It hit me between 2:30 and 3 in the morning. Having fallen asleep on the couch as usual, I awoke to a mellifluous voice flowing from the TV. The voice spoke of horses and racing, and after a few seconds of unscrambling my brain, I remembered that I had been watching one of my favorite racing shows, “Against the Odds,” on HRTV and must have dozed off during a commercial.

Through the cobwebs I could see the angelic face of Chantal Sutherland driving her car and talking about a family cow stepping on her foot. This could only be “Inside Information,” HRTV’s treasure chest of history and human interest stories. This show in particular was about Sutherland’s dream of winning the Breeders’ Cup Classic and her 2011 journey to Churchill Downs, where she had a great shot of fulfilling that dream aboard Game On Dude. There perhaps is no more harmonious relationship between rider and horse than that of Sutherland and Game On Dude.

We all know the ending, of course. Game On Dude looked to be home free in the Classic, only to be caught late by longshot Drosselmeyer, ridden by Sutherland’s ex-boyfriend Mike Smith, whom she has been trying the get the better of since they were featured on the TV reality series “Jockeys.” One of the more revealing photos of the BC Classic finish was a close-up shot of Sutherland looking over and seeing who it was passing her way out in the middle of the track, out of range of the gutsy and tenacious Game On Dude.

Of all the jockeys to crush her dream, it had to be Smith, and on a lightly regarded horse no less. Although they have remained friends, Smith has been a thorn in Sutherland’s side, beating her in a match race, dubbed “The Battle of the Exes,” and now the ultimate defeat in the Classic. But she handled the defeat with a smile and candor, and provided an articulate analysis of the race. The first person to greet her afterward with a hug and congratulations was Bo Derek. 

But this is another year, and if everything goes right, Sutherland and Game On Dude will get another chance at the Breeders’ Cup Classic, and at the horse’s home track, Santa Anita.

It was while watching this riveting and revealing segment on Inside Information that I came to the realization that racing needs Sutherland and Game On Dude to win the Classic. Yes, what racing needs, like a Triple Crown winner, has become sort of a cliché, but racing really does need this. Our Triple Crown heroes are gone and with them went whatever star appeal racing had this year. Here we have potentially the best horse in the country -- a swift, courageous, and consistent athlete -- ridden by a jockey, who with the proper marketing campaign could be the sport’s greatest breakout star in many years.

Sutherland has it all – beauty, personality, charisma, and talent, and there is no reason she shouldn’t be as well-known to mainstream America as auto racing's Danica Patrick. She even has a first name that can stand alone. Yes, she has posed for magazines, at times in a revealing manner, and has appeared on Conan O’Brien, where she rivaled any of the so-called glamorous movie stars. But she should be plastered across the TV screen and magazines in commercials and ads and featured wherever and whenever possible. Why? Because the sport needs it.

No one will argue that racing has had an image problem lately. Through the morass of bad publicity, drug accusations, misinformation about breakdowns, and political intervention, we need people to once again see the beauty of the sport. It is difficult to accomplish when its biggest stars are retired prematurely. The horses may come and go, but the people remain, and when you can get a potential media star like Sutherland teaming up with one of the few brilliant equine stars remaining, you have to take advantage of it.

And Sutherland isn’t the only female jockey to fall into this category. There is also Rosie Napravnik, who is pretty and engaging and bursting with personality. And most of all, she is one of the most talented riders in the country, male or female. The same applies to the other top Canadian jockey Emma Jayne Wilson.

Yes, racing fans in North America are familiar with these three riders, but it has to go beyond that. They have to be more than jockeys, more than an occasional feature subject. Sutherland has to be more than an occasional model. What separates her from Napravnik and Wilson right now is that she is riding what many believe to be the leading candidate for Horse of the Year and the favorite for the Breeders’ Cup Classic. The “Inside Information” feature has to be shown beyond racing circles. It has to reach viewers all over the country.

Before the Breeders’ Cup creeps up on us, people have to know all about Sutherland – yes, visually, but also about her dream and her unique relationship with Game On Dude, and witness all the fans, young and old, male and female, lining up for her autograph. And, yes, they have to know about how her cow once stepped on her foot.

Then if Sutherland and can win the Breeders’ Cup Classic this year, and with the proper marketing and publicity, you’ll have Leno and Letterman fighting over her. You’ll have magazines hounding her for photo spreads. You’ll have her phone ringing off the hook to do commercials. Newspapers will have a ball coming up headlines, such as “The Dude and the Dame.”

OK, maybe all this merely is the result of a 3 a.m. revelation. But it is now 1 p.m. the following day and I still haven’t been jolted back to reality. I still firmly believe a victory by Game On Dude and Sutherland in the Classic can have a far-reaching effect on the industry if handled properly, and that racing will have a national celebrity and spokesperson.

That will open the door for Napravnik and Wilson. And only then will the beauty of racing – human and equine – again shine through all the murk that has clouded the sport.


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anita b

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the great article about Chantel. I want to know why Bob Baffert hasn't put her on any of his 2 year olds? I think he should. I like to see articles about women jockeys; would like to read more articles.

Go Chantel--you and your lady associates can be great role models for youthful girls.

Thanks again, Steve.


11 Aug 2012 2:39 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

I have no idea who Danica Patrick is. I like Rosie best, and I think she has more star power and talent so I vote for her to win the Classic and be on the talk shows eventhough I haven't seen one since Johnny Carson retired.

11 Aug 2012 2:54 PM

Could not agree more! Great idea! Chantal should hire you to be her PR manager!!

11 Aug 2012 3:08 PM
Love 'em all

My brain is stuck on a headline, such as "The Dude and The Dudette."

Cheers to all the race track dudettes, such as Chantal, Rosie and Emma Jayne!  Those girls rock!

11 Aug 2012 4:57 PM

Danica is a race car driver with NASCAR she also does TV commericals. I saw Rosie on a TV show excerising a horse in the morning but every other word out of her mouth was the "F" word. That would not be a good role model for racing. Other than that I agree we need something new fans can hang on to.

11 Aug 2012 8:29 PM
Arts and Letters

Just to nitpick slightly, it would have been better to have said "the OTHER top Canadian jockey Emma Jayne Wilson" -- because Chantal is, after all, Canadian.  :)

11 Aug 2012 9:05 PM
Steve Haskin

Arts and Letters -- done. Thanks

11 Aug 2012 10:25 PM

You can put all the cutie pies you want on TV and in magazines.  It's not going to do a thing for bringing in new fans.  

