Haskin's Derby Trail: Early Observations

The works are done, and all that remains are the final gallops and observing how the horses are thriving during the final week. We’ll also look back and comment on the works and gallops we’ve seen over the past three days. As tough as this field is to separate talent-wise, it’s equally tough watching them train. So, in many ways we’re even more confused now than we were before.

Creative Cause - Photo by Steve Haskin

The standout so far has been Union Rags, who is the most imposing physical presence we’ve seen, and who turned in a sharp work on Saturday, going a half in :47 1/5. He galloped out so strong past the wire, the clockers gave him a five-furlong work in :59 4/5. But he wasn’t through. He continued galloping out, six furlongs in 1:13 4/5.

Union Rags - Photo by Steve Haskin

The son of Dixie Union is muscle on muscle and does everything with class. You could really get a good look at him this morning as he was getting his bath, and there is no one that could argue this colt is all racehorse.

Not to get too far ahead of ourselves, but if he should win the Derby, you can bet that it won’t take more than five seconds before the words “Triple Crown” are mentioned. There are several colts in the field you could say the same thing about, but we’ve always maintained that the next Triple Crown winner will be a classy 2-year-old with a good foundation who was right up there at the top of his division, and preferably had won the Champagne Stakes (gr. I).

Union Rags - Photo by Steve Haskin

The one-turn mile in our opinion is still the classiest and most prestigious 2-year-old race over the past half century, because it tests a horse’s class, speed, and stamina, as opposed to a two-turn, 1 1/16-mile race like the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile (gr. I). It is no coincidence that the last three Triple Crown winners – Secretariat, Seattle Slew, and Affirmed all finished first or second in the Champagne, as did Triple Crown caliber horses such as Spectacular Bid, Easy Goer, Alydar, and Buckpasser.

Remember, this was the definitive championship race for 2-year-olds before the Breeders’ Cup, and Union Rags won it as impressively as any of those mentioned above, having to overcome traffic and altering course on several occasions.

As of now, the feeling here is that this is the horse to beat next Saturday.

But the depth of this field makes it awfully close. The horse we’ve had ranked No. 1 starting from day one is Creative Cause and we haven’t seen anything to cause us to consider dropping him. This is a good-looking high energy horse, who has a good deal of spirit and generates a lot of power. He’s more of a one-paced grinder, but did take back in the Santa Anita Derby (gr. I) with the blinkers off and showed more acceleration on the far turn than he has in any of his previous races.

He came off the van bouncing on his toes and was a handful his first day on the track before settling down in his gallop. His work today was exactly what trainer Mike Harrington was looking for, and you couldn’t have him to do it any better, coming home his final eighth in :11 4/5 to complete the half in :47 4/5, then galloping out five furlongs in 1:01 1/5.

Perhaps the most visually impressive work came from Bodemeister, who broke off five lengths behind stablemate Jemima’s Pearl, eased up to her on even terms nearing the head of the stretch and came home very strongly. He finished about a half-length ahead of his workmate, but was never asked. It was his gallop-out, however, that really caught the eye, as he just kept going and going at a good clip, finally pulling up a full mile in 1:39 4/5.

You have to judge this colt on his works and not his gallops, where he is a totally different horse, and not nearly as impressive, moving with much shorter strides. When he works, however, it’s like Clark Kent turning into Superman.

We would have loved to see I’ll Have another work over the track, but the second best thing is to see him gallop, and his gallop today was arguably the best we’ve seen since we arrived. He was almost two-minute licking and covered the ground with fluid, powerful strides, and moved over the track as if he’s been here his whole life. He has low action and tremendous reach to his stride. We can’t wait to see what he does the rest of the week.

I'll Have Another - Photo by Steve Haskin

Remember, we were very impressed with the colt when he came off the van. His coat was resplendent and he was a handful walking the shed. So, all in all, very high marks for the son of Flower Alley.

Then there are the horses you just plain like, whether it’s watching them train or graze, although this year has the fewest grazers we can remember. The horse we’ve really come to like is Daddy Nose Best, who has had four works over the track already, and just is a horse you enjoy watching. His gallop yesterday was very strong and his work this morning was equally strong, starting off slow, then coming home in :11 4/5 and :12 flat before galloping out another eighth in about :12 4/5. and pulling up six furlongs in 1:16 3/5. He is another with grat reach to his stride.

What we liked most about his stablemate Sabercat’s work was the way cut the corner so tightly while galloping out. He broke off at the pole much faster than Daddy Nose Best..

