Sessions Fly By at Keeneland

With all the scratches in the Keeneland April 2yo sale, the sessions are so short that;

They could have halted all selling during "American Idol" the first night and still have been done by 10 p.m.

You don't need a bathroom break, but if you did, you'd miss half the night's horses.

The droning of the auctioneers doesn't have time to hypnotize you.

The session is halfway over before you finish writing about Hip No. 7, the highest-priced horse.

No one falls asleep in the pavilion even though it's night.

Everybody can still have time to go out to eat afterward before the restaurants in Lexington quit serving.

They could have conducted them during the lunch hour.

Enjoy it now, because the neverending Keeneland September sale is still to come.







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