Lava Man to the Rescue

Because I’ll be away in Kentucky until late next week, and with the announcement that Lava Man will be going to Old Friends, I’m putting this look back at the Lava Man story (from last year) on here, in good part just to get this latest Curlin vs. Big Brown feud off. Just the mere mention of either of them in any context turns the blog into the blob – a creature that keeps growing and consumes everything in its path.

Anyway, for something a tad more innocent and innocuous:

June 19, 2003 was a warm, humid day in Stockton, California, with a brisk 20 mile-an-hour-wind. Those that attended the races at the San Joaquin Fair were there just for fun and certainly were not looking for any future superstars. The fourth race on the card, a $12,500 maiden claiming race for 2-year-olds, had no particular meaning, and you can bet no one paid any attention whatsoever to the fourth-place finisher – a 35-1 shot named Lava Man, who was racing for his owner, breeder, and trainer Lonnie Arterburn, along with several partners.

Following three more defeats, at Santa Rosa Fair and Bay Meadows, Lava Man finally broke his maiden by four lengths on the turf at Golden Gate under jockey Francisco Duran. Even then, the son of Slew City Slew had character and charisma, and made people notice him.

“I felt he was a special horse in his own way,” Duran said. “He was an incredible horse to ride, and he had a special demeanor about him. He also had a wonderful attitude toward everything he did. We all thought he was a good horse, but obviously we had no idea how far up the ladder he was going to climb. I don’t know how to explain how he got this good, but he’s evolved into an amazing horse.”

Lava Man followed up his maiden win with a starter allowance victory, but lost his next four starts before winning an allowance race on the grass at Bay Meadows by a nose. Arterburn had removed his blinkers for the race, and Lava Man showed tremendous courage to win after a stretch-long duel. It was that same tenacity and courage under fire that would enable to him to win back-to-back gut-wrenchers in the Hollywood Gold Cup (gr. I).

On July 28, 2004, Lava Man was entered in a $62,500 claiming race on the grass at Del Mar. One person who had his eye on the horse was Steve Kenly, who wanted to claim him, but was talked out of it by his trainer Doug O’Neill.

“On the form and on the Sheets, I just felt $62,500 was too much money,” O’Neill said.

Kenly, who had been looking specifically for 3-year-old Cal-breds, because of the state’s lucrative program, had his eye on several horses and Lava Man was one of them.

“Doug said there were more negatives than positives, and I told him, ‘Well, let’s watch him,’ Kenly recalled. “He was coming from Bay Meadows, and for whatever reason, I decided to wait. I watched the race with interest anyway and took notes.”

Lava Man finished sixth in the race, but had a ton of trouble, getting squeezed and trapped between horses. Kenly remembered that and stored it in the back of his head in case the horse showed up again for a price.

Meanwhile, Arterburn hadn’t realized what kind of a bullet he had dodged. Would he tempt fate again?

“The Claim”

The answer, sadly for him, was yes. On August 13, Lava Man was back at Del Mar, this time for a $50,000 tag.

“I never should have run him back down there,” Arterburn said. “You go down to that claiming pit at Del Mar and you’re asking for trouble. They claim crazy down there, and I never should have taken him there. I really liked the horse. He had a great personality; almost a clown. He was like a big kid, always wanting attention. He was a one of a kind character, and we tried to protect him the best we could.”

Arterburn’s friend, veterinarian Kim Kuhlmann, who was co-owner and is co-breeder of Lava Man, was friends with trainer Mike Puype, so instead of shipping Lava Man back to Northern California, they decided to leave him with Puype at Hollywood Park and let him train down there for a couple of weeks. When a $50,000 claiming race showed up in the book, Puype told Arterburn about it. Arterburn had Puype enter the horse and saddle him in his absence. It was a decision he has regretted every day since.

“He had gotten beat for $62,500 and was 9-1 in that race,” Arterburn said. “The bettors there didn’t give him any respect, and I thought the trainers wouldn’t give him any respect either.”

He was right about the trainers, but didn’t count on an owner.

“I actually was seriously thinking about scratching him right before the race, because I started to feel afraid that we might lose the horse,” Arterburn said. “For some reason, I didn’t, and now I’m sick as a dog that I didn’t go by my gut and scratch him. We paid the price.”

