The Next Invasor?

In 2006, Uruguayan import Invasor burst on the racing scene with a victory in the Pimlico Special. Six consecutive grade I wins later, Invasor was the Horse of the World and Horse of the Year in America, with scores in such prestigious races as the Breeders’ Cup Classic, Dubai World Cup, and Whitney.

Prior to that, few in America even knew where Uruguay was. Top-class imports from South America came from Argentina, Brazil, or Chile. But after Invasor, this tiny hidden jewel, a mere appendage on the southern tip of Brazil, proved it was capable of producing stars who could compete on an international scale. Its main racetrack, Maronas, in Montevideo, stacks up with the world’s top facilities, with multiple grandstands, numerous amenities, first-class racing surface, high-tech simulcasting (betting parlors are also located in shopping malls), and large crowds of enthusiastic racing fans.

Since Invasor, a number of classy North American horses have been purchased as stallions, and several others, such as Smarty Jones and Real Quiet, have shuttled to Uruguay.

So, it should come as no surprise that another potential star has shown up in the United States from Uruguay. Although Brujo de Olleros doesn’t possess credentials as impressive as Invasor, who was an undefeated winner of the Uruguayan Triple Crown, the Brazilian-bred son of Wild Event is coming off a brilliant string of victories at distances of seven furlongs and a mile. He is scheduled to make his U.S. debut in the 1 1/16-mile Majestic Light Stakes at Monmouth on Haskell day, July 29.

A winner of four of his five career starts, it was his last start on Jan. 6, an easy 14 1/4-length romp in the grade I Gran Premio Pedro Pineyrua in a record-shattering 1:33 1/5 for the mile that attracted the attention of Team Valor International’s Barry Irwin, who has had experience importing horses from Uruguay.

Brujo de Olleros has won his four starts by an average margin of 8 ¾ lengths. His only loss came in the mud at the hands of Boby di Job, who was coming off a 17 ¼-length victory in the Gran Premio Criterium. After defeating Brujo del Olleros by a hard-earned three-quarters of a length, he went on to win the Uruguayan 2,000 Guineas by 5 ¾ lengths and the Gran Premio Jockey Club by 8 ½ lengths. He has since been sent to France.

The deal for Brujo de Olleros was finalized in February, and the colt was released from quarantine in Miami the first week of March. In early April, he was at Palm Meadows training center under the care of Graham Motion.

Team Valor owns the 4-year-old in partnership with Richard Santulli. “This is the first time (Santulli) has joined up with Team Valor in a horse,” said Team Valor’s Jeff Lowe. “Brad Weisbord, Team Valor’s COO, obviously has strong ties with Santulli from his dad (and longtime partner), Barry, and actually got his start managing the Colts Neck stallion share portfolio that Santulli and Barry Weisbord own together.”

Brujo de Olleros’ previous owner, Luiz Fernando Cirne Lima, is from Brazil, where he was the Minister of Agriculture in the ‘70s. Lowe said he has called on several occasions to see how the horse is doing.

“The agent, Victor Azambullo, also posts updates on Facebook every time the horse works, and it seems like there is a big following,” Lowe said. “Barry came across the video of the horse winning his last start in Uruguay and worked hard for almost a month to buy him. Barry wanted to give him plenty of time to acclimate and he really hasn’t missed a beat. There was a little break in his works last month when he had skin disease, but Graham had a lot of time to play with to get him ready.”

Brujo de Olleros, which means "Wizard of Olleros" after a legendary Argentine trainer who conditioned his horses adjacent to Olleros street, is coming off a pair of track-record performances, including the aforementioned tour-de-force, in which he ran the fastest mile on dirt at Maronas in 75 years. He was named champion miler in Uruguay as a 3-year-old. Like Invasor, he became a 4-year-old after arriving in the Northern Hemisphere.

“We are thrilled to be able to have a horse with such immense talent join our stable,” said Irwin, CEO of Team Valor. “Bradley Weisbord was instrumental in bringing Richard Santulli aboard and I hope Mr. Santulli’s confidence in our outfit is rewarded.”

If Brujo de Olleros, who is out of Hot Oil, a daughter of Fappiano’s son Roy, runs big at Monmouth, he likely will remain at two turns, possibly stretching out to 1 1/8 miles.

“We feel he’s more of a miler type who wants to go turns, so we’ll see how it works out at Monmouth,” Motion said. “He’s been a very straightforward horse since he arrived and he’s just a neat horse to be around. He’s handled everything we’ve asked of him and is very uncomplicated. He’s filled out some and isn’t overly aggressive, which you like to see. He just does what he has to do.”