As someone who has worked at a track, I know for a fact that you're not going to win the hearts of the general population until all horses running in this country are treated like stakes winners. That would be humanely. And a large part of the racing community cleans up their personal acts.

For every good story about racing, there are twice as many, or more, bad ones.  Horse slaughters, running lame horses, and drug abuse by a large number of track personal from jockeys to outriders. Not to be left out, doping charges for a large number of trainers.  Larger yet is the number of trainers that get away with it.

Witnessing those things first hand, is what drove me from the sport.  So good luck with your cutie pies.

11 Aug 2012 10:28 PM

I also saw Rosie on TV exercising the horse- he was pretty goofy and giving her a hard time. I thought it was funny that every other word out of her mouth was "Bleeped" out. But that's because I've also exercised horses like that and I can relate. I was keenly aware of how crappy it looked to the world watching that she was cussing out the horse. I had the same feeling when Borel whipped the crap outta Rachel Alexandra down the stretch in the Woodward. Although I see the whip as a tool and don't consider it cruel, I was aware of how bad it looked.I hope Rosie got some feedback and learns from it, because I think she's great and could be a great spokesperson for the sport once half of what she says isn't bleeped out!

12 Aug 2012 1:38 AM

Funny thing, fans will always view the ponies as number one, everything else and everyone else is secondary. No kidding. I don't care if Bo Derek is the jock, it's about the 4 legged beauty she's riding. The horses usually get the crappy end of the deal, but they are the stars. A brief word about Borel getting carried away with the whip. He so much did not want Rachel Alexandra to lose, not for himself, but for her. Believe it or not, he loved that filly to death. It looked bad, but I fully understood the reasoning behind it. Mike Smith was devastated that Zenyatta lost the BC. Again, not for himself, but because he wanted it so much for Zenyatta and her legacy. Both of them adored "their" horses. Now a word on Chantal, I never watched the series Jockies, but "reality" TV usually never has an upside for the people getting filmed. It's probably a good idea to pass on it.

12 Aug 2012 9:55 AM
Abigail Anderson

Hi Steve.

I like the idea of promoting Chantal properly -- she really does have the Star Power. And although it was note your intent in this article, I would add that more attention needs to be paid to the female racing fan. There are so many of us and we're keen. (After two of us started Zenny's Tribe on FB, when Dottie's diary went "on maternity leave" to keep up with Zen friends, we thought we'd be about 25 people. But we're now well over 100 and the site is about racing & not just about Zenny. The enthusiasm is amazing, and the questions people are asking tell you that they want to learn even more.) Without being sexist, I think more should be done at this level. An attempt has been made at Hello Race Fans but it's still more aimed at me than it is the target group I'm talking about (above).

But you also made me think about the whole media side of our sport and how concentrated it is on the betting pool. I know that that's an important side of what makes horse racing a game as well as a sport. But when I watch HRTV (I'm a Canadian and we can't get TVG here) it always becomes simply a shopping list of races and odds. The stories aren't there unless a horse runs into a national spotlight, it would seem. I think that that's a mistake. People of all ages are attuned to narrative and it's a big part of what makes life interesting. Even doctors use narrative when conferencing with their patients, but it seems to be missing almost completely on places like HRTV and major TV networks. (I don't mean long, drawn-out storytelling necessarily -- more the narrative behind certain horses. Pithy details in a narrative mode. Like the clips on Lava Man that told scraps of his story. Granted, serious punters & fans knew Lava Man. But when you watch British racing, many horses going to the gate have stories that are told -- Andrew Lloyd Weber's The Fugue, for one, and even Frankel gets story bites aimed at his fans.)

Of course, it's complex to get our media tribe to listen up, I'm sure. But there are those, of which you, Steve, are The Master, who DO know how to do this right and their passionate voices should be as promoted as stars like Chantal, Rosie and Emma. As all great teachers (and writers) know, when you can express your passion, people listen up; when you combine the feeling with the form (narrative) it becomes irresistible.

I think it's time for a writers' & media conference on how the sport can be made more current, more exciting, for its community of enthusiasts -- for everyone, not just breeders & punters.

12 Aug 2012 10:30 AM
Dianna S

The Dude and The Dudette....a good headline....but I’d change it slightly to the Dude and the Duddess (a bit more of a pun for creating a racing idol).

12 Aug 2012 12:08 PM

This article hits the nail right on the head!

Yes the sport does need Chantal to be a star.

Living near Woodbine we have been fans of Chantal since she was riding here.There is something about a good female rider that gets men and women excited about the sport.

Chantal also has the skills to back up her looks.She would win stakes races at Woodbine constatnly, beating all the top male jockeys who believe me take winning very seriously.

To hardcore racing fans,yes the horse will always be the first star but to the genereal public ,they need a human they can root for too and Chantal fills the bill.

She is classy and sexy without being sleazy and thats what racing needs to bolster its image.

Chantal and Game On Dude are a perfect example of human and horse working together to accomplish a goal.Nobody can deny the appeal that would have to a bored general public always looking for the next exciting new thing!

Good luck to Chantal and all female jockeys!

12 Aug 2012 1:08 PM

Female jockeys are HOT!!! Thanks for the article Steve , what a great thing for racing indeed for Chantal to be the Danica of our sport! Any positive marketing is always what we need for our sport!

12 Aug 2012 2:07 PM
Linda in Texas

Dr. D. i bet someone lets you know quickly who Mz. Patrick is. She used to drive Formula 1 Race Cars.

Then someone talked her into driving in The Nascar circuit of souped up cazillion carboratored Fords and Chevrolets so she was competing with the likes of Dale Earnhardt,Jr. and Jimmy Johnson. She wrecked a few cars and caused a few as i read in the headlines trying to find the and MORE under which the headline Horse Racing is listed, so don't know what her status is.

My sport of choice is of course the Horse. And thinking of Awesome Maria today upon the announcement of her retirement. And Winter Memories i heard yesterday is also being retired due to a degenerative bone disease in her ankles. 2 Retiring Grays don't make a right. Have enjoyed watching them race immensely. Thanks ladies and have a wonderful life. You both always raced like it was your last. And now you have.

Thanks Steve. I like Chantal and watching her beat the guys is sort of fun to watch and the horses respect her for sure. She has won some pretty nice races in the last month or so.

12 Aug 2012 8:12 PM
Paula Higgins

ITA with Dr Drunkinbum and Ksweatman. The horses are the stars and that's who the public cares about. There is no woman on the planet that can hold a candle to a beautiful thoroughbred and no woman with enough star power to compete with a great horse i.e. Zenyatta. That includes Bo Derek. I think Bo Derek would agree with me too.