If you want spunk in your horses, you should have seen Rousing Sermon digging a hole in his hay and rolling several times before getting up each time and charging his webbing, squealing, as if he wanted to jump over it. This Cal-bred son of Lucky Pulpit has a gorgeous, refined head and a great eye. We’re starting to take notice of him.

So, right there you have two big longshots who are capable of at least coming home late and picking up a piece of it.

As for some of the others, we’re impressed with Mark Valeski’s muscle tone and athletic appearance, and his work this morning also was strong; certainly strong enough to entice owner Brereton Jones to take a shot at the Derby.

Mark Valeski and Larry Jones - Photo by Steve Haskin

Liaison apparently loves Churchill a lot better than he did Santa Anita, and you have to be impressed with his gallop-out in today’s five-furlong work in 1:00 4/5. He no doubt appreciates the kinder surface at Churchill, as does Rousing Sermon, who also lost his form at Santa Anita this winter.

Liaison (center) - Photo by Steve Haskin

Dullahan only had a maintenance work yesterday and didn’t dazzle anyone with his closing fractions, but he’s dead-fit, feeling good, and still has the most explosive late move of any of the Derby horses.

Dullahan - Photo by Steve Haskin

Prospective is in good health and hasn’t done anything wrong.

So, are you totally confused by now? Good, we need the company. Why should our brain be the only one swimming? For all those looking to read bashing of some of these, sorry, can’t oblige. While some look better than others, as you can deduce reading this, it’s hard to find any major faults in any of them.

And we haven’t even gotten to the late arrivals, Gemologist, El Padrino, Take Charge Indy, Alpha, and Daddy Long Legs, or a visit to see Hansen at Trackside at some point.

Friday’s selections column should be a real challenge.


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Sam Santschi

Hi Steve.  Thanks for the updates as always.  Any word yet on Alpha's jockey?  I heard Maragh?

30 Apr 2012 2:50 PM

Well, I am right there with you with regard to severe confusion.  Just read the article on each horse-why they should win and why they shouldn't win.  So, I am for throwing the names in a hat and picking that way LOL!  The winner will not necessarily be the best horse, but it will be the horse who has a great start, stays out of traffic (and there are too many horses in the race), has a good jockey who doesn't make a mistake, and then runs for the hills!

30 Apr 2012 4:30 PM


30 Apr 2012 4:41 PM

I always wait for your visual observations about the Derby participants Steve. You have one of the sharpest eyes around when it comes judging contenders from pretenders.

What I would like to know is how does Union Rags look now compared to any other times you may have seen him in the flesh?

30 Apr 2012 6:28 PM

Confused?  Oh yes, big time.  

The photos are exquisite.  Oh why I love thoroughbreds!

Its getting to where I will throw some names in a hat and place a few win bets, a cheap trifecta, and a cheaper superfecta and let the horses roll.  

The most important wish I feel is for all the riders and horses to complete the race safely and with no injuries. The rail posts always make me uneasy let alone the calvary charge across the track.  Twenty horses is just astounding.

30 Apr 2012 6:40 PM


Thanks for the updates, the information is very much appreciated!

I've heard that prospective is stealing the best looks show for now. He is looking very good on the track.

UR is a spectacular looking colt and his last 3 works were a thing of beauty.

Bode's works was fast, but I have to wonder if he went too fast...

I heard dullahan is not taking to Churchill like he took to Keeneland, that's a problem, but he looks great.

The horse that has blossomed the most is Liasion, he is a completely different horse than he was at Santa Anita.

My list of best final works:

1. Union Rags

2. Bodemeister

3. Creative Cause

4. Sabercat

5. Liasion

The best looking horses

1. Prospective

2. I'll Have Another

3. Union Rags

4. Dullahan

5. Daddy Nose Best

30 Apr 2012 6:46 PM
Steve Haskin

SlewofDamascus, I have no idea what you're talking about. No one killed any comment on Trinniberg. I dont care how long a comment is. We obviously never received it.

30 Apr 2012 7:01 PM

Thanks Steve, great column.  The pictures are a great addition to an informative article.  I don't want top put any pressure on you but I count on your comments heavily in making my final decisions, but no pressure Steve...keep it fun.  You are blessed to be able to be at Churchill Downs for Derby week, I appreciate your knowledge and comments.

If I could make one request; I'm sure I'm not the only one going to a local track Friday to enjoy the Oaks and make earlybird Derby wagers.  I realize you have a tight schedule and your head is swimming with the same scenerios we all are.  With all these seemimgly well prepared and evenly matched 3-year olds, it is difficult trying to separate them.  But if you could post your comments and picks as early as possible Friday, it would be much appreciated.  Good Luck Steve!    

