Haskin's Preakness Report: Get Your Preak Picks On

Here we go again. This is where we left you two weeks ago; trying to decipher a formula of countless possibilities.

In the case of the Preakness Stakes (gr. I), it’s all about pace and what impulses are going to dictate the actions of jockeys Mario Gutierrez, Joel Rosario, and any other rider who has to decide just how big they want Bodemeister’s butt to look in front of them.

Mike Smith, on the Derby runner-up, has little to occupy his brain. Break well, go to the lead, and don’t go a half in :45 1/5; that’s about it. His job is to get Bode to the eighth pole without too much huffing and puffing and having some legs left this time in the final furlong.

Gutierrez, especially, has to decide just how much slack to give Bode. At Churchill Downs, he basically had to sit back and allow the Derby gods to clear a dream path for him. Of course, the horse had to be good enough to take advantage of his good fortune. Thank goodness for Team O’Neill that the Derby gods were also occupied at the time setting up an obstacle course and bumper car ride for Union Rags, Went the Day Well , and several other less fortunate ones.

In the Preakness, the key will be how close to Bode Gutierrez decides to place I’ll Have Another, who has an ideal post that should allow Gutierrez the option of putting as much pressure on Bode as he wants. He just has to be careful not to put too much or too little.

Expect Went the Day Well to be much closer this time, assuming he breaks well and doesn’t encounter any roadblocks. The same with Creative Cause, who would have little chance with the same extremely wide trip he had in the Derby.

So, the big question remains, is Bodemeister a superstar in the making? We know what he accomplished coming back in three weeks off that monster effort in the Arkansas Derby (gr. I) If he wins or runs big in the Preakness coming back in two weeks off that effort at Churchill, with so little racing foundation under him, he could very well be. We should know at about the eighth pole. He’s either going to blow right on by it or it’s going to hit him right in the face.

And who knows if the superstar isn’t I’ll Have Another? The way he keeps winning and the way he trains, he certainly has every right to be. And racing can use a horse going for the Triple Crown again.

I'll Have Another - Photo by Steve Haskin

If Creative Cause wins or runs big, he could become racing’s next iron horse. He just never runs a bad race, regardless of distance or track. And who knows what the future holds in store for Went the Day Well, who seems to have so much room for improvement.

The new shooters have as a whole an inconsistent running style. Teeth of the Dog and Pretension have been on or close to the lead on occasion, but they’ve also come from way out of it. The same can be said of Cozzetti. Let’s just assume that of these three, Pretension is the likely one to be a pace presence, because he’s shown sprint speed. The New York-bred Zetterholm is a consistent closer and will be looking for a hot pace to set up his closing kick, which he used successfully in his last three races against state-breds. He actually is a very attractive colt, with strong quarters and a great temperament.

Owners Tony and Ann Grey and Zetterholm - Photo by Steve Haskin

We’ve procrastinated long enough in regard to selections, so here are some ideas to play with. It doesn’t take a handicapping genius to realize the top four – I’ll Have Another, Bodemeister, Went the Day Well, and Creative Cause – the 1,2,4,5 finishers in the Kentucky Derby (gr. I) – are the dominant horses in here and could very well occupy the first four placings. That is the safe play for sure.

I’ll Have Another, as we have mentioned with great enthusiasm, has been a galloping terror, tearing around there every morning, while just gliding over the surface. He looks good physically and there’s nothing to indicate he won’t run another huge race on Saturday. He was feeling so good this morning he tried to rear after coming off the track.

Bodemeister’s coat looks good, with some dapples starting to peak out on his hind quarters. He’s also held his flesh well. We just haven’t seen too much from him on the track, mainly because his gallops appear to have no bearing on how he runs and works. It seems the faster he goes the better he looks.

Went the Day has really held his flesh well, has done everything in a professional manner, and looks to be sitting on a huge race.

If there is one thing he has in common with Creative Cause it is both colts have apparently matured in recent weeks and have a great deal of upside still left. Creative Cause had a rough day schooling in the paddock at Churchill Downs, but was much better the following day. Yesterday, he schooled in the indoor paddock, which can get quite claustrophobic, and stood in the stall like an old cow, without turning a hair at any point. He was a perfect gentleman the whole time he was schooling, so you have to think that perhaps he’s finally getting his act together. He didn’t do much on the track this morning, galloping once around, and was bouncing coming off the track and all the way to the barn.