12 Aug 2012 9:21 PM

You started me remembering some of what I'd have to call racing "signatures"--not just lovely girl jockeys, but looks or actions we see time and again until we connect with them--  Such as Zenyatta's dancing. Or John Henry clearing the winner's circle. Or I'll Have Another's just shutting them down before the wire.  We won't see any of those again, but we still have Lava Man: is he still wandering the shedrow looking for snacks? There used to be a mare called Silky's Nurse, a granddaughter of Silky Sullivan who ran with the same style (closers are a personal weakness here) and she had the most gorgeous eyelashes!  She would stroll into the paddock and stroll out of the gate, take plenty of time, then mow them all down. I think her jockey back then was Russell Baze, whose lighthouse grin is another of those signatures. . .

I think anyone who loves racing has stored away a hundred 'signatures', good stuff to remember with delight.

What are your favorites?  And what about Julie Krone? (They better not take Chantal off the Dude!)

12 Aug 2012 9:37 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

Linda in Texas

   Thanks !!! I figured someone would tell me someday who Danica Patrick is. It was also good to read that Bo Derek is an ex-jockey. I was wondering who she was. Funny I never heard of her since I've been following horse racing for over 40 years. I was shocked to hear that the sweetheart cutie pie Rosie had to bleeped !!!! But it doesn't change my opinion. Rosie is still a cutie pie and a terrific horseman, and a real lady. I don't remember reading Wallawizard before but I liked his post. All should be treated like valuable multiple Grade One winners. I've thought for awhile now that with the internet betting that racing could survive with fewer tracks, more stakes races with bigger purses and no claiming races. And no raceday meds of any kind. I've seen horses race in low level claiming races that looked drugged up with glazed eyes, and with a "can't somebody help me" look in their eyes and looking like they were having difficulty walking a straight line and it is disgusting.

13 Aug 2012 12:27 AM

Hi Steve,

Nice article on Chantal.  I agree wth you, the industry should be playing up her attractiveness and make her a focus of their media campaign.  Unfortunately, the industry often does not do the best it could when it comes to publicity or doing things in the best interest of their own sport.  They constantly miss the boat when it comes to capturing the imagination of potential new fans.  That's definitely a big part of their problems right now.

I think both Chantal and Rosie Napravnik are fabulous jockeys who are very underrated and not exposed to the general public correctly. The Olympics did a great job of promoting their female athletes in these games, emphasizing how many gold medals they were winning as well as how they bolstered the medal count for Team USA and Team GB this year while still being attractive and charismatic when competing.  Horse racing should take a look at the Olympic example in PR for their female athletes and copy it verbatim because it definitely works.  The female Olympians this year are now household names in many instances, and the new American and British superstars for the next couple of years or so.

There were some posters above who did not know who Danica Patrick is.  I can help with that for them. Danica Patrick is a very beautiful, brunette female race car driver.  Danica's young, driven and very competitive.  She gives as good as she gets.  She's young, about 30 years old.  

Danica used to drive on the Indy Car circuit, and has participated in a number of Indianapolis 500 races.  Her best finish, to date, in the Indy 500 was a very respectable and inspiring 3rd place.  Danica is now racing on the NASCAR circuit.  She's been racing in NASCAR for about a year.  She stands in 11th place and has won a little under $500,000 this year (which is much less than she normally won in the Indy Car circuit races).  Danica is also a very well-paid spokesperson for Go Daddy.  I'm sure you've seen the Go-Daddy ads with her in them during the Super Bowl the last five years or so.  That's how long she has been their spokesperson.  

PR for Danica has been well-handled by both the Indy Car and NASCAR industries and she is considered a superstar in both leagues.  I hope that was of help to anyone who was confused as to who Danica Patrick is.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

13 Aug 2012 12:27 AM

To Michelee,

Yes, Lava Man is still wandering around the shedrow looking for snacks. - LOL.  Just saw some new pictures of him this week.  He's the most adorable, funny, charismatic champion horse.  Lava Man is now playing Asst. Coach to mewcomer Know More, just as he was the Asst. Coach to I'll Have Another.  I love Lava Man.  What great charater he has, and what a great character he is.  He's a lovely, one of a kind horse.  Got to love him!

13 Aug 2012 12:38 AM
quiet american

Im not here to judge Chantal because i dont know her from a hole in the wall but I didnt care for her or her attitude at all when she was on that show "JOCKEYS".

I was highly disapointed in her demeanor & frankly acted like she was only with Mike Smith in order to get ahead in her career. Im just throwing it out there that I dont think shes the best rolemodel for racing that could ever come down the pike..Just an opinion.

13 Aug 2012 2:12 AM
Steve Haskin

Quiet American, it has absolutely nothing with her being a rolemodel, which is someone you want to emulate or aspire to be like. This is strictly about someone who can put racing in the headlines and have people take notice of the sport. There are an awful lot of famous professional athletes who actually ARE rolemodels, but may not be nice people. We dont know who these famous people really are, only what they do on the playing field and how they perceive themselves to be in public. I wasnt enamored with Chantel in "Jockeys" either, but I dont know her at all and have never even spoken to her. A lot of people show their flaws on a reality series, but it doesnt mean thats who they are. They are what the producers want them to be and the producers have the editing power to manipulate their persona however they see fit.. All I know is that she comes across as very personable in public and has the power to sell our sport to the American public.

13 Aug 2012 7:29 AM
Linda in Texas

Bumster, i might have 'steered' you

wrong.:) Shows you what i don't know. Joy Jackson is a Formula 1 Race Car different from an Indy Circuit Race Car?

And thanks Joy Jackson for the news on Lava Man. He really is unique. I won't get too into him because i am not always agreed with. To me he thinks a little differently than most horses. When you look at him, sometimes you can see the look of consternation on his face or that 'watch this trick' look.

It makes me feel pretty good when so many really like him and he has lots of supporters right here with Steve.

He is special in a pretty neat way.

Thank you Steve everyone have a great week.


13 Aug 2012 9:29 AM
lunar spook

DR. DRUNKINBUM - dont feel bad about not knowing who DANICA PATRICK is , she has NEVER WON a race in nascar and only won one race as an indy driver many years ago ! she has been built up her entire career by espn to boost tv ratings and is less talented than any 100,000 male drivers , dont get me wrong im all for females in sport if they earn it , but she was handed everything and done nothing but fail miserably !