30 Apr 2012 7:02 PM
Mike Monarchos

Nice photos Steve. I think I'll Have Another and Dullahan look the best from the shots you took. Rags didn't look that good. Maybe because he was wet. It would be nice to see a photo of Rags, Gemologist, and El Padrino together since they're 17 hands. I've heard that Dullahan is about 17 hands too. Is that true?

30 Apr 2012 7:15 PM

always a chuckle from me. thanks mr. haskins! i'm always partial to the 'reds' in the field and they usually don't let me down.does that make me a 'racist'?

30 Apr 2012 7:19 PM

Thanks, now I'm more confused than ever. But seriously, if this writing thing doesn't work out you might consider a career in photography. Great head shot of Union Rags.

30 Apr 2012 7:29 PM

Thank you for the real time updates.I can't help but think that maybe the three best last year could be again the best this year.We always go crazy trying to figure out this race and it was kind of off the last few years but the horses are back ..they are strong and pretty consistent.What a Derby this will be!PUMPED!

30 Apr 2012 7:41 PM
Karen in Texas

Thanks for the observations, Steve. You took some pretty nice photos as well! Maybe it's just the angle, but that shot of Dullahan looks a lot like Curlin to me.

30 Apr 2012 7:44 PM

Sorry to jump off topic, Steve, and please don't hesitate to disregard the question, but I wonder what you thought of And Why Not's work the other day (assuming you happened to catch it)?

30 Apr 2012 7:44 PM

Gotta go back to my favorite Union Rags since Mr. Haskin is talkin Triple Crown...I know the best horse doesn't always win in the 20 horse field (Baffert said it best when he called it a crap shoot) but I'd love to see it happen this year. Decent post position and a good ride...will be interesting to see if he or Creative Cause runs down Bodemiester in the stretch. 5 more days!

30 Apr 2012 7:46 PM

Thank you so much Steve for this update and these great photos as well.  I love it!!!  Count me amongst the ranks of the confused.  It's so hard to pick one this year.  Union Rags looks phenomenal, the video clips on the Derby site of him look great.  He certainly does look "Triple Crown" worthy, much like AK looked last year.  I am starting to love I'll Have Another, very Curlnesque in physique and color too.  Bode too looks great.  The video of Hansen romping in the sand is precious, as much as I just love him I just don't know if that running style is going to get it done.  Creative Cause too looks the part of a Derby winner.  They all look like powerhouses who are really "rockin' the shedrows!" Credit and thanks to all the handlers, van drivers, trainers and assistant trainers, hotwalkers, airplane pilots, owners, grooms, jockeys, and all who get these majestic animals to the races for us to behold.  Steve, enjoy every minute there at Churchill.  Keep the updates coming, we are lost without Steve and don't say it often enough how much we appreciate you Steve!  

My picks now pre post position draw:

1.  Bodemeister

2.  Union Rags

3.  I'll Have Another or CC

4.  Hansen

5.  Gemologist

30 Apr 2012 7:47 PM

Wow, Steve!!  I love Union Rags, feel he is peaking, and that he is in the hands of a master!!  Your pictures clinch it for me --- he is gorgeous, and is clearly blossoming at Churchill!!

30 Apr 2012 7:48 PM

As always, I love it when you get to KY and can give us your up close and personal observations of these contenders in the flesh and once again, you have not disappointed!!  To top it off, you've shared your fantastic photos so now there is lots more to mull over in my sadly confused mind.  There are certain colts that I've had my school girl crushes on for a long time and they have not let me down, but this is such a tough field and there are so many of them who seem to be top class...the word confused comes to mind once more!  

I've been enamored of the charisma that Union Rags has shown in every photo or video I have seen of him, but did you ever notice that he has eyes like Rachel Alexandra?  His left eye shows more white than his right in his gorgeous face - just like RA.  Maybe it was just the angle but your photo above shows that clearly.  

Thank you once again for sharing your observations and opinions with us.  Hope you enjoy your time in KY!



30 Apr 2012 8:19 PM

Odd that Dynaformer passed on Barbaro's birthday, April 29 --- I am rooting for Michael Matz and UR.

30 Apr 2012 8:22 PM


I knew a Slewofdamascus when I posted often over at Illman's Blog as vicstu. Great guy...