Kenly, meanwhile, had been on the lookout for Lava Man, and was delighted to see him show up for $50,000. This time, there was no stopping him. When he saw him entered, he called O’Neill and told him, “Well, you just saved us $12,500.” As it turned out, Kenly’s was the only claim.

But O’Neill and his brother Dennis still were less than enamored with the horse. “Doug actually was even more negative than he was the first time,” Kenly recalled. “He just didn’t like the horse. His running line was bad, and Doug thought he might be unsound. But he had a horrible run, and it was a typical Del Mar turf race where horses get steadied and never get out. He was trapped in there the entire race.”

“The beauty of Steve is that when he gets locked in on a horse he goes after it,” O’Neill said. “He had seen all the trouble he had gotten into in his previous race. So, we felt as long as the horse looked good in the paddock we were going to claim him. Lonnie had him looking great, and we put in the claim. I definitely feel bad for him, because I’ve lost a few grade I horses myself and it does get to you. This can be a brutal game at times. There are a lot more disappointments and heartaches than there are high-fives.”

It was decided to point him for the Pomona Derby at Fairplex, and Lava Man won the Derby Trial by 6 1/4 lengths in his first start for his new connections. He then finished a well-beaten third in the Pomona Derby and proceeded to lose his next six races. But he did finish second in the California Cup Classic and On Trust Handicap for Cal-breds before finishing a game second to Rock Hard Ten in the grade I Malibu Stakes.

Just when it looked as if his career was about take off, he lost his form that winter, turning in three poor performances in state-bred stakes, including the aforementioned Sunshine Millions at Gulfstream.

Then it was O’Neill’s and Kenly's turn to flirt with destiny. Arterburn, still upset over losing the horse, waited patiently, hoping to see Lava Man back in for a price. He was determined to get the horse back. It took a year, but there he was, on May 14, 2005, entered for a $100,000 claiming price.

Unfortunately for Arterburn, he was in the process of moving to Florida in an attempt to upgrade his stock and was unable to come up with the money. It was that move that precipitated his putting Lava Man in for $50,000. And now it was that same move that prevented him from getting him back.

“I was in the middle of real estate deals trying to get a farm bought,” Arterburn said. “I couldn’t find any partners who were interested in claiming him for that price, and I couldn’t afford to claim him back myself. It was bad timing for me and good timing for them. It was ironic, in a bad way, that that we let him slip through our fingers because at the time we were in the pursuit of getting better horses some day.

“After that, it all went rosy for them. When he started running so good, I said to myself, ‘That’s it, I’ll never see him again. Game over.”

As Lava Man developed into a grade I winner and then a legend, becoming the first horse to sweep the grade I Santa Anita Handicap, Hollywood Gold Cup, and Pacific Classic in the same year, Arterburn became more distressed over his misfortune. Now he’s had to watch Lava Man make more history by emulating Native Diver’s feat of winning three consecutive runnings of the Hollywood Gold Cup.

“It’s almost killed me,” he said. “It’s not even the money, because I earn breeders awards every time the horse runs. I would give all the money back if I could do everything over. It just tears me up, but what can I do? You hope for a horse like that some day, and there’s no way I’ll ever get something like that again. I’ve always been a claiming trainer and this has made me hate claiming. All I can do is keep trying, but it’s hard to swallow. That’s why I’ll be glad the day Lava Man retires, because it still hurts.”

Kenly had lucked out getting Lava Man, as all the forces seemed to be working in his favor. So, why in the world did he and O’Neill decide to tempt fate and put a grade I-placed horse in a claiming race, albeit for $100,000?

“Doug is a gambler and a pretty aggressive trainer when it comes to claiming races, and the horse had two bad outs and he thought he could get away with it,” Kenly said. “I was against it and just kind of went along with him. I remember telling him, ‘We can’t replace this horse for $100,000; no chance in hell.’ I stayed in Phoenix and watched the horse win in fast time with blinkers on, and was nervous as hell until I got a hold of Doug. I said, ‘Please tell me we didn’t lose him,’ and he said, ‘That (expletive) Hollendorfer.’ When he said that my stomach just fell out; I turned from a nice tan to white. Then he told me he was kidding. I said I’d get him back if it’s the last thing I do. He really got me with Hollendorfer, because he’s the kind of guy who would claim a horse like this. He’s famous for coming down from Northern California and taking high-priced claimers.”