13 Aug 2012 9:46 AM

I like the big Dude, and Chantel is one cool lady.  I hope to see more women riding; it is just great to see.  When I was young, my parents never told me I could not ride in the races but I found out as an 18 year old you could not do it. Then came Kathy Kushner and she opened the way for women. Thanks to her, women can ride all they want and I enjoy seeing them as much as the horses because those girls can RIDE!!!

13 Aug 2012 10:31 AM
Karen in Texas

Chantal is personable, attractive, and a good rider; but I'd like to see her get more high profile mounts. Rosie is garnering accolades regularly for her abilities as a rider wherever she goes. I think she will be considered one of the top jockeys in the nation within the next few years. Julie Krone is, well, Julie Krone; but my favorite female rider is Donna Barton Brothers. She is lovely, articulate, accomplished, and does give a graceful face to the industry regularly through her broadcasting role. If these four women were to be seen together on the talk-show circuit, including late night, I believe they could/would have a positive impact on the image of racing. Building on the recent success of our female athletes at the Olympic games, they would give a new and different dimension to the concept of "girl power".

Dr. D----Surely that Danica Patrick remark was meant to be facetious?

13 Aug 2012 10:43 AM
steve from st louis

To quote that famous woman-beater James Brown, "This is a man's world." Anytime in the sports universe when they promote a woman, whether it be Michelle Wie, Danica Patrick or Chantal Sutherland, it usually ends badly. Here's hoping Chantal can break through just as Linda Toscano did in winning the Hambletonian. Let's face it--woman and horses have explicably been paired since Lady Godiva. After watching women excell at the Olympics, it's time someone outdoes Julie Krone's Belmont and Chantal is the one to do it.  

13 Aug 2012 11:04 AM
Dr Drunkinbum

Karen in Texas

  I was joking about Bo Derek. I know that she was an actress and a poster star known for her body but I honestly have never heard of Danica Patrick. I do know about the Earnhardts and A.J. Foyt but I haven't paid any attention to auto racing for a very long time.

   I loved the show "jockeys" and was quite disappointed it was canceled. I'm also disappointed that Larry Mondelo didn't last longer on Leave It To Beaver. Something to do with a low budget for apples I think.

13 Aug 2012 12:06 PM
Jackie WV


Great article on Chantal!!  I also watched her on Jockeys and thought she came across just fine.  You're right....she only acted as she was directed to (I'm sure). I think she's a fantastic jockey who is truly under rated. And, I love Game on Dude!!

I think I've heard you mention in the past that you personally know Calvin Borel.  If so, I'd love it if you could tell him something for me. He is by far the the most gracious and personable jockey I've ever come across. I recently tried to get an autograph from one of my other favorite jockeys and although he was nice it wasn't easy to accomplish. A couple years ago Calvin took time in between races at Churchill Downs to sign my picture of Rachel and pose for several pictures. I'll never forget his kindness, class, and that beeming smile of his!!  I saw him just a couple weeks ago in between races at a WV track.  He didn't win any races that day, but he was smiling every time he came off the track. I spoke to him and he graciously stopped, smiled, and said "how are you today?" Calvin is great for the sport and for the fans!!  Just want him to know how much I appreciate the person he is!!  He made a racing/Rachel fan very happy a couple years ago!

13 Aug 2012 12:59 PM

Well said, Wallawizard. Although I agree that racing needs a positive public "face," I'm not sure that this accomplishment will result from promoting cute female jockeys. I think that when these women are regarded as simply very talented riders, rather than female talented riders, both racing and our social culture will have taken a step in the right direction. I also believe that the positive public "face" of racing should be one of its equine stars, as Secretariat was back in the 70's. And until all of the horses are treated with respect and regard to their health as the top priorities, the sport of racing will remain villainous in the public eye.

13 Aug 2012 1:08 PM

To Linda In Texas,

Hope you are having a good day today.  Hundred degree heat wave has finally broken here and we are having an outstanding weather day.  I hope this keeps up forever! - LOL.

In regard to your question about Formula 1, I would be happy to help you with the difference in the kinds of car races.

No, IndyCar and Formula 1 are not the same.  They are much more like kissing cousins.  

The fanbases are very different for each type of racing.  Formula 1 is mostly embraced in Europe, Great Britain and South Africa, although there are many fans of it everywhere in the world, especially the States and South America.  IndyCar's fanbase is mostly in the United States, Canada, and South America, especially Brazil, where a number of former champion IndyCar drivers hail from - the most famous ones being Helio Castroneves and Emerson Fittipaldi (both former multiple Indianapolis 500 winners).  NASCAR's main fanbase is, of course, from North America, especially the United States, and most of their courses are in the South and along the Eastern Seaboard.  

IndyCar and Formula 1 cars are more aerodynamically designed with much greater downforce lending to extremes in power, and are built lower to the ground than NASCAR cars.  Their chassis are also built differently.  IndyCars are open wheel racers, single seat, and they have outboard "wings" on them, one at the front of the car low to the ground, and one on the back of the car mounted high above the main chaissis.  Formula 1 cars also are able to take corners at a much higher rate of speed than both IndyCars and NASCARS.  

Formula 1 races are mostly run on street courses and specially-designed circuit courses.  Formula 1 races are called Grand Prix races.  Two Formula 1 races most Americans have heard of are the LeMans Grand Prix and the Grand Prix of Monaco. IndyCar street course races are occasionally run as well, and are called "Grand Prix" as well, the most famous of which is the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach (California).

The cars used in Formula 1 are mostly highly-evolved Mercedes-Benzes, Ferraris and McLarens.  BMW used to be a large player in Formula 1 racing, but the economy forced them to exit racing a couple of years ago.  Their cars are powered by Mercedes-Benz, Cosworth and Ferrari engines - also sometimes Renault engines as well.

The cars in IndyCar racing (which can be run on both street circuits, specially-built courses, and ovals like the Indianapolis Speedway oval, making Indy Cars a more hybrid type of racing) are mostly highly-evolved Hondas, Toyotas, and Fords.  IndyCars use Honda, Chevrolet and Lotus engines.  

NASCARS are stock cars and they do Sprint Cup racing and Nationwide racing in the States; Corona racing in Mexico, and Canadian Tire Series in Canada.  They are trying to expand in Europe as well.  I'm sure you've seen NASCARs at some point, they resemble passenger cars on the outside, and are light years away from a passenger car on the inside.  Sprint Cup racing are considered the highest level of racing in NASCAR, and the most common cars you will find in Sprint are Dodge Chargers, Toyota Camrys, Chevy Impalas and Ford Fusions.  NASCAR also has a seperate circuit for racing trucks as well.  They all fall under the "NASCAR" umbrella.  NASCAR is the governing organization the different stock car racing genres are all gathered into.  Formula 1 and IndyCar have one governing body for each of their leagues.