In his last three works at Fair Hill, he has gone six furlongs in 1:13, five furlongs in 1:00, and six furlongs in 1:14, so he should be fit, despite being out for almost seven months.

Said Leonardo Ferber, one of the leading journalists in Uruguay: “We are hopeful about Brujo. I really think he's very special.”

Brujo de Olleros
Brujo de Olleros - Photo Megan Jones/Team Valor


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Paula Higgins

I think this is a very good horse. Have actually folowed him a little bit. Would love to see him set the racing world on fire here in America. Good luck to Team Valor. He looks like a sweetie too.  

20 Jul 2012 1:51 PM
Karen in Indiana

Thanks, Steve, he's going in my virtual stable. If he can run as good as he looks, he's sure to be something special!

20 Jul 2012 1:53 PM

Do the Uraguayans think that he compares at all (even remotely) with Invasor?

In honoring Invasor as a world beater on the track we shouldn't be drawing comparisons willy nilly, having not seen this colts debut against some good US competition.

20 Jul 2012 2:23 PM
Steve Haskin

Ranagulzion, if I had waited until he ran, you'd probably be the first to ask me "Why didnt you tell us about this horse before the race?" If you didnt notice there is a question mark in the head and I never compared the two horses. By putting Invasor in the head it gets people to read the story. Thats what a headline is supposed to do. I never hinted that he would even win his first start. There is no bigger fan of Invasor than me. I think there are more substantial things to complain about.

20 Jul 2012 2:36 PM

If he's going to be the next Invasor, he's going to need longer ears. :)

20 Jul 2012 3:19 PM
Steel Dragon

There *are* more substantial things to complain about. Let's start with the Civil War sinks in the 3rd floor clubhouse bathroom at Belmont. Is Saratoga any better?

20 Jul 2012 3:25 PM

Dear Steve.

Firs of all, receive my kindly regards from Uruguay. Hope to have you here soon again.

I understand the reason Ranagulzion complains. It happens every year in Maroñas. When a good colt comes up, a lot of people start to compare him with the big and unforgettable Invasor. It's part of that we call the horseracing "folclore".

Nobody can avoid that.

Anyway, we know there's no logic in this business, but if Brujo de Olleros doesn't leave his mark in USA, we can't talk about horses anymore.

He is in very good hands and I'm sure he will be great any track he run.

Best regards to all of you.

20 Jul 2012 3:36 PM
Ted from LA


Great article.  I read it because the headline pulled me in...

20 Jul 2012 4:01 PM
Mike Relva

Good article, Invasor is one of my all time favs. Visited him twice in the past three years.

20 Jul 2012 5:14 PM

He's pretty!

20 Jul 2012 6:02 PM


Your headline pulled me in too but I couldn't help thinking what I wrote/ writing what I thought out of respect for the great Invasor ...hope you can appreciate that.

20 Jul 2012 7:02 PM

Good read as always!  I love his name and wish Team Valor great success.

Brujo looks majestic.

20 Jul 2012 7:19 PM
Karen in Texas

Thanks, Steve, I can't wait to see him on the track!  I'm glad Team Valor pursued his purchase.

20 Jul 2012 8:05 PM

Hang on Ted from LA, if all goes well the next headline you'll read is "Brujo Causes Major Bruhaha in Majestic."  I hope it comes true and he wins!

Steve, great article.  I know how you loved Invasor.  I remember all those great articles and when you saw him in I think NY.  I love Brujo's name, love his photo.  Best of luck to Team Valor with him.

Next time out Smarty can sing "I'm shuttling off to Montevideo" kind of like "shuffling off to Buffalo."

Linda in Texas,

Go back over to Steve's Spa blog I put a book name you might like over there.

20 Jul 2012 8:14 PM
Bill Two

Steve, let's hope this horse is as good as advertised.  We need all the help we can get this year!  

20 Jul 2012 8:32 PM
Ty Green

Steve,  I was lucky enough to be at Maronas the night Boby Di Job (the only horse to beat Brujo) won by umpteen lengths over a relatively weak field.  He was extremely impressive and I had no doubt he would be successful outside Uruguay.   I'll be interested to follow his career in France.   Nobody tells the horse where he's from so I wouldn't be surprised if Bruno and Boby turn out to be top runners here (Brujo) and in Europe (Boby).  By the way, I join with Steve in singing the praises of racing at Maronas.  Beautiful track and a great experience.  Thank you for keeping us up on this.  Great job, as usual.

