March Madness


The OBS March 2-year-old sale was like a breath of fresh air in a marketplace that has been struggling this year, especially at the very top. Sellers were getting more than they expected for their horses, and buyers were happy with the prices they paid and the quality of the stock.

Shoppers were numerous and they came from a variety of places Japan, Europe, and California. Many said they were impressed with the success of the auction's graduates, which include champion sprinter Midnight Lute, and the large amount of horses they had to choose from in all price ranges.

A key for the sale will be to avoid becoming of victim of its own success as consignors will be encouraged to send better horses there. That could eventually hurt the auction's "good value for the dollar spent" reputation, pushing other horses with less credentials to later sales and creating the polarized environment that makes other select sales so tough for consignors. It's a tricky balance, but if the number of horses remains large enough - 400 or more - then buyers still should have plenty of choices.

A good time was had by all, even the cynical journalists.

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