Pinhooking Idol


Pinhooking horses is a lot like American Idol, where you take raw talent and try to mold it into a superstar. Now you might argue that some of American Idol's competitors this season are very polished and have professional experience, but that's about the same as buying a Storm Cat yearling for a million dollars and trying to resell it as a 2-year-old.

As far as American Idol goes, here are my thoughts:

Kristy Lee Cook, you may be a horse lover, but it's time for you to go. Hope you got enough exposure to earn enough money to buy your barrel horse back.

Ramiele Malubay, you were promising originally, but your performances have been pretty boring. Nice voice, but you seem to be spinning your wheels.

Michael Johns, damn you're good-looking. But it's hard to justify keeping you around when your singing just doesn't stand out as much as it should.

Chikezie, you really surprised me (in  good way) during the first week of Beatles songs. Until then, I thought you were Ruben Studdard's younger brother. Now if you can only keep up the good work without crossing the line between creative and strange.

David Cook, I enjoy your rock vibe, but could you please do something about that stringy hair. Ask Carly Smithson for tips.

Carly Smithson, You have the best voice, but please don't wear anymore bright red clothes if you're going insist on displaying your arm tattoo. They clash.

Brooke White, your wholesome image is fine, but it really became unbearably sweet when you wore that yellow dress and bopped around to "Here Comes the Sun."

Syesha Mercado, you just haven't stood out to me and I have trouble remembering what you've sung, except for "Yesterday.' Try being more original and less of a Whitney Houston wannabe. For now, you're just ai'ight.

Jason Castro, Keep on being your slightly goofy, very cute self. You may be the most refreshing, genuine person in this whole bunch, and you still have a lot of room to grow.

David Archuleta, you're the grandmother, tween girl magnet type that I usually can't stand. Bad news:  You're this year's Sanjaya. Good news: You actually are extremely talented. In this field dawg, you're formidable. Criticizing you is like shooting Bambi.

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