Drivers frequently change leagues between IndyCar driving and NASCAR driving, some even driving both type of races in the same day.  IndyCar drivers tend to hop leagues more than NASCAR drivers.  It has been known for a driver to participate in an IndyCar race, hop a plane and participate in a NASCAR race later that night.  Jumping or sharing leagues is almost never done in Formula 1.  A F1 racer is an F1 racer.  In the world of racing, prestige level around the world is in this order:  F1 racer, IndyCar racer, NASCAR racer - even though all are extremely highly respected.

Lord, that was a lot of information to throw at you all at once, Linda. - LOL.  I hope I didn't overwhelm you with all of it.  

Here's the jist of all of that info:  Watching Formula 1 and IndyCar racing is incredibly THRILLING.  I've been watching it since I was a little girl and I love it.  Formula 1 is more fun to watch on television rather than at a live event. IndyCar and NASCAR are more fun to watch live, although watching on television is exciting as well, and is much more helpful to the newbie who is trying to learn about the sports, and want to learn about the major players/stars in the sport and why they are stars.    

I hope this helped, Linda.  

May the rest of your day be happy, successful and productive. I will talk to you again soon.  

Have a great day, everyone! - Joy

13 Aug 2012 1:29 PM

To Linda From Texas,

My admiration for Lava Man grew as I watched more and more video on him.  He's a fun horse, with a ton of personality, and he's great with children.  He's very interactive, and that's what I like about him.  He's not a horse for everyone, and that's okay. - LOL.  But I enjoy his exploits and Lava Man makes me smile, which I really appreciate.  He was the perfect "best friend" for I'll Have Another, and Lava Man did his job excellently.  Lava Man seems to enjoy his job as Assistant Coach, and he is greatly beloved by those who surround him on a daily basis.  And, best of all, I'll Have Another had fun being around Lava Man, they were like brothers and best friends for each other - high praise in my book.  That Lava Man is a highly-decorated thoroughbred who earned over five million dollars in prize money and is highly regarded by both fans and critics alike is just the cherry on top of the Sundae where I am concerned.  

And I like to think that Lava Man passed on lots of advice to I'll Have Another on how to win with determination, and IHA took that information to heart and literally ran with it.  We know what the excellent results of those advice sessions turned out to be! - LOL.  I hope IHA finds another best friend in Japan like he had in Lava Man.  He must miss the easy comraderie he had with his "big brother" a lot right now.

13 Aug 2012 1:47 PM

Steve, my hat is off to you for starting a fascinating and necessary conversation with many elements.  As a woman who has been a lifetime fan of horse racing and almost as long a fan of auto racing, I can't stop myself from adding my 2 cents.  Linda, Formula 1 is the penultimate form of auto racing, and Danica will never get there, but she was a Indy Car driver who won a race in Japan and had several memorable moments, including a race she was taken out of by another driver, after which she stormed down Pit Road looking for all the world like she was ready to kick som a** and take some names :)

The success of Chantal, Rosie (the little red haired girl) and Emma Jayne depends so heavily on owners and trainers willing to give them excellent mounts, but their commercial success can be entirely separate, and as Steve clearly points out, can have such a positive impact on the sport and its potential future fans.  I am in agreement with all who feel every race horse should be treated as Horse of the Year, and agree that low priced claiming races should go away; those at higher prices, though, create some interesting storylines, strategy, and opportunities, and I would not want them all to disappear.

The big picture to me is what Steve has tried to point out on numerous occasions - the story lines are there if the media would only exploit them, both equine and human.  Narrators can be people like Chantal, who can speak from experience and who is one of many voices we long to hear more of.  I was hopeful NBC would pick up the ball and run with it when they converted Versus to NBC Sports, and took on all three Triple Crown races and some of the preps, but when I started seeing celebs talking about their outfits I muted the television and waited for the post parade.  Ugh.  All I could think was, this is HORSE racing not Next Top Model or some such nonsense.

13 Aug 2012 3:29 PM
Karen in Texas

Dr. D----I have absolutely no interest in auto racing either, but Danica pops up everywhere. She's in commercials ( and others) and has been a presenter at the ESPY's, etc. A BC Classic win might catapult Chantal there as well, as Steve suggested. (I liked "Jockeys", too.)

13 Aug 2012 5:13 PM

Sorry, Steve, but I couldn't disagree with you more! Chantal is at best, a journeyman jockey, not a star. I have seen her make mistake after mistake ( the 2011 American Handicap, the 2011 Big Cap, the most recent stakes she won at Woodbine ) in the misjudging of closing a hole, left handed whipping her horse into other horses and a general attitude of trying to capitalize more on her looks than her riding. She has been given hall-passes by the stewards because she put herself into the limelight (uh, think, Vanity Fair, or The Jockey Show), and they, like you, think that promoting a pretty face will "save" racing. That is poppycock. If you want to support a female rider, and you only slightly mentioned her, chose Rosie. Rosie wins big races without interfering. Rosie wins jockey titles at meets over men who certainly don't hand it over to her. And I have yet to see her promoting herself as some kinda' glamorpuss. Thank God. Why doesn't Baffert put Chantal on 2 yr olds, someone asked? Because he knows better. Remember, she only got the mount in the Big Cap because Velasquez stayed on the east coast.

Her pretty face won't save racing -having a comprehensive drug policy, standardized rules nationwide, and some actual consequences, instead of wrist slaps for offenders.

13 Aug 2012 5:47 PM

Toss the Florida Derby, Derby Trial, and Dubai and G.O.D. has finished top 4 in all 18 starts.  Cudos for Baffert and what he has done with the colt since joining his barn and sticking with Chantal who has riden him his last 8-9 starts.  She could have easily been dismissed after her Santa Anita Handicap ride. G.O.D is one of the few capable of running sub 2:00 over the Santa Anita course as Acclamation won't go back to dirt for the Breeder's Cup. If you believe Baffert that he is just as good if not better than last year look out.  

As far as the ad campaign, Del Mar currently has a much lighter haired Sutherland plastered up over San Diego.  With her "model" looks it plays well to the 45,000 Southern California fans who show up on a Wednesday for opening day.  For most, they don't realize what a male dominated sport, from top to bottom, that horse racing is other than the huge support on the backside from exercise riders and handlers.  Most just root for her every race which seems to have its fair share of 45-1 long shots.

