 2010 issue of The Blood-Horse magazine. Feel free to share your own thoughts and opinions at the bottom of the column.

 By Marla Bickel

By Marla Bickel

"What’s the future of The Blood-Horse?”

This is the question many readers, advertisers, and industry partners have asked during the many conversations I’ve had since I assumed the role of Blood-Horse Publications’ publisher and CEO Nov. 1. The answer has two parts.

While the future often seems unpredictable, we will be here imagining, planning for, and realizing it. Getting to those goals, however, requires a balancing act with the present and the past.

The Blood-Horse is fortunate to have a strong past from which we can learn, a long and rich history as the Thoroughbred industry’s authoritative voice. Since its founding in 1916, the publication continues to serve its audience with news, insights, and features that cover every aspect of Thoroughbred racing life and historical events. The publication’s mission is simple and straightforward: the preservation and prosperity of the Thoroughbred industry.

When The Blood-Horse was purchased in 1935 by the American Thoroughbred Breeders Association, John Hay Whitney said of the magazine: “Its whole idea, as far as its editorial pages are concerned, will be to support racing as a sport in which the interest of breeders, owners, trainers, riders, promoters, and public shall have their just portion of consideration.”  

So in the present, we continue our mission. Our publication has a strong reputation for and a commitment to quality, and we will continue focusing on providing accurate, pertinent, and provocative content. The Blood-Horse has been richly honored by its peers in the Thoroughbred industry with Eclipse Awards and by the American Horse Publications and many other professional organizations for writing, photography, design, and service to our readers. We look forward to earning more accolades.

The present has provided us with a number of challenges, too, in both the Thoroughbred industry and the publishing world. We embrace rather than shy away from these challenges while recognizing that none of our problems will be solved by one person or one group. It will take a community of dedicated industry professionals to resolve the issues, and we will continue giving that community a voice. The Blood-Horse, as part of that community, will continue bringing issues to the table, present diverse viewpoints, and challenge assumptions. Effective communication will be key in finding solutions.The Blood-Horse also must meet the demands of a world that is 24/7. You, the reader, expect news, features, and analysis whenever, wherever, and on whatever platform you desire. Print magazine, digital magazine, website, or mobile—you want us to be wherever you are.

So what does the future hold? I can assure you we will respect our past and continue to focus on editorial quality. We will meet the present challenges by focusing on depth and breadth of coverage. I can also assure you that we will be wherever, whenever, and on whatever platform you want. We continue to develop new ways to share information with our readers.

There is no doubt that what you want in a magazine will change. We recognize that readers use our publication in different ways. Some of you read it cover to cover; others prefer to read the features and personality profiles first, while others jump straight to the graded stakes section to learn about the connections of the previous week’s stakes winners. Many of you have embraced the Web as a great supplement to the print magazine and dive right into its constant stream of news and information. As your habits change, we need to respond by shaping the design and content of our magazine to suit you.  

Through the years The Blood-Horse has informed and educated horsemen, professionals, and fans about events, trends, and issues affecting the industry, and it has provided a forum for debate about those trends and issues. Your feedback drives us.  

What is the future of The Blood-Horse? This leads us to part two of the answer: What the future is is up to you.


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Edward J. Messina

The Blood-Horse lost sight of its goal to be informative to the thoroughbred industry. Instead it became its competitor when it entered the breeding market with its nicking adventure. To discontiune the publishing of full pedigrees weekly and the Annual Professional series, at year end, indicates to all owners, breeders and thorougbred fans that the magazine has lost its footing. Very few of the articles educate the insiders about breeding, horse management, health, care and racing. The magazine also does little to educate the public on behalf of the sport. It is as if they cannot decide if they are an or information magazine or a bettors magazine.  

30 Nov 2010 12:16 PM

For what it's worth, my subscription to Blood-Horse will not be renewed.  This publication does not represent the US TB racing industry as a whole.  It is regional 95% of the time leaving the rest of us on the outside looking in.  Kentucky and New York get most of the coverage and God Forbid a runner with Eclipse potential get headlines that is from out west.  By the way how much skinnier is the magazine going to get?  How about some article with a little humor enjected?  I know, lets compare backruptcy East versus West?

30 Nov 2010 12:47 PM

Good ideas, but, let’s face the fact the industry can only survive if the betting handle goes up, they have tried all sort of modifications like off track, internet battings fancy race classifications and yet the daily handle is below expectations.