21 Jul 2012 1:50 AM
Steve Haskin

Ty, you're getting to be a regular visitor down there. Amazing what an innocent visit can lead to.

21 Jul 2012 9:51 AM
Tiz Herself

Thank you Steve for introducing this horse to me, went on and watched a couple of his races

Looks like he hasn't even tried yet - am looking forward to following him. With the retirments of Havre de Grace, I'll Have Another, now Union Rags, Caleb's Posse, Shackleford at the end of the year, Went the Day Well on the shelf until next year, Algorithms still off... am looking to seeing Brujo and if he can become a star in America or not.

BTW, Steve is Creative Cause, Take Charge Indy and Alpha doing okay? Been quiet since the TC...

21 Jul 2012 10:31 AM
Pedigree Ann

While both raced in Uruguay, Invasor was bred in Argentina and Brujo de Olleros was bred in Brazil. The only Uruguayan-bred horse to make a splash in the US was Cinzano, and that was for all the wrong reasons.

Have you ever seen the British TV shows made about the Dick Francis-created character Sid Halley? In one episode, he is investigating a scam like the Cinzano/Lebon switch with Italian imports in Britain and is visiting the breeder of the better horse in Italy. His host asks him if he wants a drink, and Halley says he'll have (I'm waiting for it....) a Cinzano! Loved it. Paying tribute to the inspiration.

21 Jul 2012 10:37 AM
Tiz Herself

Am hoping the last half of the three year old season will make up for the loss of the top stars thus far.

Hansen, The Lumber Guy, My Adonis, Cozzetti, Secret Circle, Drill, Howe Great, Prospective, Creative Cause, Alpha, Take Charge Indy, Mark Valeski, Mr Bowling (anyone know where he is?), Gemologist (my pick for the Haskell!!), Paynter, Bodemeister, and others maybe we don't know about yet. Out of Bounds hopefully will return as well as Discreet Dancer...

Brujo can help the four year old contingent!

21 Jul 2012 10:38 AM
Tiz Herself

Steve - did you see Kauai Katie's debut? 12 lengths first time out at Saratoga. Malibu Moon - More Than Pretty, by More Than Ready, owned by Stonestreet Stables, looks like a future superstar!

Her full sis Winding Way also won in her debut this year in June @ Hollywood- so big sis and lil sis are on track...was watching Winding Way already, added Kauai Katie this week...

21 Jul 2012 10:45 AM

Love the headline, the article, and the respectful conversation following; most of all, I love the head shot of Brujo - what an intelligent and happy face!  I am looking forward to his US debut!

21 Jul 2012 10:52 AM
Love 'em all

Welcome to the USA, Brujo de Olleros ... and congrats to Team Valor.  Thanks for introducing him to us, Mr. Haskin.

Hope 'El Brujo' likes it here and has much success.  He's quite a handsome fella.  Very nice article.

21 Jul 2012 12:17 PM

How is Invasor doing? And where is he?  Saw him win the BC Classic in Louisville against Bernardini.  They both took my breath away!

21 Jul 2012 7:05 PM
Uncle Smiley


If we could get Bob Baffert to hire Holly Golightly as his assistant once again then perhaps she can recover the great Incan equine line founded by Bruja de Whooha, Pizzaro's favorite Mare and travelling companion.  Just a thought.

Pedigree Ann,

Can you post the title of the Brit TV series based on Dick Francis' character Sid Halley?

Is it on YouTube?

Thanks ever so much,


21 Jul 2012 7:43 PM

Great article, this is why I love bloodhorse. I rarely if ever comment on this blog I just read the off the cuff comments by people. Pure and simple Castellano pulled the trigger to early in that BC race and lost it against Invasor. I love Invasor one of the greats we've had in last 10 years. To bad for Bernardini we'd be talking about him being one of the greats if he was ridden properly in that race. Is there any video of this horse in Uraguay? His head and shoulders look nice so do people who use the shampoo. If  there is video of this horse running and winning by those margins, who is he running against down there? Notice Steve says "potential star" don't we all have potential? Maybe I can run a mile and a quater in less than 2 minutes, the olympics arent to far off.  Thanks for the read.

22 Jul 2012 12:27 AM
Steve Haskin

To see Brujo's last race, click on to link and scroll down to race (carreras) 22.