13 Aug 2012 7:16 PM

Nice article on Chantal Sutherland Steve and brilliant revelation at 2:30 in the morning!  I agree Steve, the stars are definitely gone, dropped like flies one by one due to injury, Hansen (the horse) cannot do this alone for sure (he's even having trouble doing it in company lately), so if the sport is to be bolstered the media needs to run with this NOW, months prior to the BC Classic.  Chantal and Rosie are great riders and I am sure they are up against a lot competing in a "good old boy" male oriented industry.  We all know who they are, we all watched "Jockeys" and follow as much as we can gather, for after all, we are the core fans and we all "have our game on."  So I agree with who I believe it was Joy Jackson who said that the female jockeys should be handled and promoted just as our US female Olympic athletes were, and yes they are all household names now.  If NBC can do that they can do the same for Chantal. I don't think there is any human who can surpass a great equine star and the equine stars staying healthy and around is what is so greatly needed, but promoting Chantal and Dude certainly should boost and help the public image of the sport.  Even Mike Smith isn't well known in the general public and Calvin and young Mario Gutierrez are so personable so promoting all of the jockeys is a good idea which I suggested in marketing suggestions years ago, they are the "button pushers" atop the magnificent creatures they are maneuvering, part of a team, and should be promoted along with the equines.

If NBC (or whoever) is hosting the BC races, then it would be smart to air some stories now and get the public salivating for more stories and a target audience on edge until the BC Classic race, so one would think.  I remember when Danica burst upon the scene and it's not much different than Chantal, just a different sport, both females proving they can make it in a male dominated sport.  I think you are right Steve and someone should run with your idea.

More headlines could be:

"Dude Looks Like A Lady"

"Chantal and Dude Get Their Game On"

"All Duded Up"

"Chantal Gets Game Face On In Classic"

13 Aug 2012 7:21 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

Karen in Texas

   I didn't see the ESPY's. I don't believe I ever have. I'm not much for awards shows not even the Academy Awards anymore, and I have an incredible ability to avoid commercials. I mute them and divert my visual attention elsewhere. It gets a little tricky to get back in time so that I don't miss anything but I've gotten really good at that also. I'm not saying that her name never popped up in my presence but I don't remember if it did. There may be a memory deep in my subconscious but I'm not aware of it. Maybe hypnosis would help, I don't know.  " At ze zound of my fingers snapping you vill remember everyting about Danica Patrick. You vill go deep into your subconscious for ze last ten years and ven I snap my fingers again you vill recite ze knowledge you have."  Dr. Von Nostrom snaps his fingers and I'm still at a loss to verbalize anything about her. The doctor is astonished !!!! "Zat's impossible !!!! How could this be. Your case vill go down in medical history !!!!!"

13 Aug 2012 7:38 PM
Steve Haskin

Kincsem, you are putting words in my mouth. I never said Chantal was a good jockey or a bad jockey. I merely said her relationship with Game On Dude is a great story and that IF she wins the Classic, she would be very easy to market. Danica Patrick hasnt won anything, yet she does a lot for her sport through marketing.

13 Aug 2012 7:39 PM
Old Old Cat

Steve, it finally happened.  you weren't dreaming.  At three in the morning an Angel of the Lord must have spoken to you.  Congratulations, God is listening.  

Seriously, everything you are saying makes sense, as it always does.  Inspiration comes at strange times, and it is our responsibility to proclaim it and stand by our convictions.  You followed through even though you may have felt that you would have been ridiculed.

On creating a public image superstar, what would be the best pathway?  TV is necessary, but when the door is open, the follow up media might be internet based: twitter, faceblook, or whatever else is hot.

Chantel and Mike could create a phony ex-lovers spat and be on TV pretending to hate each other.  That is what two ex-TV personalities did with The Donald and Rosie having their "feud", and getting enough air time to be considered germaine again.

Just a thought, though not divinely inspired like yours.

13 Aug 2012 7:53 PM
Rachel NH

I find Kathy and Mucho Macho Man a much better story...I really like Rosie and Emma, too, they have great attitudes for young horse crazy girls to admire...

13 Aug 2012 8:00 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

Karen in Texas

   Of course I used to watch commercials. I still love the old Alka-Seltzer commercials. The No Matter What Shape one was good but my absolute favorite was when they had the pie eating contest. I remember the line, "what was it blueberry?" Do you remember that one?  Just a few minutes ago a very vague memory popped into my head from when I was flipping through a magazine at the dentist's office and there was an article about a female race car driver but I didn't read it so I only saw it for a split second. I hope that helps.

13 Aug 2012 8:03 PM

Quick change of topic as I just read Paynter won't be in the Travers.  I thought it odd that he shipped to Belmont, I thought Saratoga was supposed to be the "all healing place" for horses?  Anyway, glad he is well but Baffert knows best and thinks the timing is just too tight for the Travers.  It's not running or making the race it's the aftermath of it and what effect it would have on Paynter.  Baffert is being cautious and as much as I would love to see Paynter ace the Travers

we don't want to see him spent either by pushing for the Travers.  Baffert knows best and I agree with this philosophy.  Will Paynter remain at Belmont or ship to train in Pa now?  The Belmont stop is a little confusing.  

13 Aug 2012 10:32 PM
Paula Higgins

Yes Rachel NH, Kathy and Mucho Macho Man would be a great story. Danica Patrick has an edge over Chantal because it is about a beautiful woman driving a racing car. She is more beautiful than the car and in pretty much a man's world. The problem for Chantal, and all women in horse racing, is that they cannot compete with a horse. Danica is probably more interesting than the car, but Chantal et al. are not going to be more interesting than the horse. When Zenyatta was in the winner's circle with Bo Derek, how many people said wow, that's Bo Derek and forgot Zenyatta? Maybe a few rwenty-one year old males with raging hormones but that's it.

13 Aug 2012 11:10 PM
Ted from LA

Dr. D,

Drink about 20 Nascar beers (Busch Lite or Coors Lite)and you'll remember Danica.  Steve, if you're going to start taking about handsome male jockeys, this article isn't sexist.

14 Aug 2012 12:36 AM
an ole railbird

dr. drunkin bum,

 why would we EVER want to do away with claiming races?

is this the next stap in the dumbing down horse racing?

that is the way it looks to me.

the next target, by the unkowning public, after their witch hunt over lasix & bute. will be claiming races.

 what is the difference between a race for a price,& one that the condictions are "non winners since moby dick was a minnow".

 the purpose of a claiming race is so a trainer or an owner can class their own horse.

 you, sir, nor all your fellow fans, that are not knowledgeble with the mechnics of horse racing, dont need to even go there.

because you are in over your head.

but i hope you have anice day, while you are researching some of the facts, that your so badly, need to know.

i remain,

"an ole railbird".

