Big Brown Marketing

Robert and Blythe Clay's Three Chimneys Farm found the perfect balance Nov. 3 when they introduced Big Brown to breeders. In these troubled economic times, the event was classy without seeming extravagant. Attendees got to take home a "Re-usable Brown Bag" tote, and it was filled with lunch and practical Big Browned-themed items: a baseball cap, a mug, and a scarf.


The lunch included a brownie, and there was a table serving mini-Hot Browns. You could linger and eat your lunch at an outdoor table, entertained by live music, or take a quick look at Big Brown, grab a tote bag, and rush back to the Keeneland November breeding stock sale.


The best advertising of all was Big Brown himself -- bright and alert with an impressive physical presence. Stallion manager Sandy Hatfield had the colt ready for the equine version of a debutante ball. He was calm and mannerly, pricking his ears as he posed for photographers.


The beautiful weather -- warm and sunny -- helped give breeders a welcome break from all the discouraging financial news about in the world and the Thoroughbred industry. And it also gave them hope that the next great stallion is about to begin his first season at stud. If Big Brown is able to pass on his best attributes to his offspring, they should be a hit in the marketplace, where horses with quality continue to sell well, no matter how bad the economic conditions are.

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