Creative Cause returns from schooling - Photo by Steve Haskin

Although we haven’t seen Tiger Walk on the track, we did see him grazing at Sagamore Farm and were impressed with his physical prowess. He’s a powerful colt, who could surprise a lot of people if he can get a good trip from the rail, especially with the addition of cheater blinkers, which he wore in his sharp half-mile work last week.

Daddy Nose Best, who we fell in love with at Churchill Downs, was a late addition to the field, and, frankly, we have no idea what to do with him this time. He still looks good and schooled beautifully as usual, but who knows? He certainly wasn’t disgraced beating half the field in the Derby.

Daddy Nose Best schooling - Photo by Steve Haskin

Cozzetti, as we mentioned yesterday, is quite an eyeful. He didn’t have much of a gallop this morning, so there are no raves in that department. But we’ve never seen him gallop before, so it’s hard to judge anything off one gallop.

Teeth of the Dog hasn’t even shipped down as of this writing, so all we can go by is seeing him in his stall at Fair Hill, and he is one handsome colt.

Optimizer looks good physically and just pretty much goes about his business without raising any eyebrows.

As anyone who frequents this space regularly should know, I’ve been high on Creative Cause all year and have had him No. 1 on Derby Dozen almost every week since January. It is therefore natural to assume that if we abandon him now, it makes him a lock. So we’re going to give him another chance, even though the Belmont Stakes looks to be the race that is meant for him. In any event, we’re going to include him all almost all exotics, and feel he is going to be the forgotten horse.

Creative Cause - Photo by Steve Haskin

Mike Harrington eyes Creative Cause - Photo by Steve Haskin

Went the Day Well is going to get a good deal of action and deservedly so, considering the horrible trip he had in the Derby and the fact that he’s just now coming into his own and turning into a real racehorse. So, these would be our two win bets at the price and be included in the exotics.

Went the Day Well - Photo by Steve Haskin

Now, if you wish to break away from the Fab Four and throw in a bomb or two to complete exotics, the feeling here is that Tiger Walk is going to show a great deal of improvement off his recent races. And we wouldn’t be shocked to see Zetterholm possibly pick up a piece of it, considering he’s been here longer than anyone other than I’ll Have Another, has a big closing kick, and looks good physically. And we keep thinking about Icabad Crane, another New York-bred, who managed to finish third behind Big Brown in the 2008 Preakness. Zetterholm’s trainer Rick Dutrow, whose decision it was to run in the Preakness, doesn’t do anything on a whim and doesn’t run horses just for show.

We wish we could have seen more of Teeth of the Dog to get a better feel for him. If he runs big it won’t be a surprise, considering how good he looked in the Wood Memorial (gr. I), but we can’t go any deeper than the six mentioned. We could, however, put him in one of the exotics instead of Zetterholm just in case.

But that aside, it would be Creative Cause and Went the Day Well for win and play them in the exotics with I’ll Have Another, Bodemeister, Tiger Walk, and Zetterholm. If you don't want to stretch it that far, Tiger Walk is our key longshot to get a piece of it. And we like Ramon Dominguez on him, especially breaking from the rail. When it comes to Teeth of the Dog and Daddy Nose Best, we have to lean toward Daddy Nose Best as a substitute exotics play, mainly because we know the horse so much better of the two. In fact, for a minimal wager, like 50 cents, you can always box the Derby starters and follow the historical path. That could actually be the smart bet, and this way you don't have to give it much thought.

All we have to do now is come up with the right combination in the trifectas. But betting strategy has never been one of our strong points, so we’ll probably mess it up as usual.


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Dr Drunkinbum

Another fabulous article from Steve Haskin. I'm getting spoiled. This has been a great run of tremendous articles and photos leading up to The Preakness. Thanks Steve for your hard work and love of the game and presenting everything in such a fascinating way. If I had to pick I would pick I'll Have Another for the win, Went The Day Well for the place and Bodemeister for the show but show could be anyone coming up to nip Bodemeister. I expect for I'll Have Another to closely stalk Bodemeister, duel with him before pulling away, with Went The Day Well roaring up to nip Bode. What Creative Cause will do I don't know. He is a true racehorse and capable of grabbing any of the first three spots. On paper and from the reports of how good they are looking this is shaping up to be a great race. My hope is that it leads to a chance for what we've all been waiting for for a long, long time with bitter disappointments along with way, especially in 2004.