14 Aug 2012 8:02 AM

I watched Chantal on the "Jockeys" show, and thought she was very pretty and charismatic. With all the attention that female athletes are now receiving, especially with their great successes at the London Olympics, someone should be promoting the heck out of Chantal!

14 Aug 2012 9:22 AM

Should it not be, Game on Chantel! She is a fierce competitor on the track AND a beautiful woman. Mike Smith, (at least on the show) was willing to leave their relationship so her career could continue to progress. How many men would have been on that moral highground?

14 Aug 2012 9:47 AM

And yet she was just banned for brutally whipping a horse just after being reminded of the more humane rules in England regarding use of the whip. Is there really anyone in the racing industry who looks at a horse as something other than a money making machine to be used and discarded unless a rescue steps in?

14 Aug 2012 1:23 PM
Steve Haskin

Brutally? You know that first hand I assume, having seen her brutally whipping a horse? If you didnt witness it what are you basing your comment on? That she was fined? So were two other jockeys unfamiliar with Britain's strict whip rules. Do you think she would have been given only 4 days had she brutally whipped her horse? The British press would have crucified her.

14 Aug 2012 2:08 PM

Chantal is an opportunist and NOT deserving of being called the "next Julie Krone". Just watch the 2011 Pacific Classic to see PVal give her a lesson in subtly shutting off the lane of your opponent, just as she's making her move, and then accelerating away to dishearten the horse. He taught her a lesson in race riding and will do it every time because she obviously didn't spend enough time in the lower ranks learning her craft. If the race doesn't set up perfectly for her to win, she's not going to win it with tactics. She's not capable.

14 Aug 2012 2:25 PM

I did not see that specific race but in my humble opinion, any time a living creature is beaten with a whip for no reason whatsoever except the desire to make money, that is enough to tag it as brutal. And really Steve, I don't think those were light taps but rather as hard and as often as is done in the states and she just didn't get away with it.

14 Aug 2012 2:33 PM

It had been mentioned during the broadcast of the Olympics that there was an increase in female athletes participating in the Games.  The U.S. was no exception having more women represent our country than ever before.  In turn, these women dominated the U.S. Metal Count.  Since ringing in the Millennium, females on all levels of horse racing are beginning to be heard.  Just think of how many females horses have won Grade 1 events usually dominated by colts and the HOY honors have been awarded to 3 consecutive female horses.  While I know Game on Dude (with Chantal aboard) has been the focus of perhaps winning the BC Classic, what about female trainer Kathy Ritvo and her horse, Mucho Macho Man?  Her backstory is already an inspiring one, but if her horse makes it to the Classic and wins, that would be incredible.  Of course, the subject of this blog has been about female jockey, Chantal Sutherland.  She along with Rosie Napravnik have been making small inroads with some important Grade 1 wins.  It would be terrific if the NTRA would seize the opportunity to market this "Girl Power", but I doubt it considering their lack of direction.  Likewise, I have little expectations from the folks at NBC who will broadcast the BC races.  Their coverage of the TC was horrible and the only story on "The Nightly News with Brian Williams" featured the so-called drug scandal concerning I'll Have Another based on the NY Times article.  Too bad.  Personally, I think the NTRA needs to hire a "heavy hitter" in the world of marketing/advertising--perhaps even someone out of Hollywood to promote the females in the sport (equine and human) and give horse racing a much needed positive image boost, and who knows, maybe even pick up some new fans along the way as well.

14 Aug 2012 2:45 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

Ted From LA

  Ted, you're a genius. After drinking a case of the new Nascar DP 20-20 Malt Liquor Talls I'm ready to make a movie, "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Danica Patrick But Were Afraid to Ask."

14 Aug 2012 3:34 PM
Jean in Chicago

We sure have come a long way since Velvet Brown had to pretend to be a boy to ride The Piebald in the Grand National (written in 1935).

14 Aug 2012 4:10 PM

Does everyone notice how restrained I have been not posting my first thoughts here?  I agree with Ted,tho: how about some comments re: handsome male jockeys?

To continue actually on point:

Dr. D: I thought you were being sarcastic (and once again, I bemoaned the lack of a sarcastic emoticon) when you said you didn't know Danica Patrick.  Unfortunately, with all her pretty girl pictures all over the place, she's the only female driver I even know.

Re: female jockeys, I remember the big kerfuffle because Abby Fuller was kept on Mom's Command.  How dare a mere girl ride a champion horse!  Have we come a long way, baby?

(Go baby go??)

14 Aug 2012 4:33 PM
an ole railbird

 i dont think any 110 lb., female, is capible of 'brutally beating a horse" a horse with a common jockeys stick.

come on people. why dont you grow up.

this is not "story book land".

 "an ole railbird".

14 Aug 2012 4:50 PM
Steve Haskin

Barb, admitting you didnt see the infraction confirms that your comment is baseless. No one is more against whip abuse than me and I am the first to admonish a jockey for doing so, but you still have to know what youre talking about before you use words like brutally. If you dont like Chantal Sutherland just say so without making false claims. In England, it's more about the number of times a rider hits a horse than the force of the whip.

14 Aug 2012 5:22 PM
Steve Haskin

Kincsem, who compared Chantal to Julie Krone?

14 Aug 2012 5:22 PM

barb:  I think I may have met you at hollywood park back in the grand days of Zenyatta.  You showed me the picture you just had taken of John Shirreffs and yourself, and we chatted about Russell Baze aboard the oldtimer Lang Field in the last race.  Imo, Chantal shouldn't be judged harshly for breaking the whip rules at Ascot, where the whip is basically being phased out;  afterall, she was just doing what is acceptable practice over here in the states.  I only hope this is cleared up and she remains on Game on Dude for the Pacific Classic.  Those two are an amazing team.  Don't know who of the top two I want to see win it, Acclamation or the Dude.  Both are worthy champs.

I really didn't know what to think about Chantal at first, but an incident I observed in the saddling area at Santa Anita this year makes me believe that she is a caring person.  A then Asmussen trained horse named Matto Mando was obviously distraught and kicked a young woman in the arm when she walked behind him.  Luckily it sounded much worse than it actually was, but what impressed me was that two jockeys went out of their way to look in on her as she was being attended to by medics just outside the jocks room.  One was Mike Smith and the other was Chantal.  Btw, the old gelding Matto Mando (CHI), who back in the day was the morning line favorite for the SA Handicap, is in trouble.  He started out in this country with the great trainer Richard Mandella, who gelded him and then put him in a claiming race which allowed O'Neill to cash in on a couple of his victorys, after which Asmussen claimed him for too much money and the horse has been dropping like a stone ever since.  I believe he last raced at Del Mar couple weeks ago in a Starter Allowance for a small time trainer for a tag of 16K, where he came in dead last... very sad, and it's not going to end well for him.  