A bettor goes to the races for one major reason and that is make an investment & hopes to get back something good in return. With major tracks very often having 5 or 6 horses in a race the returns are very low hence it’s not worth it going to the track the whole day. No matter what the number of horses on consistent bases SHOULD improve.

If one was a CEO of a bunch of company outlets and the sales are going down the first thing they look at is the ones that are not making enough & those will be shut down.

So the same thing here applies way too many tracks.

There are other factors like stock tracers now turning to the tracks, but, thats another story.

30 Nov 2010 12:53 PM
jamie d

bloodhorse used to print the sales results. i am thinking about switching magazines because they dont any more

30 Nov 2010 2:08 PM
Andrew A.

I'd like to see more investigative reporting.

Horse Racing is the greatest gambling game of skill ever created but the game has been ruined by corruption, greed, and incompetence.

Take California as an example.  The first sentence of the mission statement for the CHRB states that they are supposed to "protect the betting public".  The truth is that they protect the interests of everyone except the betting public.  The conflicts of interest at the CHRB and on the board of the CHRB are obvious to everyone who follows California racing yet nothing is ever done about it.

This video is based on a true story and if you want to know how Horseplayers/Gamblers feel this is a good starting point.

CHRB-HANA Member Meeting

30 Nov 2010 2:10 PM
Joan Dickie

I had been a subscriber for 11 years and had looked forward to the magazine's arrival every week.  I would read it from cover to cover (Silly me, I even liked the ads!) I let my subcription lapse earlier this year because I also read the website every day.  Why should I pay $99.00 a year when I read 90% of the magazine's content for free on the web.  I agree with Mr. Messina that too much good information has been dropped from the publication.  I believe Bloodhorse has to define its it a magazine or a website?  I miss the magazine and would easily pay the subscription again if there were more information exclusive to the magazine.  

30 Nov 2010 2:11 PM

the photos in this magazine are

spectular.. but i do miss the large

double page photos... those would

take your breath away... i loved

the article and pictures a few

months ago that brought you up to

date on retired mares.. where they

were and what had become of them...

after the death of barbaro there

were articles that closely followed

the development of his brothers and

his parents.. articles similiar to

these on other others would be

great as well... follow zenyatta

and blame, enstein, life at ten,

and others... i for one find them

interesting... maybe have a horse

of the week active or retired..that

would be great... these are just a

few suggestions and i bet others

have some good ones as well...

30 Nov 2010 2:18 PM
Fran Loszynski

As a horseracing fan since 16 years old; I have never found a more interesting and informative magazine and blog. Your writer contributors and staff have given me information about the maiden races and have highlighted my favorite racehorses coming up in the ranks. I can look forward to interesting articles when a racehorse wins and I find myself reading them over and over again. A magazine like yours shouldn't only cater to the breeders and trainers etc. because standing at the rail cheering beyond belief is "the fan". Steve Haskin and your Maiden Watch staff are great and inventive writers, as are the other writers, giving the horse article a "twist" to grab our attention.I look forward to being a "Bloodhorse" fan for some time.

30 Nov 2010 2:23 PM

I started reading the Bloodhorse back in the summer of 1989.  For over 21 years I have never hesitated in renewing my subscription.  I enjoy this magazine tremendously.  My 2 year old son even likes paging thru it after I have read it, but for obviously different reasons.  He is looking for pictures of his "Yatta".....its how he says Zenyatta.  If there were 3 changes I would make to the B.H. it would be this.  1. More information on breeding farms and the breeding stock those farms base their yearly sales off of.  2. More....much more....information on Where the stars of the past are now, and how they are doing.  3. more detailed 5 generations instead of 4.  As a bonus.....include a CD ROM with the Stallion Register every year that readers can use to run our own pedigrees.  

    This magazine is still my favorite and I eagerly look forward to my 22nd straight year of being a subscriber.  I see it as money well spent and I can't wait until my son is old enough to be able to understand pedigrees and I will pass my subscription onto Him.

30 Nov 2010 2:42 PM
Chris H

At the end of the day, your magazine is the mouthpiece for the old money and it's "do nothing" status quo.  

30 Nov 2010 3:23 PM

The thing that has set The Blood-Horse apart is its emphasis on the horse. People who want to gamble can bet on anything. People who love Thoroughbred racing love it for the wonderful animals that do the running.