18 May 2012 3:11 PM

If Bodemeister wins, he'll pay:

 $4.40 $2.80 $2.80

Hence the winning bet will be:

 $200 to show on Bode.....Shhhhh don't tell anybody!

 Even if he comes in 2nd or 3rd, the show payoff will be about the same.

 Ok,maybe he pays $2.60 to show,but it's easy money......more profit than Zuckerberg!

18 May 2012 3:36 PM

"To be 'the MAN' you have to beat 'the MAN'... What does it take to convince you, or Harrington or the rest, after two wins over this horse already that "I'll Have Another" is now "THE MAN" !!!, just as I so stated after his Santa Anita win.  

I think, that if there is a horse in this race that MIGHT?? beat "I'll Have Another" , it is either "Bodebeyer" or "Went the Day Well" , the latter off of his Derby performance... "Creative Cause" and "Daddy Nose Best" are wild cards at best as potential deep underplays to fill a triple or a super in the race...

And, I would not be shocked by a stellar preformance from an up and comer here as we have no idea how the likes of a "Pretension", or the rest, and etc., might have grown... Regarding the new shooter "Zetterholm", he looks--on paper--as a horse much more bred for the Turf.

Thusly, the other horse I personally will be heavy leaning toward and using as a play in this race,--The Maryland Preakness Stakes,--is the so far very lightly-sportswriter-mentioned "Teeth of the Dog", who ran a 151   1 1/8  in his maiden win, beating in that race "Went the Day Well"; is perfectly bred for this particular distance; is superbly bred in his own right; and was coming on quite strongly to be a gamely 3rd +3 right behind an undefeated Gemologist at Belmont recently in the *^&%*$.$@# Casino %,<!^#%#(@! N.Y. WOOD MEMORIAL ^@!$&!!!!... Thusly, thats my take and I'm sticking to it... Good day... Go baby Go baby GO !!

GO "ICE MAN"  ...

2-   2-2-0

...and we'll have to be sendin' da 'bandwagon' down to da car wash !!!

18 May 2012 3:55 PM
Sandy in Lexington

I'm so excited about the Preakness and love what you have written.  I've watched Creative Cause, I'll Have Another, and Union Rags from the beginning of their racing careers.  Of course, Union Rags isn't in this big dance, but have to think that Creative Cause and I'll Have Another are going to be at the top.  I like Zetterholm as well and think he's going to make this a really exciting race.  Can't wait for those words..."And They're Off"!!

18 May 2012 3:58 PM
Steve Haskin

Thanks, Dr. D. You crack me up.

I wish I could answer or respond to everyone's comments, but I'm mostly out and it's tough trying to catch up with the columns changing every day. I appreciate everyone's kind words and all your comments. Best of luck to all tomorrow. It should be a great race.

18 May 2012 4:11 PM

Steve, your writing is always first rate.  

Derby horses run well in the Preakness and longshots do not.    I'll box all six Derby horses in the exotics.  

I go along with CC purely as a value play for W&P.  May be wasting my money because Bodemeister, the lone speed, may just run away from the field.

Look forward to your post race article.

BTW, am liking Air Support in the Dixie, second off the layoff.  Should be higher than the 3/1 on Derby day.

18 May 2012 4:39 PM
The Deacon

Dr. D: You're hitting the hooch again, funny comments.

My concern is for Bode and all the tough races in a short time. He didn't race as a 2 year old and they are pushing him to the limit in my book. Good way to get a young and promising 3 year hurt. He is too fast for his own good. Horses today aren't bred like they were way back in the day.....

Good read Steve, keep up the good work. Tell Lenny to lighten up, he is always so serious......

18 May 2012 4:55 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

I'm glad that Desormeux was taken off of his Preakness mount before it effected the race. It is time for him to get help, and maybe he can do what Jerry Bailey did when he got sober- turn into the greatest rider I ever saw on all surfaces.  