22 Jul 2012 8:24 AM
Pedigree Ann

Uncle Smiley - got this from Wikipediat: Sid Halley was played by Mike Gwilym in a six episode television series, The Racing Game. The series was produced by Yorkshire Television and aired between November 1979 and January 1980.

I think I saw the episodes on Mystery on PBS. Taped them all. Have them somewhere. Don't use Youtube much, don't know if they are there. Red Rum was a guest star in a horse-kidnapping one.

22 Jul 2012 10:10 AM
Karen in Texas

LUVIT----Brujo de Olleros is on youtube, and I can see why he caught Barry Irwin's eye. I'm going to try to link one of his races here, but my computer is not quite right this A.M., so if it doesn't link properly, then just type his name into the youtube search box.

22 Jul 2012 11:53 AM

Uncle Smiley:  I saw the same series:  The Racing Game .. Made in 79 and 80 and shown on the BBC.   We usually got to see these on TVO ( our version of PBS). But it was sometimes also on PBS, sometimes on Mystery .  Don't know if it's on YouTube but maybe it's on DVD.    (BBC "series" can mean anything from 3 episodes to 6 --  I think there were  6 of The Racing Game)

Quarterhossgal, when I went to the Derby last year, the horse we saw breed (! for the non-horse people on the tour) was Invasor.  Then they brought him out to stand for admiration.  He is a beautiful horse and I hope he makes it.

22 Jul 2012 11:57 AM
jim culpepper

Steve, Invasor seems  to be an also ran in the breeding shed; is he  not getting mares of his type, or are  there no such  compatible mares.  Pedigree Anne?  Anybody?

22 Jul 2012 12:01 PM

Nice intro to what looks like a really nice horse... will follow him with interest thanks to you, Steve... wishing him a good safe career here with much success.

Hmmm... I'm curious... nobody has brought up the subject of Salix/Lasix as regards horses raced in South America. Do they do or do they don't? Will he will or will he won't?

I do know that many European horses who bleed are sent to the US where Salix is legal and they go on to race some more. I'm not an advocate of race day meds of any kind... think the old twin cures of rest and time will take care of SO many ailments, but people "can't afford" for their horses to be idle for the time it takes... I certainly don't like the idea that most horses are given a routine race-day Salix shot "just in case" which to me is just plain excessive, no matter what one's stance is on the subject.

Well, Brujo, go forth and conquer. Or should I say Do Your Magic.

22 Jul 2012 1:29 PM

PS Uncle Smiley--- I have the DVD of that series, but not where I am at the moment. It took several Dick Francis stories and put them all under the Sid Halley character which wasn't the way they were written... enjoyable entertainment, but if you're a DF fan as am I, it's pretty shallow.

As I recall DF himself wasn't thrilled with the way they did it.

The three books with Sid Halley as the protagonist, written YEARS apart, were combined in one volume by one of the publishers unter the title Win Place or Show if I remeber rightly. That one is in my collection as well.

22 Jul 2012 1:34 PM

Great article, Steve.  I enjoyed it very, very much.  I like hearing about new hopefuls with great potential, which this little dynamo sounds as if he has.  Great horses and great horse racing are definitely international in scope, they aren't concentrated in only the United States, as many tend to believe. I love it when we are treated to talented horses from abroad, especially from unexpected countries, such as Uruguay.  Invasor was definitely a great one.  He was an impressive horse!  My, was he ever fun to watch! - LOL.

Brujo sounds like he could develop into a fine champion one day.  Thank you for putting him on my radar screen.  I will make a point to follow him closely on his journeys in America.  The picture of Brujo is interesting - that face has depth and character to it.  And I like his name, too - it's exotic and catchy! I look forward to seeing this cutie pie race in the future.  I get a feeling Brujo is going to showcase some exciting racing for us all very soon.

Good luck to Team Valor with Brujo.  And good luck to Brujo, too.  It looks like they made a very bright purchase in him, and Brujo will bring them not only victories, but good fortune as well.  

Thanks again, Steve.  

22 Jul 2012 2:03 PM

I was at Del Mar yesterday and saw Kauai Katie's sister, Winding Way, in the paddock before her allowance win. Boy is she a handfull. They had two grooms walking her, one on each side, both with a tight hold. She pulled one of them right off his feet and then kept on prancing like she didn't even notice. Watch out for these two sisters!

22 Jul 2012 5:55 PM
By a long nose

By putting Invasor in the headline (even with a ?) you automatically compare the two horses. Ranag is right. Stop being so sensitive.

