2012 Belmont Stakes - Predict the Order

Will I'll Have Another be crowned as Triple Crown winner number 12? Or will there be a spoiler? How will the rest of the field finish?

To participate, use your cursor to drag the selections on the left (currently arranged in post position order) to the blank placeholders on the right. Once you have completed ranking all of the horses, submit your entries and compare your results to the rest of the community. A first place ranking will earn 11 points, second place receives 10 points, and so on.


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we have waited 34 years for this it should be a great show. ill have another will make history an become our 12th triple crown winner

06 Jun 2012 5:17 PM
Terry M.

I really hope I'll Have Another gets it done. Northern Dancer was robbed — dreadful ride, poorly trained — in the Belmont, so Canadians want this guy to win! I am just shocked that 12 horses entered for a mile and a half race for three-year-olds in early June. I was expecting five or six.

06 Jun 2012 6:37 PM

I just saw the virtual Belmont stakes and if I'll Have Another can beat Sunday Silence surley he's got to be the winner hands down.

06 Jun 2012 6:56 PM

I wonder if Dionne Warwick is attending the Belmont. They might ask her to sing "Why do you have to be a heartbreaker" after Union Rags tramples the field.

06 Jun 2012 7:23 PM

Union Rags! Union Rags! The spoiler.

06 Jun 2012 9:03 PM

I'm sticking with I'll Have Another for the win with Dullahan second and Optimizer third.  Good luck and safe trip to all the runners!

06 Jun 2012 9:28 PM

I think we will have to keep waiting.  There are a couple of very good, fresh horses waiting to take on IAH.  I don't see any of the colts that did not run in either the Derby or Preakness making any impact, except that Paynter will probably set the pace.  The top 3 will likely be IAH, Dullahan and Union Rags.  In what order? I think this is anybody's guess.  If Johnny V gets UR cleanly out of the gate and lets him get into that beautiful stride of his, he has a very good chance, but I think Dullahan has a better chance to play the spoiler, since he was closest to IAH in the Derby and gaining.  But if you look closely at the stretch run, it appears that UR was closing equally well, he just didn't get in the open and hit his best stride as quickly as Dullahan.

06 Jun 2012 9:31 PM

I'm going to let my heart dictate my feelings, rather than what my gut tells me is probable. If I'll Have Another doesn't prevail as the 12th triple crown winner, it will be because a fresh horse had a good day, same old story, and I wish someone would rewrite it. I seriously think there should be changes to the triple crown races, and no, not a stakes barn. It should be more like the world series, 20 top horses, 3 races, and no new entries at any point. A pony skips the Preakness, they can't join the field at Belmont. That's what I call fair play. I'm tired of fresh ponies "stealing" the 3rd jewel because the "best" horse was run down by fatigue. You're going to have to be better than good IHA, to pull this off, but I have faith in you. Do it "Red".

07 Jun 2012 12:56 AM
JJs Rocket

Im not surprised that we had 12 horses enter for the Belmont. It shows how much people take pride in winning or running well in one of these TC races.

If I had a horse that was good and healthy, I would give it a shot. If your horse runs well, your horse will be replayed over and over for the next 100 years. Your grandkids will be watching the stretch run weather I'll have another wins or loses. There would be no shame in having your horse passed coming for home by a triple crown horse. Even when Bet Twice wins easily, who would remember this horse except for beating a potential TC contender. Bet Twice ran well that day. Everytime a horse wins the first two races, you will see all the TC winners and TC near misses for 3 weeks straight. Win or lose all the owners should be proud for making a horse earn the TC. It should be hard to get.