I am so thankful The Blood-Horse has a website, because I can't afford a subscription (living in Canada means postage is horrendous) and don't have the room to store the magazines. I kept every issue from the days when I did subscribe! I have issues from Secretariat's Triple Crown and from the glory days of Gamely, Ruffian, Dahlia and other great champions. Every one is a treasure.

The only change I didn't like over the decades was the loss of the famous green oval on the front cover. It was so distinctive!

Keep up the great work. The Blood-Horse rocks!

30 Nov 2010 4:15 PM

I only see BloodHorse online. If there is confusion over whether it's for breeders or for general interest, that's something you will have to iron out. You are less industry-entrenched than DRF. You understand the immediacy of the Internet and get the news out consistently ahead of DRF. Your propensity to re-write press releases needs to diminish. But whatever you do, it would be nice if you would get behind the horseplayer more. The horseplayer is one of the most abused fans in a country that abuses all of its sports fans. The Life At Ten debacle is a perfect example. Our best advocates are Stan Bergestein at DRF and sometimes Ray Paulick. The fact you and DRF have been around so long explains how the industry line gets so much attention while the fans don't. You need to hire a "fans issues" columnist immediately the let this industry know why just about everything it does serves only to turn away its best fans. I know I'm not pushing nearly as much through the windows as I used to. Your magazine should explain it.

30 Nov 2010 4:22 PM
Cowboy Adventure

I really like the magazine and renew yearly. I really like the alerts and daily email articles that I can read online. I think you have a great staff of writers and I enjoy reading the lively blogs!

I would like to see more articles educating new comers to the sport - don't just market it to the wealthy but an article on various partnerships both high and low end that new owners can learn about and participate in. Also an article on handicapping and gambling online would be great for newcomers to the sport.  More info on retired horses would be great too!

30 Nov 2010 4:48 PM
Soldier Course

Because I love Thoroughbred racing, I continue to renew my subscription to The Blood-Horse each year out of loyalty to the sport. If this were any other magazine, I would have canceled long ago because it's a shadow of its former self.  

30 Nov 2010 4:50 PM

I've subscribed to the magazine for about 30 years...but lately, I'm pretty disappointed. I can understand needing to cut some corners to save money, but you have gone too far!

For anyone wanting to look at the Leading Stallions lists,for instance, you can find that on line...all the sales results, also on line...I do read it cover to cover, but skip all the financial stories because you can also find that on line...the magazine needs to go back to the horses and the races...your coverage of the weekly stakes races have been getting less and less, several one column paragraphs...the actual coverage of races and horses is just a few pages and the rest are stallion lists and advertising.

You should publish more letters to the editor, those letters reflect the thoughts of the general public, and the insiders of the industry would be wise to read them and pay attention. I would love to see what some others have suggested, we need some real stories...about horses, trainers, and the folks that work on the backside...during foaling season there should be a couple of pages every week with stories and photos of the better mares and their offspring...everyone loves seeing baby photos...we'd love to get news on 'where are they now'...reports on retired horses, except for the stallions on the big farms, it's difficult at best to follow up on retired horses, both male and female...more feel good stories, horse rescues and the rescue/retirement facilities, highlight a horse, racing or retired, in each issue.. and stories of horses and races from the past.

More of the great full page photos...

30 Nov 2010 4:51 PM
Doesnt Matter

How about you get some interesting photos from races other than Triple Crown or Breeders' Cup. Its all the same borning outside shot of the horse at the wire.

Everything isnt green here, please color balance your photos!

30 Nov 2010 5:06 PM
Sunny Farm

The first two comments have made a lot of sense to me. I agree that , while I do enjoy the magazine form of the paper best, there are not enough articles about the smaller farms & trainers.Not enough articles outside of the region of KY. The BloodHorse also has The Horse (Magazine ) .Some of the information from The Horse should also be placed in the Blood Horse.(Health , new technology, new laws , etc )

I would consider branching out a little to get more subcriptions from other Thoroughbred OWNERS.