18 May 2012 4:59 PM

sry meant    2   2-0-0  obviously...  (if you knew of my e-mail address name you would understand that I type with paws!!)

18 May 2012 5:27 PM

Great article and photos Steve, the superlatives never quite match the gratitude on reading your posts.

As you say, any of the 'fab four' would not surprise as the Preakness winner. Nonetheless, Zetterholm does intrigue me.

Safe trip and good luck to all.

18 May 2012 5:34 PM
big john t

Creative cause hasn't had many breaks in his previous races. I think Saturday will be his day.

18 May 2012 5:47 PM

Mike Smith is too good a jock to make the same pace mistake twice. I like that Steve had the courage to stick with Creative Cause and I think CC is the only horse to have a shot at Bodemeister. IHA is a nice colt but let's not forget he went off as the 9th betting choice in Louisville.

18 May 2012 6:08 PM

As much as I would like to see Bodemeister win the Preakness, I'm much hungrier for a Triple Crown. Best of luck to everyone.

18 May 2012 6:34 PM
Tiz Herself

Super with I'll Have Another, Creative Cause, Went the Day Well and Bodemeister.

Best of luck everyone!

18 May 2012 6:57 PM

i"ll have another to win, followed by bode then went the day well and or tiger walk. creative cause will get even with this bunch later in the year but not tomorrow. speed did not hold up at pimlico so well today so look for bode to throw out the anchor. i want to see iha inside of bode turning for home because smith is a pro of pushing his competition wide before changing his horses lead then firing for home. can't wait to watch this race tomorrow.

18 May 2012 7:01 PM

Another great article from Steve.  Gorgeous head shot of Creative Cause.  And Daddy Nose Best being a good little boy in school!  Priceless!  They all look so beautiful.  I had no idea IHA was bred by Soldat's owner, Mr. Clarke.

C'mon IHA, Affirmed needs company after his name on the list, you can do it.  I think the one's with tactical speed are most dangerous or most versatile, and IHA's got that kind of speed.  It's 7:30 PM, Friday night, east coast time and right about now IHA is getting a pep talk from, well who else, Lava Man!!!!



Went The Day Well

Thanks again Steve for all these articles, creativity, photos, etc.  They sure make my day and I'm greatful for them.  Good luck to all.

18 May 2012 7:41 PM

Thanks, Steve, for all the hard work and your photos.  Great head shot of Creative Cause, maybe he's beginning to settle down.

I did put a lot of thought into it but kept coming back to the Fab Four.  The Preakness is usually the true Derby race.  Tri box: I'll Have Another


Creative Cause

Went The Day Well

W/P on I'll Have Another.  I'm betting my heart, I want to be singing "New York, New York", with the Triple Crown on the line.

Good Luck to everyone.

18 May 2012 9:14 PM

Don't set yourselves up for disappointment, guys. A Triple Crown is nice, but if we have an exceptional foal crop we shouldn't have a Triple Crown winner. Let's face it, it reflects poorly on the opposition to the Derby winner if none of them can rise to the occasion at two different distances on two different tracks and two improved chances at a good trip.

It's possible to be pleased with either outcome.

18 May 2012 10:59 PM

Really like the recent addition of photos, Steve.

I think IHA and Bode set the pace and hold the lead over most of this field, with CC hanging for 3rd.  That's my chalky box.

Super for kicks: IHA, Bode/IHA, Bode/CC,WTDW,Cozz/CC, WTDW, Cozz

Loved Cozzetti's muddy work at Churchill, but I dont see any miracle bombs coming.

18 May 2012 11:24 PM

Since I am coming off a Oaks/Derby win spree(actually posted the Derby Tri on another BH blog---)enough of past history and ego you are only as good as your last bet.

As a fairly sharp gambler--and I do take it seriously--

Really doesn't it look like 4 of the first 5 in the Derby are coming back in the Preakness look like all the possible winners are in that group of 4?

Splurge and $0.50 cost you all of $12.00 for a Tri Box---If I were to press I would go with a press on IHA and CC-above the same for another $1 tri key over the other two--Bodi WTDW--cost total for both bets $24----it won't pay $3000 this time but with the big pool it may pay more than expected.

