Clubbing With Fasig-Tipton

In August of last year, Fasig-Tipton officials announced the sale company would form a racing club designed to be the initial recruiting effort in a plan to bring new participants into to the Thoroughbred industry. Recruiting new owners was mentioned as a priority when Dubai-based Synergy Investments purchased Fasig-Tipton in 2008.


The Fasig-Tipton Racing Club has moved quickly from concept to reality, and you can find out more about it on Facebook (there were 1,135 fans as of Feb. 3), Twitter, and the club's Web site (


The club is leasing and managing proven horses from established owners in an effort to educate new Thoroughbred industry participants and introduce them to the ownership experience. Based on Web site information, there are four horses, and they come from the stables of Sheikh Mohammed's Darley operation, celebrity chef Bobby Flay, and Bill Casner and Kenny Troutt's WinStar Farm.


Bialy, a 3-year-old daughter of Distorted Humor, has finished second in one career race. Ea, a 6-year-old Dynaformer gelding, has won three times, and he finished second last year in the William Donald Schaefer Stakes (gr. III) and Charles Town Classic Stakes. Majestic Blue, a 4-year-old Forestry colt, has captured one of three career races. And Mesa Fresca, a 3-year-old daughter of Sky Mesa, failed to place in her only career race last November.


According to the racing club's Web site, each horse is being leased for one year and will be returned to its original owner afterward. As of Feb. 3, none had raced yet in Fasig-Tipton colors.


The racing club concept is an interesting one, and initiatives like this are especially needed now, when the Thoroughbred industry is struggling. I like the idea because it allows interested people to learn something about the Thoroughbred business before they tackle it on their own. To a newcomer, the processes of buying and racing horses are intimidating and complicated, and over the years, many owner prospects have been lost because of discouraging early experiences.


If you want to be cynical, you can say that Fasig-Tipton is just trying to attract new customers. But after the racing club members learn about the sport, there is nothing to keep them from buying horses elsewhere, so a variety of people could benefit in the long run.


Do you have any other ideas about what can be done to attract new Thoroughbred owners? Post them here.









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Love the clever title Dede!

03 Feb 2010 4:58 PM

A few years back I proposed to some of the powers that be of the industry to take a look at promoting an "Owners for a Day" raffle. This could be coordinated with the regional race tracks and promoted through the media and the internet. Select a Saturday race and the winners would be the owners for the day of each horse in that race.  They could come by the barn in the morning see "their" horse up close and personal, get a box seat and treated to the turf club, go to the paddock etc.  If "their" horse wins get in the photo and be given a trophy.  I have taken a couple of people I met on the rail with me to get their picture taken a time or two when our horses have won. Their reaction was more rewarding then the horse winning!  With today's data availability it would be easy to "target" who to offer the raffle to.  And should be extremely cost effective. Imagine the response if it were offered on Derby Day or BC day. Heck if I had a horse in the Derby I would be happy to take part.  

03 Feb 2010 7:16 PM

One of the ways I have found very successful is to get new folks right in the middle of the action. I like to get them to the backside for breakfast and to watch the horses train. Get them to the barns to meet some of the wonderful personalities in our game and then in the afternoon to the paddock for a close up look. Let them have the insiders view to everything. At least at that point I have planted a seed from there you hope the dream takes hold.

03 Feb 2010 8:09 PM

To attract a younger crowd, it needs to be represented as exciting. NOT crash and burn exciting but speed and winning exciting. I have heard it compared to Nascar but without the draw to the common person. It should be marked less as the "Sport of Kings" and more as just FUN FOR ALL!

04 Feb 2010 11:57 AM

I like Larrythejumpguy's idea.  Some non-horse owners who just love race horses and the sport, would eat that up.  They get to have fun without having any real knowledge of horses.  Then they can tell all their friends how exciting it was.  

06 Feb 2010 9:38 PM

I think we need to take a new approach and create interest with the youth.  We need a video game that would interest teenage boys.  I would like to see a "Grand Theft Auto" for horse racing. I would call it Outlaw Jocky, you r a struggling bag boy who will do anything to make it to the top.  Along the way you make crooked deals, and use every dirty trick in the book to get on top. This is a concept that teens love, and any interest and education gained would help attract people to races. I don't think this in any way represents how our sport is operated but to attract a new youthful crowd we need to change our methods of recrutement.  Because last time I was in the OTB it was not a place I wanted to bring my girlfriend to hang out.  

13 Feb 2010 9:02 AM

I think that Fasig's racing club idea is right on the mark-better than anything I might envision. Unlike the many other racing partnerships/syndicates out there, Fasig's gives these potential future owners a real shot at a relative bargain rate. Just look at the horses they offer; actual quality. Fasig is doing the industry a real service with this offering. It's an honorable  attempt to cause a very positive outcome.

21 Feb 2010 5:21 PM
EA Sports

I don't have the connections to execute this, but I do have the dream...appeal to the younger crowd and create and all inclusive Horse Racing Video Game.

1) Align Breedings (include Stallion Register and Nicking)

2) Wean your foal

3) Buy a yearling

a) Break your yearling

4) Sell or Race your Two Year old

a) Buy a two year old in training

5) Manage budgets

6) Race

7) Many more aspects that we all know are involved in the game.

Make it true to form where it takes methodical steps and preparation..and a little luck to win at the highest levels.

23 Feb 2010 4:23 PM
Andreana Flenner

Horse lovers want to be thoroughbred owners.  The problem is if you fall in love with your horse you are afriad to race them in the right spot due to fear of loosing them in claimers.  We all cannot afford alw or stk horses.  Races need to be created with conditions based on a rating system rather than a claiming tag.  (Dubai does this now).  Also, people need to make money...purse distribution should be changed to 45%, 25%, 15%,10%, 5%.  This way it is a bit easier to stay in the game and make a little with your thoroughbred.  It is hard to come by a win!!  Also, I think a trainer's % should be more than a jock's % and come directly out of the purse as well.

04 Mar 2010 8:19 AM

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