Why didn't you just put Zenyatta in the headline? It would have served the same purpose of "grabbing attention."

22 Jul 2012 7:20 PM
Mike Relva

By a long nose

You're attempting to make something out of nothing. Not that big of deal.

22 Jul 2012 9:31 PM

What a beautiful horse!  You can tell that he is all man. I hope he does well here.

23 Jul 2012 10:41 AM

Steve, this is interesting..but, do we really need another miler?  

I've been keeping an eye on Photon, a son of Invasor who was doing ok in Fla.  Another hit the Arlington track this past month.

Invasor, himself, was magnificent.  But when you're a fan of Bernardini, that BC Classic still pinches a bit.  I thought Invasor won it because

1..he was better

2..he was older than Bernardini

We started this year with one of the strongest 3 year old crops in years...and then...injury after injury has taken the strongest of them out of the picture.  What are we doing wrong?  

23 Jul 2012 12:30 PM

If you've read the article and comments and haven't seen the video of his last race on YouTube, do it now.  I don't care who he's beating, that's a world-class stretch run after a decent pace.  Hope he stays sound for a fall campaign in the US.

23 Jul 2012 1:06 PM

Indeed a lovely horse, hope he does well. As a caveat to this, 2 great Argentine runners have landed in this country- Suggestive Boy(ARG)- who was second to Jeranimo in the Shoemaker Mile beating Little Mike and Mr. Commons- and will run in the Wickerr Stakes on 7/25 and Chuck Berry(ARG) who is in training with Bill Mott. Chuck Berry was second to Suggestive Boy(ARG) in their native country but only because his rein broke coming out of the gate.  I have been long facinated by horses coming over here from South America and look forward to watching them run.  Great article.

23 Jul 2012 1:35 PM

Great article and looking forward to see him race but for how long? The owners are retiring the colts at the age of 3 while the fillies race another year or two. Why?

23 Jul 2012 2:13 PM
El Kabong

Great story Steve.

And I will be the first to back you that a good header is essential to getting people to spend a moment to read these days.  But alas, it does not mean that they will learn a thing even if they do.

Looking forward to watching him run.

23 Jul 2012 4:57 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

The horses are the best by far so saddle up well, yippi-i, yippi-a, yippi-o. Spin is a cowboy yes siree, the best ever seen by you and me, yippi-i, yippi-a, yippi-o. Steve Haskin is the darn tootenest writer this side of the Atlantic and the other side too, yippi-a, yippi-o. He must like writing and horses and like them well or else he wouldn't be so doggone swell, yippi-i, yippi-a, yippi-o. We'll never forget the Triple R, yippi-a, yippi-i, yippi-o.

23 Jul 2012 9:42 PM

Just as a side note to what I posted earlier in regard to Chuck Berry(ARG)- his name has been changed to Grand Berry- there may have been a problem with him running here with his original name.  Good luck to Brujo de Olleros(URU)!

24 Jul 2012 12:09 PM
Jose from Brazil

Steve, nice article, great to know you take a look down at us once in a while.

Information for you: the ONLY country in SA that has ALWAYS banned lasix/salix and any other type of medication (race-day or not) in ALL graded stakes is Brazil. You might not be familiar with this, but all the horses who won Grade 1 races (or graded stakes) in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay in the last 10+ years ran, with very few exceptions, with lasix and bute, which is also allowed. OSAF (South American version of The Jockey Club) banned all medications in graded stakes by 2014.

A quick comment: guess what country didn't do anything because it was already following these regulations since always? Brazil. Obviously not all horses improve their performance with lasix and bute, but when you don't know the horse, you always think he might be a bleeder or he might deal with some kind of pain, who knows. When you allow the use of these things you are open to receivewrong judgement over a good horse, who might be 100% healthy despite running under medication.

Maybe that is the reason why the biggest weekend of racing in Brazil, in the first weekend of August, with 4 international Grade 1 races with the best purses in the continent, drew ZERO foreigners, because they know that if they come here they need to run "clean" so they prefer to keep their horses at home.

Another thing is that you are talking about Brujo de Olleros (Brz), a son of Wild Event, champion sire in Brazil and sire of two brazilian-bred and raced horses who shipped to the US and became Grade 1 winners recently: Double Trouble and Fluke. But you don' t mention OLD TUNE, a filly by Wild Event who became Triple Crowned in Rio de Janeiro this year in Brazil, just the fourth one to do so in over 30 years of the Triple Crown for fillies. Of the other three, you might remember one of them: Virginie, who was exported to the US and became a Grade 1 winner there too.