Good Luck--Nice photo's Steve

19 May 2012 1:49 AM

I'm saddened that Kent had to be taken off his mount. I've met him and he was a real gentleman, but I think the scars from Real Quiet, Big Brown and the resulting life issues have never fully healed. I hope to see him get the better of his demons and look forward to seeing him at peace and winning soon.

19 May 2012 6:34 AM

Gorgeous photos!  and great writing as always.

19 May 2012 7:17 AM

Don't confuse me with facts - I'm going with Went the Day Well.  But, I won't cry if Bodemeister wins.  And, should I'll Have Another win, how exciting it will be to think there's a possibility of another Triple Crown winner in just 3 weeks.  Safe journeys for all horses and their pilots.

19 May 2012 7:30 AM
Old Timer


I second everything that Dr. Drunkinbum said above. I love the photos especially those of Creative Cause.

Two things come to mind. One is the question of the day is Bode another Curlin? Lightly raced and just misses in the Derby. Then explodes to take the next one. Or maybe not. we'll know soon.

I agree that CC is the value play here. He has beaten Bode once already and he almost ran IHA into a dead heat, missing by a nose. At 6 or 7 to 1 how can you not play him?

19 May 2012 8:48 AM
Old Timer

p.s. again I have to say your article on Cozzene and Nerud was one of your best ever and that is saying a lot. Thanks again.

19 May 2012 9:12 AM

I'm hoping for a win by I'll Have Another with Bode second.

19 May 2012 9:15 AM

Very funny, Steve. I can just hear Bode saying, "Does this race make my butt look big?" As much as I would love to see another Triple Crown winner, there may be too much talent this year for it to happen. But backing IHA anyway. Why not be an optimist?

19 May 2012 10:40 AM

Wonderful post as usual, Steve.  My rooting interest is for a TC run, and I do like I'll Have Another.  He's pure class, but so are Bode, Creative Cause (who is certainly due to have a big race), Went The Day Well, and Daddy Nose Best, all Derby graduates, I expect to do well.  A win by IHA would give a shot in the arm to the sport, guaranteeing a packed house for the Belmont and national interest, all for good reasons for a change.  

I watched a couple of the interviews HRTV did with Doug O'Neill, and I have to say he has comported himself well, was peppered with questions about his past troubles and I don't think I've ever seen anyone in that spot any more humble and gracious as he was.  A comment by a reader at another site kind of put my thoughts in words: "We all have to play by whatever rules are imposed on us, but it is ironic that it is legal to race horses on diuretics and painkillers, which both enhance performance and harm the horses, sometimes fatally, but we have banned antacids and electrolytes, which do the horses nothing but good and prevent injury. What we've banned in this case is best sports medicine practice. I have a hunch that the ban on milkshakes would never have been enacted if the dosing had been done by the horses' vets rather than the trainers."  Virtually all trainers have had past infractions themselves and could not withstand the kind of scrutiny put on O'Neill, IMHO.

19 May 2012 10:47 AM
Shelby's Best Pal

I loved the "Bode butt" comment and I enjoyed the article and beautiful photos.  Have yourself a great day, Steve Haskin.  Thanks.

19 May 2012 10:57 AM

If Optimizer gets a better break he is the horse to upset the top four. His Derby was better than what it appears. From the first call to the finish, he never lost a length, which in my opinion makes him capable of the distance and dangerous if he gets a better trip.

19 May 2012 12:07 PM

Dare I dream that I may live to see another triple crown winner? My heart rate is near a danger zone right now, so I better sit down. CONGRATULATIONS, "RED". You have heart, you just might pull off the Belmont. The more they say you can't, the more you show us that you can.

19 May 2012 6:35 PM
Irish Punter

You heard it here first!

Re- Possible Triple Crown Winner!

Haskin was the first to say "Why not".

He put the idea out for us and is taking us all along for the ride!

What PLEASURE he is giving his fans!

IMHO The Second happiest team in Horse Racing After Team O' Neil is Team Haskin.

What do you think Doc?

Bring on the Belmont!

Waiting with baited breath for more Posts from the King.