Good comments, Steve. I think UR is likely the one to beat but he needs a trip. Hansen had a nice maintenance work Sat and finished strongly yet the video here of him playing in the sand pit afterwards shows a horse with a ton of play and energy left...

Go back and check all of the Derbies since 2000. Whenever the pace is 47 flat or faster for the half mile, there is at least 1 and often 2 E or E/Ps that hit the board with a closer. Something to remember if this year's pace is too fast. Remember, Songandaprayer cooked PG to the point he could not hit the board. Congaree was much closer to that pace and outfinished PG. Even in the fastest 4 f in Derby history saw at least 1 E/P type in the money.

Stalkers need a reasonable pace or they have trouble...the high cruising speed types are less affected by a torrid pace and may still inherit the lead and hit the board IMO. History tells us as much. And closers are dangerous when the half mile is 46 and under. But the E and E/P types STILL hit the board.

30 Apr 2012 9:34 PM

I'm picking Union Rags, Gemologist, Dullahan, and Bodemeister.  Of course any of the other 16 could win it too.  Whoever does win, will be the best horse running his best race on that day. To all the contenders, may they stay safe and run sound.  Good luck to all the bloggers.

30 Apr 2012 9:52 PM

1) Alpha

2) Gemologist

3) Bodemeister

Remember folks, were talking 126 lbs.!

30 Apr 2012 11:08 PM

Steve, for me the only way of splitting half the field is going to be the post position draw. Then again, what if they all get reasonable draws?  

Aesthetically, there is not much between them either but Union Rags has a dominating presence/charisma and I'll Have Another looks spectacular. Mind you, it's not often that the prettiest horse that wins the roses.

Seems as though its going to be quite warm on Derby Day, that may just what a calm horse like El Padrino needs.  

30 Apr 2012 11:44 PM
Shelby's Best Pal

Wonderful comments and beautiful photos!  I'm excited!

01 May 2012 12:39 AM

Union wins and Bode will not hit the board.

01 May 2012 12:48 AM
Matthew W

Steve the biggest bet I have ever made was a win/place bet on Tabasco Cat in The Derby--where he finished 5th or 6th in the slop, before his Preakness/Belmont routs....now I am about to break my record on I'll Have Another, who has compelled me to dig out some Benjamins for Saturday--I became intrigued after The Lewis, where his fractional times were unbelievable, when you compared them to other good (older) horses who ran that Feb 4th day--the subsequent work on Big Cap Day, before the crowd, was startling! He was waiting, ears moving forward/backward as if to say "I'm ready when you are" to the jock--head low, along with the color, looking like Affirmed, this guy uses minimum energy and is push-button! Mr O'Neil has developed horses to get more distance--nice allowance horses like Sky Jack and Lava Man, he won many 1 1/4 races with them, Gr 1 at that, and I'll Have Another has been tested by Creative Cause, he can battle, rate, has speed, and his female family is chock full of stamina--factor the unknown jock, the relatively unknown trainer (!), and the contender-laden field--you have a 10-1 longshot! Thanks for the observations, I'll be reading your columns daily, keeping my fingers crossed for 'Nuther, I think he might be a special one!

01 May 2012 1:40 AM

Love the bathing pic of Rags.  You can see clearly from his conformation why this colt has such a ground-covering stride.  Short back, relative to his underline, and long forearms.  He also has a great shoulder.  Physically, he is hard to fault.  Interestingly, white in the eye is supposed to indicate a difficult disposition.  I haven't heard whether or not this is true of UR.

Maybe Steve has some knack for making every horse he photos look great, but if these colts run to their looks, we are in for a treat.

01 May 2012 1:48 AM

When I saw the title of the article from the TCM home page, I thought.. "YES!  Finally, Steve's going to help me get an idea who's doing well" lol.  Well... I am glad to join you and your team with my swimming brain.  This is a tough bunch to handicap.  I feel that, more so than in the past, the post position draws will be a major factor.  After reading this, I feel like all the horses are evenly matched and that's very irritating (in a fun way of course.)  It's a great challenge to handicap this field and if I'm able to pick two horses hitting the board, I'd be satisfied even if means I didn't the trifecta.  I hope I hit the tri though, even if the first three favorites hit the board, the trifecta will be a signer.

I'm looking forward to your thoughts on Gemologist specially, and El Padrino who before the Florida Derby was my top horse.  I'm not too excited to jump back on him until I see him in the post parade and of course hear what you think of him when he gets there.  The other horse I'm interested in is Daddy Long Legs.  Hopefully he ships well.  Thanks for the great insights.