OLD TUNE was a top 2 year old filly, winning a Grade 1 at one mile in June. She ran her first two races on sand (the track is much deeper and slower than dirt): third in a 5 1/2 furlong maiden then second in a Listed at 6 furlongs. After that only Turf. Since she never ran on sand when she was at the top of her game, we can't say she is only a grass filly. About horses who ran well on sand in Brazil and transferred successfully to dirt in the US, three names are enough: Siphon, Riboletta and Pico Central.

OLD TUNE was in the money in Grade 1s at 8 and 9 furlongs next, before failing in a Grade 1 in October 2011 at 10 furlongs. She then came back in a Grade 3 at one mile in January 2012 and won impressively. The Triple Crown for fillies was next, with Grade 1s at 8 furlongs (Feb.), 10 furlongs (March), and 12 furlongs (April). She won the first two legs by half length, running mid pack and kicking in strong with a superb turn of foot in the last furlong, doing just enough to be the first to cross the wire. The third leg she did the same but took the lead in the last furlong before pulling away to win dominantly by 3 lengths.

OLD TUNE was exported in June, is a strong well-made filly (ran with around 1,100 pounds), good temperment, and arrives at her best form. She just turned 4 (our horses get older every 1st of July), but will most probably run as a NA 5 year old mare. If she is lucky, adapts to the Northern Hemisphere, American training methods, tracks, racing style among others, which is not easy, she might win Grade 1 races there. She definitely has the quality to do so.

Remembering some other good fillies who were exported to the US recently: Celtic Princess, Zardana, Colina Verde (Triple Crowned in São Paulo), Bubbly Jane, Éissoaí, Scalinatella, Equitana, and Great Hot. Some didn't become successful in the US, for various reasons: going from thin body-type to bad temperament, to failing to adapt to the Northern Hemisphere. Some trainers absolutely destroyed them with terrible management, bad judgement and wrong distances and/or running style. Sometimes it seemed like they just didn't care, insisting on mistakes, because I prefer to believe they are not that stupid, Hall of Fame trainers included.

I believe Old Tune is much better than all of the ones that are listed except Celtic Princess, which was a freak down here but failed to become a star in the US. A Grade 2 win at Hollywood Park was too little for such a talented female racehorse. Hopefully, Old Tune can do better than that.

Last, I suggest you follow closer our races because there are always good horses showing up. I think The Blood Horse should write about South American horse racing more often, at least the results of the Grade 1 races. The only news I read about Brazil regards shuttling stallions, and even that is extremely poor. In 2009, Elusive Quality, Northern Afleet, Linngari, Good Reward, Artax, Point Given, and Sinndar were here. In 2010, Elusive Quality, Shirocco, Good Reward, Artax, Peintre Celebre, Refuse To Bend, Macho Uno, Cape Town and others. In 2011, Manduro, Refuse To Bend, Shirocco, Peintre Celebre, Macho Uno, Cape Town, Pounced and others. In 2012, we will have Holy Roman Emperor, Shirocco, Roderic O'Connor, Drosselmeyer, and others. Some of them were bought, either 100% or SH breeding rights.

I only talked about shuttling stallions. There are plenty of great stories to be told about the present of Brazilian Horse Racing. The Grande Premio Brasil, our most important race to be run on the first sunday of August, will offer about US$ 450,000 of purse, with the winner taking around US$ 250,000, the biggest purse offered in any race in South America this year.

Show this comment to your boss, please. LOL! Hopefully he will consider what I pledge.

All the best,


24 Jul 2012 3:02 PM

Dr. D.,

Too clever and cute!!!  I feel like saddling up Old Paint and going on a trail ride with everyone.  You're singing, Smarty's singing, Steve's got us all singing.


You gave us the right date for the Haskell in this article, the 29th.  Whoever wrote the "Stealcase Works" article said the Haskell is July 28, which sent me that day flying over to Monmouth's site to make sure I'm driving there on the right day.  Thank goodness Steve is on the ball.

And I just reread this and realized I'll get to see this Brujo in person Haskell day!  Yippee-i-a!!!!!

24 Jul 2012 5:11 PM
Uncle Smiley

Pedigree Ann

Thanks for the Tip on The Racing Game.  We will search it.

Red Rum, either the Grand National Champion, or the Genre of Mr. Francis.  Like the disambiguation, as they say on Wiki.


Thanks for your help.  With it we shall find what we seek.