So, that pretty much is the story of Lava Man and the contrasting fortunes of two men. Kenly, as well as his father, Wood, and O’Neill, gives thanks every day for the fortunes that smiled down on him. But, he still never takes anything for granted.

“In this game, the minute you start getting cocky and think you know it all, the racing gods will strike you down with a thundering blow,” Kenly said. “It’s been a fairy tale, and we’re living right in the middle of it. You have to ask, ‘Where is this book going to go?’ It’s been like a great novel already and you just hope it doesn’t end. You know it will some day, and when it does, you just have to say, ‘Look what he’s done for us. He’s put us in the spotlight; he can’t do any more.’ If it ended today, sure we’d be upset and depressed. It would be a sad day. But on the flip side, we’re so appreciative to have been involved with a horse like this. No matter what happens, it’s in the books, and you can never take that way. It’s history.”

Last fall, Kenly was looking for an appropriate slogan for Lava Man. He inadvertently came up with a perfect one when he said about owning a horse like this: “We’re having a blast.”

Lava Man never showed his greatness outside of California. For one reason or another he ran poorly in all his forays outside the Golden State. But he still was the king of California. He still was a racing treasure. He still was a legend. In short, he still was Lava Man. And that’s enough in anyone’s lifetime.


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Maybe the old guy could only run in Cal but we loved him enough here for the whole world. Can you imagine how the owners felt when he got claimed? If it'd been me you'd have seen a grown man sitting on the forecourt bawling like a baby. Will never forget Doug cheering at the Pub in Ireland, us Irish lads stick together.

Notice you used my buddy BIGHORSEFAN's reference to the Blob, man is it ever.

Thanks for ther repeat and another Lava Man story, never get enough of the Man.

Guess he didn't pan out as a pony, going to Old Friends.

06 Sep 2008 1:28 PM
Rhonda from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

A wonderful, handsome, courageous, intelligent gelding who gave all of his fans so many great thrills. A gelding who probably surpassed his talent by his will to win. Seattle Slew's legacy truly lives on.

Thanks to his owners for doing the right thing and for giving him a good retirement home at Old Friends. His fans will line up to see him there, I am sure.

Good Luck, Lava Man! Stay safe and sound.

06 Sep 2008 1:39 PM

I was never able to make it out to California to see Lava Man, but soon he'll only be a 3-4 hour drive away. I can't wait to see him settling in to life as a retiree at Old Friends.

06 Sep 2008 1:57 PM

I was surprised to hear Lava Man was coming to kentucky I thought he would stay in Calif. But I am happy that the champion is coming to Old Friends it is a wonderful place and I go there as often as i can so I cant wait to visit the champ in Ky. He is a champion his sire slew city slew who stands in ky can be proud of.

06 Sep 2008 2:01 PM

I really thought that he should been retired late last year for his own good. I'm a big fan of Lava Man and thrilled he will be at Old Friends,where i can visit him next month. he's truly one of a kind.

06 Sep 2008 3:08 PM

Rather cool that my pal Francisco Duran was up when Lava Man broke his maiden.  Duran is such a quiet and self-effacing young man that in all the years I've known him he never once mentioned his connection with Lava Man!

06 Sep 2008 3:30 PM

For all us poor people who can't make it to Old Friends, pictures please and thank you.

06 Sep 2008 4:05 PM

Lava Man,  love this horse.  I am so happy that he is going to Old Friends. He deserves nothing less.

06 Sep 2008 4:15 PM

Lava Man is the best-of-the-best and always will be.  I'm sad that he isn't staying in California, as he never seemed to like leaving home. I hope he adjusts to his new surroundings, but if he doesen't, California will welcome him back with open arms. Thank's to his connections for thrill of seeing this Champion make history over and over again.  He will be missed.

06 Sep 2008 4:21 PM

Lava Man has been one of my favorites for several years, so his fan base reaches all the way to TX!  Such heart and determination, and you could tell he always tried.  I was hoping he'd get to stay in Doug's barn as a pony like Funny Cide, but I hope he will be happy away from the track.  Because I love to visit the Kentucky Horse Park, I was hoping to have Lava Man there, but I'll have to figure out how to get to Old Friends the next time I'm lucky enough to make it to Lexington.  Thanks for sharing this story with us again.  I think I probably printed it out the first time it appeared - lol!