01 May 2012 4:49 AM

One more thing, any chance you'll do a write up on the KY Oaks field ?  I'd like to hear your opinion on the princesses as well.  Thanks!

01 May 2012 4:56 AM

Came from Australia for the Derby last year and was not disappointed. Wish I was there again this year.  This is bloody hard race!  But Union Rags seems to have ticked all the boxes and can go all the way, yet he will have to fight tooth and nail for the Roses.  Here's to a great race.  May the better horse win!  Enjoy, my American mates.

01 May 2012 5:58 AM

After all said and done I think Union Rags is the best 3 year old in the country and will take the Derby however my sentimental favourite is Hansen but I don't think he can make the distance I hope I'm wrong. I think he could sure turn into a great miler. Looking forward to Fri. for the Oaks and the Derby on Sat.

01 May 2012 6:06 AM
Tiz Herself

Union Rags looks fantastic- have no doubt that if he runs his race he is the horse to beat. Creative Cause I worry if he gets into traffic as the same with Gemologist (who I love too!).

I have to ask as I am still learning about speed figures, which ones are more reliable? Bris or Beyers? (the difference?) thanks everyone. Or does DI and CD play as big a part as thought?... hadn't paid much attention to those because the lack of understanding them. I get the higher the number the faster the horse (?) thanks.

01 May 2012 9:12 AM

Hi Steve,

Great commentary and pictures. I'm real interested in what you think about Gem and El Padrino when they arrive considering their maintenance works at Palm Meadows, also TCI and Alpha after his problems.  

Remember, you are the eyes and ears for those of us who can't be there. Thank You for all the great work you have done.

Kind Regards,


01 May 2012 9:17 AM

Okay, let's say all these ponies are fit and ready, all of them are blessed with some degree of talent, all of them are capable of winning the roses. Now, the luck. Let's see who draws what post and how it will impact their trip. Then we wait and see what the weather will bring to Churchill Downs on May 5th, and if it will affect the track condition. After that, everyone who had their mind made up as to the outcome of the Derby may want to re-evaluate their decision. I'm only going to bet the longest odds on the board, just for fun. You would have to be clairvoyant to call this Derby, and that I'm not.

01 May 2012 9:17 AM
Sue MacGray

Arrrrrgh, every time I think I've made up my mind, I read another column or a statistic, or see another picture and I'm completely befuddled again. As a good Scotch/Irish girl, I can't leave Dullahan off my list. Plus he looks fantastic and has a great turn of foot. I guess at this point, I'm liking Dullahan, UR, Gemologist, Bodemeister, I'll Have Another and Daddy Nose Best - in no particular order :( If it's muddy, I'm throwing El Padrino into the top three. It's so difficult because they all look so classy at this point and seem to all have a decent shot. I originally loved Hansen, but the competition is in much better form this year (as opposed to the juvenile BC) and I'm still not sure about the distance. Creative Cause looks great.... I just read the story about Trinniberg and now I'm getting tempted that way, too. Oh, well, looking forward to more of your comments later in the week (as well as the other experts here). Thanks Steve!

01 May 2012 9:37 AM
Bill Two

Interesting insights you give us, Steve.  I'm really intrigued with I'll Have Another.  This is a horse that has always been underestimated and I'm sure he'll be double digits on Derby Day, but the way he's training over the CD strip tells me he is very much alive and warrants some of my filthy lucre.  I'm eagerly looking foreward to your next installment.

01 May 2012 11:27 AM
Pedigree Ann

All I can say is, "Handsome is as handsome does."

A human with a body-builder physique is rarely the Olympic champion in weight-lifting. Remember the Soviet super-heavy-weight champion (Munich and Montreal) Alekseyev? With his pot belly? (All muscle, they say, giving him a lot of stability.)

While a shining coat and bright eye indicate health, size, beauty, and muscle bulk need not indicate superior ability. Saarland was gorgeous. Alydar was larger, bulkier and caught the eye more than Affirmed did. Picking the horse who looks like 'a beast' can lead you to ignore a superior athlete.

01 May 2012 12:31 PM

Union Rags has Barbaro's spirit with him and he will be the winner of the Derby!  Rooting for him and Michael Matz all the way!

01 May 2012 1:05 PM

Steve, I think we need a column and a board devoted to "If The Rains Come."

It would be nice to get a peak at their feet. Maybe you could ask?

In general, while I enjoy watching a horse striding "long and low as a Southren houn'" it's not key for me, as a horse breathes with its stride, and short, quick strides mean more oxygen going in. Also mean more balance and confidence in the mud.