Yet again, another who aids and abets ones fellow rail bird.

Now I think Amazon is a place to see what might exist out there.

Thanks to all!


24 Jul 2012 9:20 PM
Karen in Texas

Jose from Brazil----Thanks so much for your information-packed post! I enjoyed it, and appreciate your insights on Brazilian and all South American racing. I will certainly be watching for Old Tune's North American debut. Siphon and Sandpit were two of my favorite SA imports from the '90's.

25 Jul 2012 11:56 AM
Love 'em all

Re:  Old Tune's birthday [post by Jose from Brazil on 7/24].

Always thought August 1st is the official birthday for Southern Hemisphere Thoroughbreds ... not July 1st. No?

25 Jul 2012 12:05 PM
Jose from Brazil

Love 'em all,

In South America, the official birthday is July 1st, for sure.

I know that in South Africa its August 1st, but I don't know about New Zealand, Australia, etc.

South American horses get older every July 1st, I can guarantee you that. Breeding season down here obviously starts August 1st, but the official birthday is July 1st.

25 Jul 2012 10:41 PM
Jose from Brazil

Love 'em all,

In South America its July 1st. I know that in South Africa its August 1st, don't know about Australia, New Zealand, etc.

But I can guarantee you about the other two. Now, why don't all SH thoroughbreds get older on the same day, I have no clue.

I know in S. American countries its July 1st and in S. Africa its different, only on the first day of August.

25 Jul 2012 10:47 PM
Love 'em all

Really do appreciate the info on SA's official birthday for TBs.  All this time, I've thought Aug. 1st was the date for all SH TBs.  

Pretty sure Australia and New Zealand use Aug. 1st, but I could be wrong.  I learn something everday at this site.  

Thanks again.

26 Jul 2012 9:37 AM
Linda in Texas

Read yesterday that Hansen is running in Chester, WV at Mountaineer not the Haskell, so i have looked up the mileage from some locations in case anyone wants to pack a lunch and drive!(some may need to take an

extra snack).


399    NEWARK









 ?     BRAZIL (Jose from Brazil)

       Google could not compute to

       see how far it would be for

       you from Sao Paulo to

       Chester, WV.

Alex'sBigFan - You would no doubt make the local news if you go to Mountaineer in that blue frock!

I would love it and would hope it would be posted on

I am still trying to make you famous ABF. Dr. Hansen, are you

reading this?? We love the grays!

I know this is about Brujo but could not resist.

Jose from Brazil - Steve IS the Boss! :)


26 Jul 2012 9:47 AM

If someone wants to take a look at Brujo´s last performance in Uruguay, just click below. It was an amazing performance, setting new track record (undisputed for over 70 years) and easily galloping, so he could have set a much better time. He also set the track 7 1/2 record. It was not about a lack of level of the others, it was about an inmense horse. It may not be the Next Invasor, but it may also well be better than him. Expect an easy ride next sunday. History will start on the 29th.

26 Jul 2012 9:48 AM

Nice article, Steve.

I remember May of 2006 like it was yesterday. Invasor was entered at Pimlico and having seen he had run in Dubai, I looked up his past performances. I had already thought Discreet Cat was the best horse I had ever seen run. As a side note, I think with better handling and the whole desert training crap, I think had Discreet Cat would have broken every record ever run with better handling. He had more speed an talent than the best of them. Too bad though. ANYWAY - I remembered Invasors move on the last turn and knew he had talent, especially having run with the Cat. I grabbed my buddy and told him of the sure thing I had going at Pimlico. After the race, i told him to keep breeders Cup day open,as this horse was the best in training. Cut to the end. My friend (who I nick-named JINXY long ago)didn't want no parts of a horse he said had to work hard to win in Pimlico, so my future brother in Law joined me. Having never been to the races often we was very excited as we sat at the Delaware Park Restaurant bar and proceed to run up a huge bankroll. He knew we had a very big stack of tickets on the race and i assured him that it was a cold Excata of Invasor and Berbardibi, but we would be foregoing those bets for the tri's/supers and win bets only. Mind you, this is a quit guy I am with. Turning for home, my quiet brother in law sees Bernardini in front and Invasor moving quickly and proceeds to stun me by standing up and yelling at the top of his lungs..... "Run right by that piece of sh**!!! Embarassed, but really didn't care, as it tollk them 40 minutes to get the cash to pay us. I hope Brujo de Olleros is half as good as Invasor.