07 Jun 2012 6:46 AM

Unstoppable, Paynter , IHA and Union Rags go for the lead. 1-2-3-4. Unstoppable tires halfway and paynter and IHA take over. Union rages is waiting to pounce but cant make the distance, although he does run to the wire. Revelo's boy and Dullahan start to pick it up. At the wire, it is IHA, Paynter and Bolero's Boy in some order with Dullahan and union Rans and a BIG gap to the others with no class to comepete. Bolero's Boy looks great, has been working well, has matured into a nice looking horse and can make the distance. The only real worry I have is if Dullahan or Union Skag run a little better than i think and mess up my "big" bets. it is these 5 though with IHA, Bolero and Paynter being one of the only three that should win. This, from a true handicappers point of view.     ps. My Adonis ONLY run well on an off track.   Geeeeez. No one has seen this yet. i told this to Watchmaker two races back and he didn't listen.

07 Jun 2012 9:24 AM
steve from st louis

I've got Dullahan on top; not too sure about that but I will wheel Paynter second, giving Bob Baffert the "John Veitch" award, saddling the runner-up in each Triple Crown event.

07 Jun 2012 9:28 AM
Union Buster

I'll Have Another will win, Five Sixteen for the place, Ravelo's Boy for the show, and Street Life rounds out the superfecta. UR won't show up which is the norm for him this year.

07 Jun 2012 9:28 AM
Rachel NH

No changes to the TC...

Some horses get hurt or are not ready for the Kentucky Derby...AP Indy, Man O'War come immediately to mind.

It's SUPPOSED to be a crowning jewel of achievement of a superior horse..no lower-the-bar, outcome based TC...but then, I have seen 3 superior horses accomplish the feat, so maybe I'm selfish in denying the younger crowd that privilege...except that, if you lower the bar, you will not have seen what I saw.

07 Jun 2012 10:33 AM
El Kabong


If I'll Have Another wins, I'll be pleased for his connections, but I don't think he proved to be an unbeatable horse in either leg of the Triple Crown. He did what was needed, I don't take a thing away from him, but with a better trip and more real estate, I like the the fresher horse who is sitting on a big effort. Toss in Street life and you have a decent tri for the race. Giddy up, this is going to be a great race.

07 Jun 2012 12:28 PM
Fran Loszynski


Congrats to Bizzy Caroline Afleet Alex's little girl on her win in the Early Times Mint Julep, watch the video, AWESOME! How did she do it off the rail to win like that?!!! Her Dad will tell ya!!!

07 Jun 2012 12:59 PM

ksweatman9 is right on! The best horse is IHA, but he may not win it. It is utter nonsense that Dullahan and Union Rags skipped the Preakness. It does not seem sporting to me at all, they should have had the guts to show up in Baltimore, and show us how great these colts are. I wish I knew IHA's barn name, I would be chanting it to the racing gods in front of my altar burning incense, frankincense and myrrh! Jeez, this is driving me nuts! Go, boy, run the race of your life; and my God grant you strength, swiftness, and heart. America needs this innocent champion to prevail!

07 Jun 2012 1:51 PM

It's IHA all the way.

Dullahan for second and Street Life or Paynter gets up for third.


I agree, change the TC rules, if a horse does not compete in the Preakness he cannot enter the Belmont field.  Great idea.  Don't worry, IHA has what the fresher horses don't have, something Steve Haskin refers to, continual momentum going for him.  He's gonna do it.  It feels different this time, different from Big Brown or Smarty and I was there for both.  It feels like it is going to happen.  And if it does I'll be standing at a coronation of the king of the horse world, oh my gosh!!!!!

The best of luck to IHA, Mario, and Team O'Neill.

07 Jun 2012 7:26 PM

Flower Alley is going to be a very busy, busy, busy, boy after Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!

07 Jun 2012 7:29 PM

At what point will Paynter,Unstoppable U and Union Rags hit the 3/4 mark???????

    1:12 1/5

To see what happens next......that's why were here!

07 Jun 2012 8:56 PM
Love 'em all

I'll Have Another "Cookie" becomes #12 in 2012

Dullahan loses by a neck

Union Rags three lengths from winner

Best wishes to all for a safe Belmont!

08 Jun 2012 9:44 AM

The racing gods have had the final say.   It wasn't the horse that was unworthy, but the trainer who certainly did not deserve the TC.

08 Jun 2012 1:27 PM

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