This may include the Thoroughbred in other activities. I truly think that a lot more articles are needed for training and "How to'' stories. To feature a smaller trainer would certainly capture my attention and desire to re-subscribe.(He is a smaller trainer : How does he train ? How does his method differ from a large trainer ? How did he get started ? etc...)How about an article on "Where to race'',(What is the track like ? what is the history of the track ? Who goes to this track & why ? Informative articles for those starting out or thinking of it.OR: Articles like :

Drugs in the racehorse / why we don't need them '' It is wonderful to read of the big farms and to read thier ads, but when the magazine has focus on only this type of clientel, then those will be your only members as time goes on & in the digital world. If you 'Want people to get involved in racing''and subscribing, You may consider catering to this crowd as well. Like one person said , don't forget the fans !!! A classified page that is actually inexspensive , would help the horsemen & stables, nothing fancy, one black & white page or two per issue)This would give some people other reasons to want to subscribe .More people would place an ad if it were affordable ,especially month to month.

Just a few thoughts to add to the other good comments. We want you to continue to succeed and do well, thanks for inviting our comments !

30 Nov 2010 5:17 PM
Asst. Hotwalker

Racing has one hope. That is to sell tickets where folks play the lottery. How can a man take a day off work to bet a horse? He loses a days pay, and maybe his job. Let him play at the lottery window and handle will go through the roof.

30 Nov 2010 5:46 PM
bill m.

The magazine is a pale reflection of what it was in the days of Kent Hollingsworth and Ed Bowen.  In addition to thoroughly reporting all aspects of the industry, it was a literary gem, as well.  Gone are the days...

30 Nov 2010 6:40 PM

The Blood Horse for me is my top source to the horse racing world, being fron Canada and more particularly Northern AB, it is hard to even get the proper coverage.

On that note, thank you to the Blood horse staff as I had stopped in when I visited Kentucky for the first time this past October - November prior to going to the Breeders Cup races and what a great environment and it was absolutely a blast. Thank you so much to those who took time out of their day to see me! It was awesome for me!

I will be a subscriber for years to come. Thank you!

30 Nov 2010 7:03 PM
Mindy C.

I have been a subscriber since 1985, the year Spend a Buck won the Derby.  I love your magazine and will always continue to be a subscriber.  Maybe some more information on former racehorses could be written, or how ''us''  as subscribers could find out about their whereabouts...  We all love them all...  Please keep the magazine as I love it...

30 Nov 2010 7:07 PM

I've always loved the Blood Horse and couldn't wait to get it. But, lately, not so happy with it. I can read cover to cover in less than a half hour, pretty thin.

30 Nov 2010 7:25 PM

Here is an idea!!!!!!  why don't you let us comment on EVERY article?  Like Fox News...or is that tooooooo liberal for you Blue bloods?

30 Nov 2010 8:52 PM

The bloodhorse is so small that I can read it cover to cover in ten minutes. I love the magazine, but it's not a very good value anymore. I don't know if I'll renew.

30 Nov 2010 9:38 PM

I very much enjoy the ?ongoing series of articles dealing with trainers' comments on the progeny of indiviual stallions. Also, the more we can hear (in depth) from trainers about their trainees, the better. Who shows promise, and why, is information hard to obtain, and is useful-not for me as a wagering tool-, but as a breeder.  

30 Nov 2010 11:17 PM
Bill K

Cultivate the horse racing fan better.  Here are three suggestions.

1) Regularly publish a list of division leaders based upon a point system.  This would allow everyone to keep score and see how their favorite horses are doing.  (See my Final Turn article,

2) Institute a Blood Horse Fan Voted "Horse of the Year" award.  Each registered reader could get one vote.  Registration could be free but may enable readers to access additional content for a fee.  Give connections of winning horse a Trophy.  If 100,000 fans each contribute $0.10, you could buy a nice trophy.

3) Help fans share photographs.  Many of us fans regularly photograph our favorite horses but there is no platform for sharing these images.  Help us work through the legal issues so that we can share these images with each other.

The internet opens up a tremendous opportunity for fans to more directly participate in Horse Racing.  The Blood Horse is uniquely positioned to cultivate this relationship.  We just need to work together to grab the reins and go for it.

01 Dec 2010 2:06 AM
Greg R.

The time has come you quit promoting the trainers with 20 plus positives, they and the horses they train for clients who look the other way till it is picture time. Make a new future any trainer has 10 or more positive tests, his or her name will never be printed in your magazine again, or the horses they train or their owners. It is time to expose these folks for the cheaters they are. In fact maybe have a section in your magazine that lists all positives for the week, on a trainer by trainer list, print how many positive tests they have accumulated to date.. but truly you do not have the courage to do this, do you?

