Europe's Strength Could Be America's Gain

European sales this fall seemed well on the way to recovery while auctions in this country continued to suffer from the most severe economic downturn since the Great Depression. But Europe’s strength might be America’s gain in 2010, according to Lincoln Collins, president and owner of the Kern Thoroughbreds bloodstock agency and a director of Three Chimneys Farm. “It’s the opinion of a lot of Europeans that the perceived heavy influence of drugs in American racing discourages people from buying American horses, which they don’t think are as sound as the homegrown (European) product, Collins said earlier this year. “I also think there was a perception, which proved not to be true, that horses would be easy to buy in Europe this year so why come to the American sales? But I think more people will come next year in spite of their reservations about drugs and that sort of thing, because they’ve seen horses are so much less expensive here than they are in Europe.” So there’s a silver lining to look forward to in 2010’s cloudy economic forecast.


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