06 Sep 2008 4:24 PM
Nicole from New York

Isn't great to see a happy ending for such a deserving animal.  Long may you run beautiful boy!! Enjoy your well earned retirment!

06 Sep 2008 4:30 PM

Lava Man was one of the best all-time and should be in the Hall of Fame when he's eligible and his previous owner should be in there too because of all the suffering he's had to go through.

06 Sep 2008 5:57 PM

I am probably the happiest person in the world that Lava Man is going to Old Friends. What a wonderful retirement, he will lack for nothing.Being so close to the Horse Park he will have many happy visitors which is great for him and for Old Friends. Can't wait to see him in the Spring.

Thanks for the re-article Steve,

Norma Jean

06 Sep 2008 6:19 PM
Lava Man Fan

Another fan in Texas, I never got to see him run, but I hope to get to KY to see him at Old Friends now. He's been my favorite horse for the last 4 years, sorry Big Brown and Curlin, but you can't hold a candle to Lava Man in my heart. Hope he enjoys playing in the snow like Seattle Slew and gets to hang out with the other geldings.

06 Sep 2008 6:47 PM

Long live the Man! What a blast we all had watching him run. We all love that guy. Our Cal dude.

His connections are cool guys, lovin life. Know he was Noe's inspiration for getting back into life and Doug, what a guy, just the way he showed love to the Man and Noe is worth a million of the other connections.

06 Sep 2008 7:18 PM

For sure. Lava Man is a beauty and fun to watch.

Dennis(Dougie's bro) said he wasn't an easy horse though, except when Noe was around then Lava Man knew who was in charge, the rest of the time everyone else in the barn knew that the Man was THE MAN!

06 Sep 2008 7:44 PM


He Lacked NOTHING at Doug's barn. He was the king.

06 Sep 2008 9:25 PM

I am off to Old Friends! Can't wit to see Lava Man!!

06 Sep 2008 9:25 PM

Lava Man is a true California legend and hero. I know he'll be well cared for at Old Friends and I hope he'll be very happy.

I'm very disappointed however that he can't stay in California. He's a California horse, through and through. He was bred there, started at the bottom there, climbed up the ladder there, won all his races there, set records there, and his fans there saw him in person, cheered him race after race, and loved him. Lava Man is as California as California gets.

I only wish California had a place like Old Friends so that heroes like him could stay home. I've always felt that he belonged in California forever. I still do, but I guess circumstances won't allow that and whatever is best for Lava Man is what I want.

Kentucky is a long way off, but maybe sometime I can come visit you, Lava Man. Yep, you and me, two Californians living elsewhere, but first and always, Californians. Two kindred spirits.

07 Sep 2008 12:01 AM

Lava became an "old friend" to me a few years ago, and I have been nothing short of blessed to have been allowed to spend time with him at H'wood Park. I am saddened he is leaving CA, and more than that, leaving the people who love him, and whom he loves back. They have taken the very best care of him for so many years.

Old Friends is supposed to be for horses who have run out of options. In theory, anyway.

But I wish my friend well, and I will see you soon.

I was weaned on CA racing, and as far as I am concerned it doesn't come any better. Lava Man was a glimpse into those glory days of the past, his history secure for all time.

There won't ever be another like him. A CA legend, and a racing legend.

I love you, bubba...see you soon!

07 Sep 2008 12:36 AM
The Deacon

Lava Man was a real treat to watch, he reminded me of another great gelding of the 1960's, Native Diver. Lava Man always gave an honest effort, and the thrills will be with us for a lifetime. Truly a blue collar champion. Winning 3 Hollywood Gold Cups, the Santa Anita Handicap, and the Pacific Classic all in the same year was a tremendous feat, to stay on top that long was simply amazing. Thanks Steve for reminding us what this true champion was all about...............

07 Sep 2008 12:46 AM

well we are in the same spot...there is another Lava Man out there...lets hope he doesn't fall through the cracks...LLTK!!!

07 Sep 2008 5:27 AM
Karen in Indiana

I smell a road trip - Cigar at Kentucky Horse Park, Big Brown at Three Chimneys and now Lava Man at Old Friends! Lava Man will get all the attention he could ever want and this will be good for Old Friends as well. A win-win.