We've seen several prima donna performances from our contenders, and I would not be surprised to see some "Don't wanna" reactions from some fancied horses if the track is slick.

I can also imagined Hansen airing with his quick "flick, flick" stride and coming back with his coat unsullied -- at least, unsullied by anything not applied by human hands.

01 May 2012 1:08 PM


When the conviction developed that a horse would never win the Derby if unraced at two, the competition was almost entirely horses with much more experience than our current field. No hard-knocking, consistent horses with infinite bottom will be in the lineup. Point to Bode.

Looking at his four starts in order, his rate of improvement is dazzling. In his first, he tracked, but couldn't close on, American Act. In his third, he gave American Act the rail and parked on his flank, putting him away on the turn (AA finished 7th). The Arkansas Derby showed another great leap forward, and he looks to me like a much fitter horse than the one Creative Cause edged past.

Rain? Another point to Bode, I think. He'll be well able to avoid a faceful of mud. Unless I'll Have Another says "Here's mud in your eye." (Sorry.)

I can't ascribe Mine That Bird's mud form to Dullahan; they're too different physically. Unless -- anybody seen their feet? Flat soles?  

01 May 2012 1:24 PM

Hi Cassandra, you may wish to look at our Derby prep-list page here...


Hope this might help!

01 May 2012 2:04 PM


Would appreciate your thoughts on the looks of TCI. He should be arriving at his barn any minute. He will be in the $$ if the post draw is right.

01 May 2012 2:11 PM

Well, I have no idea which way to go on EX, TRI, and SPR, yet.

However, the 4 longest shots on the board will get my play, you can take that to the bank.

Is Draynay ok since Mark Valeski was withdrawn???

01 May 2012 5:31 PM
Bill Rinker

Hi Steve, great article and loved those pics. I'm not sure this is the appropriate time or place but I thought I'd throw this out to see what perception you and your reader blogers might have on the subject of the Derby's number of entrants. I love watching all the preliminary stakes and allowance races at two and three, and all the anticipation that goes along  with the process of drawing in. It's intriguing and at times somewhat bitter sweet to watch these youngsters develope and  hopefully move forward in their racing careers. As we get closer and closer to race day the questions arise as to who the winner might be and why? However, in addition to the formula of breeding, background, and form, there lurks the perplexity of the size of the field. I've always thought that this takes some of the luster off the out come of the race, in terms of jeopardizing it's integrity (that is the race itself not the individual winner ). As we all know sometimes luck apears to have a deciding effect on racing, and hopefully when it happens it's a good thing. But when racing luck goes bad it can be tragic and heart breaking. In my personal love of racing I am not that naive to believe that everything has a pleasantly predictable outcome but I would also like to think that we can have a reasonable amount of control in some areas. So in the realm of excitement, prestige and economic gain are we setting the bar a little to high for this coveted title of Kentucky Derby winner. I have great respect for all of the trainers that are represented in this years Derby. I am relatively new to racing by comparsion to so many in the field but I truly love watching, working and studying Thoroughbred Horses. Listening to and reading what others have to say is enjoyable and educational most of the time. But in the end you form your own opinion and hope your right. Some of the things on my mind when considering the Derby outcome have been the number of horses in the race in relation to their back ground. How many races they had run, and what they went through in those races, what the trainers background entailed, who would be in the irons, and many other questions as well. So if at all possible here's one more question that I'd like to know your thoughts on. Can a world renowned race that has been coined "a crap shoot" by so many of it's most brilliant participants be considered safe with such a large number of entrants, or has the perception of reality in regard to this become somewhat overcome by "Derby Fever"?    

02 May 2012 1:29 AM

I can't wait for the post draws tomorrow, hopefully it'll help me solidify my current pick.  If not, I'll need to get Creative and find a Gem with Long Legs.  I may ask the Godfather for help but I'll probably just end up getting a Sermon.  I need to slow down and think about this more, maybe Have Another while watching "doo wop" video by Hansen.   Finding the real Alpha, the Prospective Meister from this field is tough, need to watch the post parade to see who will Take Charge to Optimize my chances.  I know for sure that this is not going to be a Dull race, a Union of the best colts guarantees an exciting race.  I may have to Liaise with other folks who Nose more.  I need to find the closers who will cut through the tiring field like a light Saber, not like an ice Berg drifting in the ocean.  I just hope that when I'm Done Talking my Went The Day Well.  Good Luck ALL!

02 May 2012 1:55 AM

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