26 Jul 2012 10:41 AM

Sounds like another good pony, I love them all, but right now I'm really in love with Danedream. Not only did she set a new record for the Arc, but she managed to win the King George in what I considered to be a less than a perfect trip. A small horse in stature, she's all heart. She didn't feel well, and "wasn't herslf" last month in the St. Cloud, according to her connections, but obviously they saddled her anyway. That must only happen abroad, because it doesn't happen here in this day and age. She redeemed herself, as I knew she would. I hope the little gem from Germany continues to shine. I love her.

27 Jul 2012 5:36 AM
Linda in Texas

Correction. - It is only 283 miles from Pimlico to Mountaineer. I never was good at directions. I added an extra thousand miles.

Have a good week end of racing everyone and be safe.


27 Jul 2012 7:47 PM

Linda in Texas,

Thanks for the Mountaineer mileage info!  I'll have to settle for Monmouth on Sunday though.  Why on earth are they running Hansen in WVA and not the Haskell?  If he is to compete at Saratoga shouldn't he NOT be avoiding the competition and facing the likes of Paynter???  I guess Dr. Hansen knows better the reasoning behind it.  I wanted to see Hansen so bad but to quote our famous doctor here, "that's the way the cookie crumbles!"  I'll wave to y'all if I get near a camera.  I want Paynter to win so the Baffert family does not have to endure another Grade I second, I want Dullahan to win for Romans, and I want Handsome Mike to win just because IHA's jock Mario Gutierrez is up.  Guess I'll be rooting for all 3 but dressed for Hansen, oh well.

There are only six in the Haskell field, pitiful showing.  We've lost 3 to injury and one to fever, IHA, Rags, WTDayWell, Bode (the feverish one).


Daughter of Afleet Alex running on Sunday at Monmouth too!  5 yr. old Afleeting Lady!  Yippee-i-a, yippee-i-o!!!  That race goes off at 5 PM.

Good luck to all and all come home safe.  Happy Haskell Day.  I read where Baffert is not going to be there but watching from CA. Hope he is well, they always go and love the Haskell in NJ.  Hope he just decided to take a rest.  It's not the same without Baffert there.

27 Jul 2012 8:30 PM

Camorrero : Watched that youtube you posted, is it just me or was the jockey really using his hand to "whip" Brujo ? or did he lose the whip towards the end.  Yeah, that race was pretty impressive but we'll have to see how he likes the tracks and competition here in the US.

Just like any other import, we all take a look at them, wait one race to see how they do and if they do well, we become fans.  I don't think SteveH ever compared this horse to Invasor (I actually read the whole article), but I think it was smart to use "Invasor" in the headline... who could resist an article with Invasor in the headline AND written by the great steve...

28 Jul 2012 12:50 AM

I wanted to take a moment to comment on Hansen and why I believe the colt is not running in the race most feel he belongs in. I think the Derby was a wake up call for the good doctor, and he realized that his colt is not unbeatable. Fact is, they are ALL beatable, the good, and the very best can be beaten on any given day. So perhaps he is being overly cautious, or extremely smart. Since American ponies run a limited number of races and race an average of 2 to 3 years, the horse MUST win. Anything else is considered a failure. The competition, toughness of the race, it's all overlooked when a value is stamped on the horse. It's all about getting to the winner's circle. Why risk losing  the Haskell against speed balls, when you can win the Virginia Derby without busting your butt? I think Dr. Hansen is wise. Take the win, save the horse. Horse racing is no longer a sport, it's a business. The glory of it all has faded to dollars and cents. One of the greatest thoroughbreds to ever race was Red Rum, yet he only actually won 27 of his 110 races. Try to translate that into our horse racing, it's not possible. Good luck in the Virginia Derby, Hansen, I'm a fan. I'll see you in a big one later this year I presume, and you should be in good form, free from injury and burn out, that's the goal. Keep him healthy and happy doc, but don't lose faith in him. He is a talented colt and can still beat the best IF given the chance.

28 Jul 2012 6:56 PM

Nice tip Mr Haskin.

Did you read the news? They recently re-named the horse INVISIBLE, after INVASOR.

Actually, he did not runntoo bad, considering he was between horses for much of the race and was trying to run for more than a good 1/2 mile, which explains his dull effort through the lane. Maybe next time.

31 Jul 2012 9:38 AM
Mike Relva


Don't care how good a horse is if he doesn't have anywhere to run. He didn't run bad considering. Wouldn't throw the towel in just yet.

01 Aug 2012 11:01 AM

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