07 Sep 2008 9:33 AM

What age was lava man gelded at, and why was he gelded. What factors determine whether a colt is gelded or not? Just curious, because in my opinion he could have made a decent stallion. I believe he had some of the rare qualities that one seeks in a horse coming from his grandsire. It is sad that all you can get is A P Indys now.

07 Sep 2008 10:08 AM
Linda O.

LOVE YOU Lava Man!  I cannot wait to see you this fall.  Old Friends is a wonderful place for you to retire.  I know Michael Blowen will take great care of you!

07 Sep 2008 11:38 AM

jessewithajay: His sire is still alive and breeding mares. He has sired some monsters besides "the Man".

07 Sep 2008 5:50 PM
Matthew W

Lava Man was a class horse at any level, but when he was right'n'tight he was just a real good racehorse! His first Gold Cup was STRONG! He also ran a real good turf race or three---he could run on any track but just could not take his game on the road----all in all Lava Man was a bonifide star in The West, like Cougar II, Vigors, Best Pal--horses you could bet against but still root John Henry...heres hoping Lava Man holds court in Kentucky for many happy years---ENJOY HIM! He's all class.....

07 Sep 2008 6:56 PM
Mike S

Who doesn't love LAVA MAN? What a great story! What a great horse.

07 Sep 2008 8:19 PM

Words could never express the appreciation I have for Lava Man and what he let us experience. Seeing the thrill of one's daughter reaction to watching LM run, was just one of my biggest thrills. Thank you LM. Thank you Doug O. To the Horster (half horse half monster), to the true true ultimate warrior of racing, and to the LM connections, Thanks for the memories.

07 Sep 2008 9:36 PM
Riverside Fans

Lava Man,

We are so glad this day has come for you!!! We will be on the first flight we can to come visit you in Kentucky!!!!!!!

07 Sep 2008 9:58 PM

Thank You Steve Kenley for being a man of his word. You said when Lava Man's racing days were over he would live the life fantastic in retirement. He is a champion race horse, not a lead pony. He is a Legend, he deserves to be treated with all the respect he so wonderfully earned. I am doing everything I can to make a trip to Old Friends to meet my hero, and I hope the rest of his life, he will be able to enjoy all the admiration he gets from his fans.  We love you Big Guy, we will never forget the history you made on the race track. See you soon.    

07 Sep 2008 10:26 PM

Great piece on Lava Man. He would have beaten Big Brown into the ground if they had ever met.

08 Sep 2008 7:44 AM

We love Lava Man all the way over here on the New Hampshire coast...Old Friends will take care of him...I'm glad of that, though I had hoped he could be a stable pony at only age 7...but he will help a LOT of other thoroughbreds with his star-power.

08 Sep 2008 7:50 AM

I am a big fan of Lava Man, I like him because of his desire to winn every race. I remember when he was vanned out of the race tract where he run 2nd like there is no more race tomorrow.

Though I still hoping for him to win outside California, maybe this this time in Old Friends he can beat the other Gr. I (in number of visitors).

08 Sep 2008 8:24 AM

This is the story that makes racing- the John Henry, Seabiscuit rags to riches. He comes up well short of those two in terms of taking his act on the road but who cares.

08 Sep 2008 9:46 AM
russell maiers

Windblown I remember the race you referred to. At first we thought he was hurt, then I remember the jockey saying  he thinks he is all right, he just ran his heart out and was totally exhuasted. That was one of the best efforts, and we will never forget that day he gave his all and then more. A true champ! Lava Man

08 Sep 2008 8:28 PM
Bryce Be Quick

Something sad about this Cal-bred leaving Cal, as this from a "Right Coaster" who never saw him race in person. Congrats to Michael Blowen for pulling this off, but you had better expand the parking lot, visitors center, and roster of volunteer guides at Old Friends to handle the crowds-- hope you haven't bitten off more than you can chew? Seeing Bonnie's Poker, dam to 1997 KY Derby and Preakness winner Silver Charm  at Old Friends last summer a thrill, but if Lava Man destined to leave Cal, maybe the KY Horse Park would have been better equipped to handle a horse the likes of Lava Man?

BTW-- any word as to how The Man's half sister, Lava Girl, foaled in 2007, progressing?

08 Sep 2008 9:29 PM

well i guess Mike is doing ok...

09 Sep 2008 5:33 AM

In horse racing it is odd when a horse gets "really better" as time goes on. Yes horses improve at 4 and 5 but usually they have shown a good deal of talent by then or earlier in their careers.