19 May 2012 7:08 PM
Irish Punter

I don't know about the rest of you bloggers/followers but I am having the ride of my life and we still got the Belmont,Triple Crowm,Union Rags Dullaham and the Racing God's to figure out!

T.G We got Mr Haskin to  challenge and sustain us!

19 May 2012 7:21 PM

CONGRATS once again to the O'Neil team!!!!  Job WELL DONE!!!!  Next stop the history books and #12.

19 May 2012 8:56 PM

update to Preakness, wow what a race I'll Have Another won again upset Bodemeister 2nd time around, well the owner of I'll Have another and trainer Enjoy! for it's short leave. I'll have another will Not have another on Belmont. last time he won the KY Derby by a good distance, now he won the Preakness by a margin.. more like tiring out? if the connection think they can win the Belmont by the same fashion go ahead but Belmont is far longer distance. This is NOT your Triple Crown Winner.. if you believe that he can win the Belmont place your bet at your own risk..

19 May 2012 9:01 PM




  For large recently aired out and washed


Please, submit a brief resume and

short paragraph as to why you think

you should be considered for the position.

 Send to Doug F. O’Neil or to Mario,

the “Iceman”, Gutierrez, Santa Anita.

 I swear I went the to Maryland Preakness Stakes today being simulcasted at Colonial Downs Racetrack where ¾’s of the way to the finish some projectionist switched over to a relay of the finish of the 2012 Kentucky Derby. All seems like a dream now.

2-   2-0-0 !!!!

 Congratulations to the new 2012 nominee for “Horse of the Year”, “THE MAN”, “I’ll Have Another” cookie, please.

 Never heard so many women in line cashing tickets in all my life who repeatedly kept saying the same thing, “I picked him because I liked his name!” --Why do we bother to go through 7 months of aggravation and time spent finding 1 in 600 ‘potatoes’ when they can pick him out,--1 in 20, 1 in 12,--in less than 30 seconds??? , it boggles the mind.-- [[ I wish for all the work that I did that I got a paycheck like Steve does!!! ]

OK, we can say it now and say it loud,--potential--


  Psssstttt…. There aren’t any “Bird Song” bred horses lurking around in the shadows this year, are there?

[[ Someone please check into the rosters of D. Wayne Lucas’s & Nick Zito’s stables for clarification !! for potential lurkers. Thank You !! ]]

GO BABY GO BABY GO !! ,   which just might rhyme with

3-    3-0-0 !!!

19 May 2012 9:24 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

In Zenyatta-like fashion I'll Have Another tenaciously digs in for a long stretch drive to nail Bodemeister as hats and cookies are flying through the air. I'll Have Another and Triple Crown afficianados desperate for another taste of the Crown after decades of abstinance despite getting strong whiffs of the powerful concoction a few times since Affirmed last conquered the world, don't care that they are still picking chocolate chips out of their hair. Kitchens across America are filled with the smell of baking cookies as we wonder- Is this the right recipe this time? Gutierrez and I'll Have Another are two cool customers sharing a giant oatmeal cookie in a night of celebration. And Bodemeister, gallant in defeat graciously spoke to the media- "That's the way the cookie crumbles. It's horse racing."

19 May 2012 9:28 PM

 That D&#!%%)! new shooter "Zetterholm" busted my Superfectas, where I had "Teeth of the Dog"; "Went the Day Well"; "Daddy Nose Best" & "Optimizer" all in the 4th leg.    

 He's NOT a horse, HE's a Cheese stealling RAT!!! ...Good Day ...

19 May 2012 9:29 PM

From the Net ...

 "[Bob Baffert} and [Mike Harrington] are right at the top of horse racing royalty. [When they win],...they win with class and [when they lose], [they]lose with dignity.[W]hen they lose it's because the other horse [was] better.  [T]hey are role models for everyone else in the industry."

20 May 2012 4:32 AM

" [In] 1978 "Affirmed" beat "Alydar" by a nose in the Belmont to become the 11th, and last, Triple Crown winner".