01 Dec 2010 2:17 AM

Blood-Horse is the top No.1 magazine, that enables me to increase my knowledge and staying abreast relating to horseracing. One is able to know the past, present and what is likely to be in the future. It is really an invaluable and very interesting magazine to anyone who indulges in horseracing, as breeders, owners,trainers, jockeys etc.

01 Dec 2010 4:30 AM
james f. webb

I've read the Bloodhorse through three masthead changes-almost fifty years. It still has the flaws it had in the beginning. As others have written, it is the voice of old money . . . and of the The Jockey Club . . . as well as the Kentucky breeding industry. Until I came to my senses I wanted to become a public trainer. What I learned in those long-ago years left me too wise to risk even $2.00 at the windows. Like me, millions of bettors grew weary of watching the odds on an unbettable horse plunge while the field was about to be loaded in the gate and then watching the unbettable horse's connections steal their bet. Where was the Bloodhorse on this critical issue of integrity?

Many years ago former editor Joe Estes did a study on "nicking". Mr. Este's study found  what most 100-plus IQ individuals know, "nicking" is snakeoil. Now the Bloodhorse sells the service. About forty years ago I submitted a classified ad trying to buy a couple of yearlings on the cuff. The Bloodhorse refused to accept my ad. The reason given? They were afraid the breeder might not get paid for the horses. This  misplaced over-zealous protection of the Kentucky industry is reflected today in failure to crusade for a Jockey Club that allows AI. Don't the folks at the Jockey Club know what  happened when the AQHA was sued for violation of Federal Restraint of Trade Law? AI would hurt some who board broodmares but maybe its time to look out for the folks who buy broodmares and pay stud fees rather than those who make their living selling "lost" halters and phantom farrier, dental and vet services.  

01 Dec 2010 7:36 AM
Lindsey S

I love my magazine, and always look forward to reading it.  I do agree a lot of things can be accessed on the website, but I still enjoy the magazine, also.  I don't understand the comments about a bias towards East and Midwest.  I'm pretty sure Zenyatta has been on at least 8 or 9 covers, and I know Lookin at Lucky has made the cover, and hasn't Richard's Kid?  What about Lava Man?  Those have all been within the last year or two, and I'm sure I'm leaving some out.  Anyway, I love my Bloodhorse.

01 Dec 2010 8:05 AM
Old Warhorse

It's about the horse.  The ones running now, the ones we love that are now breeding the future runners, and those new babies that will be running soon.

Nice to know about gambling,sales, products.  Not as necessary as the horse.

Interesting to visit breeding farms, training centers, vet clinics, but not as interesting as the horse.

Please cover the sales -- less emphasis on the statistics, more information about the horse -- pedigree (4x at least) who now owns him, where he will run, what is his potential?  

There is no business without the horse.  No sales, vets, farms, bets, vans, grooms, racetracks.

It's all about the horse.

btw -- I let my subscription lapse about two years ago when I found I paged through the book without really reading much.  I just sent in my request to renew a few days ago.  I believe in the future. Reader, from a news stand, since I was about 9.  Subscriber since I became an adult.

01 Dec 2010 8:41 AM

I will renew.  However, I would like to echo earlier posts that begged for more investigative stories.  With the internet age, most readers have already read race recaps.  While they are important, more human interest stories would be a plus.  Maybe a "where are they now."  I also miss the 2 page wonderful photos.

01 Dec 2010 10:31 AM

You guys are really generous with the website info.

How can we help you?

01 Dec 2010 10:41 AM

There are some very good comments stated -- but good comments and suggestions seem to fall on deaf ears; so much so , it's like , why even bother ??

I can remember the days when my dad would take me with him to Garden State Park in New Jersey, I remember those good ole days and the horses back then. I remember watching the racing program on TV on Saturday afternoons. What am I getting to, well - back then horse racing WAS about the " little guy - the fan ". It was a fun time for ALL, you actually couldn't wait until you went back to the track.

Today, thats all gone, the horse racing industry has focused on the other end of the spectrum , and lost sight of our roots. Sometimes you feel like that commercial of the Indian Chief as he was shedding a tear.