I remember watching John Henry get beat in a claimer (on turf in FL) I think it was for 20K then became "The Legend". Besides Lava Man, Miesque's Approval another fairly recent story, somehow got super good and  won the Breeder's Cup after a great year in general after it looked like he was finished 2 years previous to then.

Steve-- any reason's why?

09 Sep 2008 12:14 PM

Yes, Lava Man is a true champion.  Interesting, that his dam sire, Nostalgia Star, also began racing in Maiden Claimers, albeit at a higher level - He began racing for 50 thou with Luis Ortega aboard - Ran second twice at Del Mar -  I remember yelling at Luis, both times, about how he had done everything possible to run second to Pincay - Looked beautiful on the track.  Then, he was shipped to the old Los Alamitos Orange County meet, where he won a $25,000 added.  He was quickly sold to Jay Robbins and blossomed into a graded winner.  As he was a Pia Star, he loved the mud - So, at SA, when the track came up off, Pat V went to the lead and won a Grade I.  Earned well over $3 million,  much of that by finishing in the money and someone could have picked him for only 50 grand..

Yes, my eyes did light up the first time I saw Lava Man entered at Santa Anita - Spotted that Nostalgia Star - He reminded me of his grandpa.

09 Sep 2008 3:32 PM

No proper farewell and send -off for Lava Man here in CA? His local fans feel great disappointment that STD and Jason did not give us the chance to say good-bye and see him one last time. The majority of us will never have the opportunity to go thousands of miles to Kentucky. He deserves a final turn on our track and to stand in the Winner's Circle! Shame on you!

09 Sep 2008 9:41 PM


Every time they nursed him back and ran him we all knew it might be the last time to see him run. NO shame involved, the guys kept him going with their care and love and owed us nothing more than what he gave us.

10 Sep 2008 9:05 AM
Bryce Be Quick

Karen in Indiana--

If your field trip takes you to Three Chimneys, may I suggest while everyone swarming around BB and Smarty Jones, you turn to your left and look at the guy in the corner stall recently up from Florida, a beautiful g/r who will be attracting better mares in his KY-based book-- Exchange Rate. VERY nice stallion, even if he doesn't rate his own Three Chimneys infomercial during the NTRA-ESPN race coverage broadcasts....

10 Sep 2008 10:10 AM


I was not suggesting he race again, but be brought out on the track to parade and stand in the Circle where he could receive a hero's applause. It would give us all a chance to say "Thank You" and "Happy Trails" to a very special horse.

10 Sep 2008 11:09 AM
Sally F

I agree - there is something sad about our hero, Lava Man, leaving California.  He has always been on the top of my list and I will forever miss and love him.  I will be checking Old Friends website regularly to follow his life.  Maybe someday the Racing Gods will bless me and I will find a way to visit Lava Man, one of the greatest and most beautiful horses ever to race!!  Thanks for the memories - Live Long and Be Happy.

10 Sep 2008 1:42 PM


I meant I was watching every race like it was the last time I'd see him. I personally don't like them taking a retiree on a victory tour around the track then into the winners circle. For some reason it makes me sad. Kind of like the great former sports stars at conventions. Maybe it's just me but I like to remember them in the true atmosphere.

10 Sep 2008 11:05 PM

Per the notice on Old Friend's web site on 9/12/08, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to STD and Jason!!!

CA fans want to see ALL of Lava Man's team in the Winner's Circle, including the Arterburn Team, who gave us a Champion of Thoroughbreds.

C-Nak, get those glorious black/pink silks ready - and take one last lap around the track for us, will you?

Noe, sabe por favor que usted es Hombre de Lava, Tres Copas de Oro, la mayoría de los amigos preciosos y que ningún número de millas jamás le separará.

Vuela como el viento, Lava Man!

15 Sep 2008 3:03 AM

It is now 10/4/08 and Lava Man did not go to old friends--what happened????He;s still at a farm in santa Ynez and is going to lead the post parade at The Cal Classic tomorrow at oak tree-- So, What's the story???? Have they changed their minds?? Pls. let me know--I adore this horse and felt terrible that i had to travel all the way to kentucky to visit him in the future.  Can't he be at a farm like that her in CA. so his fans can see him???

04 Oct 2008 7:50 PM

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