20 May 2012 5:44 AM

       The Gr. I   1 $million

   137th Maryland PREAKNESS Stakes

      Pimlico -5/19/09 Race #12


time: :23.79;:47.68;1:11.72;

         1:36.69; 1:55.94;

  [[1:57.50 rough time expected]];


  "I’ll Have Another":      

           3-1    (7-    5-1-0)

2nd "Bodemeister": (Va.):  

+  a neck  2-1    (6-    2-4-0)

3rd "Creative Cause":        

+  8 ¾     6-1   (10-    4-2-3)  

4th "Zetterholm":                   + 15      21-1    (6-    3-1-0)

5th "Teeth of the Dog";        

+ 15 & a neck;

          16-1    (5-    1-1-2)

also ran:

"Optimizer":       23-1  + 17 ¼ ;

"Cozzetti"         27-1  + 19 ½ ;

"Tiger Walk"       23-1; + 22 ¾ ;

"Daddy Nose Best"  11-1  + 26;

"Went the Day Well" 6-1  + 29 ¾ ;

&"Pretension"       34-1

                     11th & last;

late scratches: none;

Order of Finish:


WIN  $8.40  $3.20  $2.80  #9

PLACE        $3.20  $2.80  #7

SHOW               $3.60  #6

$1   Exacta        $9.30

$1 Trifecta       $35.40

$1    Super      $212.15

$1 High Five (correct 5 in a row)


20 May 2012 5:52 AM

What an exciting race!  Seeing IHA advance on Bode and nip him by a neck goes right up there with my all-time favorite TC moments!  You have to figure that Baffert is gonna give Bode a rest and skip the Belmont, but that will be an incredibly exciting race, with IHA having to hold off the likes of Dullahan and Rags.

This has been the best TC season in many years!  Thanks for your awesome insight, photos and prose along the way, Steve!

20 May 2012 8:02 AM

Not top of mind for everybody but...any word on Take Charge Indy surgery?

20 May 2012 11:43 AM
Matthew W

It's much harder to win the Triple Crown these days, the Derby field is always huge and so many wait in the wings for the Belmont--after such a taxing race for the smallish chestnut, if he does take The Belmont he will be a truly great horse! Four for four so far this year, and not close to being favored in any of the beautiful wins! Heard Jeff Siegal comment about how much he reminds him of Affirmed, and I said that in your blog before the Derby, he's smallish, determined, push button---and they keep letting him go off at kind odds! Now if we can only get the NY Times to put down the hatchet---I mean, racing needs this! Union Rags and Dullahan may be rested and ready, but I'll Have Another is a grinder who looks like The Belmont is right up his alley--how bout another!

20 May 2012 2:05 PM
marilyn braudrick


Great analysis article-but now there's a hitch-They've sent Paynter to run at Belmont against our triple crown hopeful!! Woe is me to have ever had that dream about Paynter in February.  I so want that triple crown win but I've been pulling for Paynter all along-since that dream and now he REALLY hits the big time- like Bodemeister lightly raced but intensely so in a short span-I want I'll have Another to win the TC but #13 is my lucky number and I did have that dream-was the Belmont stakes ever called in the old days, some kind of Derby???

20 May 2012 2:23 PM
Lynda Hernandez

Sounds like Creative Cause is a 50/50 possible entrant for Belmont. Just wondered why you feel that a 1 1/2 mile is his distance and any theories as to why he was 8 3/4 lengths behind Bodemeister and I'll Have Another in Preakness?  Creative Cause has been my pick all along as well but he seems more suited to a mile or mile 1/16.

21 May 2012 12:59 PM
JJs Rocket

It was a great race and im looking forward to the Belmont. Have to admit that I am a Bode fan and he was my pick to win. Made alot of money with several superfecta tickets which was more luck than skill on my part. Used the derby horses and the 4 as my only longshot singled in 3rd and then in 4th on all tickets. Better lucky than good anyday.

I really do like Doug as a trainer but would have to say that milk shakes does help performance. The reason is that your muscles build up lactic acid when used. This lactic acid is what makes your muscles get tired so your muscle performance goes down as it builds up during use. The baking soda milk shake helps to nutrialize this lactic acid so your muscles do not get tired as fast. He hasnt been caught lately so im ok with him and his training methods.

Hope all the horses have a safe trip and we finally get that triple crown. I will be cheering him on all the way home but betting against him at the windows. Sure does look like he can run all day and we will finally get that TC.

21 May 2012 5:38 PM

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