Why is it , any other sport embraces their fans & builds their fan base, while the horse racing industry embraces everything else BUT the fan; is it any wonder why this great sport of yesteryear is in the position it is now !

Sorry folks, sometimes you just have to get things off your chest and say it as you see it.

01 Dec 2010 11:18 AM

One thing that I love to see is in the results section who the winner's dam's have been bred to and what they have produced.  I would love to see more focus on offspring from many of the top broodmares.  

01 Dec 2010 12:36 PM

I think the Blood-Horse played a pivotal role in my eventual lot in life.  Back in the 60's I would take 3 public service busses at age 14 just to buy a copy of it.  I remember going off to college in 1970 with a stack of Blood-Horses I kept under my bed.  I would hate to see the day this publication ceased to exist.  Whatever the formula was then worked for me.  Stay true to your roots!

01 Dec 2010 1:31 PM

The last couple of years the magazine has been pretty sparse and mine doesn't always arrive on a weekly basis.  I always enjoyed the foal patrol--photos of foals from famous breedings.  Would it be possible to resume those?    

01 Dec 2010 2:53 PM
Sandra in Lexington

Every Wednesday, I run to my mailbox to see who is on the cover of BloodHorse magazine!  I've been a subscriber for the last few years.  In the past, I've just read horse racing information on blogs, websites, Twitter, and Facebook posts.  Nothing can compare to the experience of having a magazine in hand, turning the slick pages, and discovering an awesome photograph, advertisement, and spotlights on the breeders, owners, fan comments, and of course, horses.  Some weeks are a little slimmer than others, but I am NEVER disappointed in the content.  This year, I received a 2 for 1 invitation and took advantage of it for a good friend who will appreciate it just as much as me.  Thank you, BloodHorse, for all that you do to keep the public informed.  I'm a true fan forever!

01 Dec 2010 6:14 PM
Marla Bickel

Thank you to everyone who has responded.  You've given us some great ideas and pointed out some items that we will review.

Please keep submitting your suggestions! Your feedback will shape the future of the magazine.

02 Dec 2010 12:57 PM
Lethal Grande

I discovered the TB racing world when I found The Bloodhorse in a used magazine shop. The Bloodhorse created the fan I am today. This publication has been my guide and teacher as I learned about pedigrees, breeding farms, tracks, horses, trainers, owners. The background I accumulated gave me the courage to walk into my local track clubhouse and learn about betting, to see the athletes and feel the ground quake when the gate opens. The Bloodhorse has been the key that unlocked the door to the world of thoroughbred racing. I've been to breeding farms in Kentucky, The Breeders Cup and even stood in the winners circle as an honorary owner. I'm just one person, but I've brought people with me on this journey and I've shared the "Key" with all of them. Keep the pictures, stories, and reporting so I can hold it all in my hand and place it into the hands of another aspiring fan.

02 Dec 2010 7:47 PM

I've been a subscriber for 15 years but have not yet renewed for this year.  I'm trying to decide if I should.  Magazine is very thin and I can find race results on line.  Do enjoy in the magazine articles on traniing sires offspring.  Maybe it needs to become a every other week magazine.  If I could find it on a newstand here in Mpls area I would buy for special issues.  Delivery used to be horrible for me up here but has seems to have straightened in the last couple of years.  Although I am still waiting a Stallion Register from 1981.  

02 Dec 2010 8:57 PM


02 Dec 2010 10:29 PM

My subscription will be on its way shortly. Yes, I like the online newsletters but I save my print issues because they provide an ongoing history of our sport - where we are, where we're going and how we got to both places. I can't bind and keep a virtual document. Besides, I'm old fashioned; I love the feel and smell and look of the printed page! Hard times have made the magazine a little thin these days, but hard times will probably get less hard - and more of the old stuff will hopefully return. Publishing is so expensive these days ... I wish the Blood Horse continuing success. This long-time reader is very happy with the product.

03 Dec 2010 4:59 PM
Sunny Farm

Hello Again ! I forgot to mention the BLOGS ! It may be fun to print some of the blogs that get a lot of attention now and then.

(Like ZENYATTA , the Eclispe award debates...LIFE AT TEN....) I know that I, and many others sure enjoy responding on-line !Thanks for having the blogs and thus readers thoughts on the on-line issue. It is like being invited in.

05 Dec 2010 11:28 PM

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