As far as racing in general goes, the horses are the star of the show;  but without the human supporting cast, it would definitely be less interesting.  

14 Aug 2012 5:48 PM

Jimmy The Hat, on the Jockey Show.

14 Aug 2012 6:12 PM

OK Steve, you win....I agree,, being hit by a 110 lb woman or for that matter 120 lb man wouldn't hurt no matter how many times it is done...have you ever counted...I am a soft hearted fool who is just saddened by all aspects of the industry ranging from soring to hypersensitivity to the Assmussen mares being shipped to slaughter...horses have provided man with food, covering from the cold, transportation, entertainment and plowed our fields and carried riders into battle. I won't live to see it but maybe someday we can treat them with the respect they have earned...yes, you win.

14 Aug 2012 6:25 PM

There are so many things marketing could do.  As I like to say if the fictitious Don Draper of "Mad Men" was real then Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce could have an account called the NTRA and the problem would be solved.

TVG (which is California based), all male dominated I might ad, could even have a show with a format similar to "The View" and have Christina Oliveras host along with hosts  Bo Derek, Jill Baffert, Donna Brothers, with occasional guests like Chantal. Women seem to naturally love horses so someone should expound and capitalize on that attraction and capture that audience.  

If NBC hosts the TC races they should not virtually disappear from horseracing until the BC.  The general public needs to have that gap filled in and most people never heard of TVG or HRTV.   Of course the ultimate horseracing show on TVG or Bloodhorse TV would be "The Steve Haskin Show."

TVG or HRTV could even have a cartoon portion on Saturday mornings where the star horses are "animated" and speak like I make them speak.  If Hansen kid fans send in pictures of his tail colored blue then kids are out there and are a target audience too to get interested in this glorious sport at an early age.  Market to women, market to kids, market to this young male demographic betting fan base they are trying to get, but market.  Ok, if these things happen I get commission!!!!!!!!!!

14 Aug 2012 7:02 PM
Lammtarra's Arc

Great article Steve,

Our Racing up in Canada is fantastic, and we enjoyed having Chantal race here, and we were even more proud to have her in California taking a shot at a big time So Cal circuit.  BUT I must say that out of the 3 top female Jocks Emma - Jayne Wilson takes the cake.  she is such a solid, and intelligent jock, and she is the ONLY one out of the big 3 who have actually won a Classic race for males.  GO EMMA! Cheers Steve :)

14 Aug 2012 7:43 PM
Karen in Texas

kincsem----Perhaps I'm confused. In your 2:25 P.M. comment today, you called Chantal an opportunist--why? Whether she's the next Julie Krone or not, I fail to see how being outridden by PVal in the 2011 Pacific Classic has anything to do with Julie Krone or with being opportunistic. Wouldn't you expect someone who has been riding since 1978 (PVal) to be better and more accomplished than someone who has been riding since 2000 (Chantal)?

14 Aug 2012 7:46 PM

The word "brutally" is truly subjective. I believe that any animal subjected to physical abuse is being treated brutally. If being whipped is not abuse then I don't know what is. What exactly, Mr. Haskin, do you consider brutal?

I'll put it this way; if you were lashed in the manner of these magnificent creatures, would you think that was brutal?Ms. Sutherland has always been free with her whip. The British don't stand for it and she should have done her homework. So she is going to pay the price.

14 Aug 2012 7:47 PM
Steve Haskin

I will repeat, opsherr, in case you didnt understand the first time, I am against the use of the whip. especially excessive use. But you either accept its use or you find something else. I hate when I see a horse abused with the whip, but I dont have the power to stop it. Many of the new whips they have now the horses barely feel, they are so light. If you feel any use of the whip is brutal i dont understand why youre still a fan of the sport. Once again I hate seeing a horse hit with the whip and I have been as critical of the whip as anyone and dont appreciate being preached to.

14 Aug 2012 9:20 PM
El Kabong


Chantal is a great story and would be an ideal centerpiece to support the industry. It's amazing how many people twisted this story to propel an argument for something else( jockey comparisons, role models, humane treatment for thoroughbreds).  And to think you got all that out of a simple header. She's a magnet for sure.

14 Aug 2012 10:11 PM
El Kabong

Dr. D

Thanks for the memories. Larry Mondello! Someone needs a whole stable full of leave it to beaver named horses. Eddie Haskell would have to be the favorite.

14 Aug 2012 10:16 PM

I swear I was more posts but then Rachel and Zenyatta came up and only time will tell if these two great horses who won the hearts of the entire country will spend their retirement being bred to death with their foals removed to nurse mares so the cycle can continue...also Steve, I have thoroughly enjoyed your columns and you have written some great feelings anti-Chantal...any more than anyone else who makes their living as a jockey or trainer or money driven owner, I am done.

14 Aug 2012 10:36 PM
Dr Drunkinbum

El Kabong

  There is one horse named Lumpy, he had one win in 35 starts. There are twelve named Wally, and seven named Beaver. One named June Cleaver. At least Eddie Haskell had a major stakes race named after him- The Haskell at Monmouth Park. "My what a lovely dress you're wearing today Mrs. Cleaver." There are three named Mondello. I'm sure there are plenty more with the same first name as many of the characters but not named after them. June Cleaver would certainly seem to be named after Mrs. Cleaver. And probably Lumpy is named after Lumpy Rutherford. Chantal reminds me a little of Penny. I think it's possible for Chantal to win the Classic this year and Rosie to win the Derby next year and then they could do a Miller Lite commercial. "Tastes great, less filling." I think Steve is on to something here. I wonder how much Danica Patrick weighs. Maybe she could pull the rare two professional sports trick and be a jockey too. I still don't know what she looks like but I'm sure I'll find out. One thing is certain about all of them- they are not only good looking but brave as hell too. None look as beautiful as the Great Queen Zenyatta but good looking nevertheless. (I'm going by the word of others on DP.)

15 Aug 2012 12:37 AM
Dr Drunkinbum


   I have been disturbed by that issue of taking the foals from their mother's also and wondered how it effects them. I don't know much about it but I was wondering. I was also wondering if any of the female athletes mentioned here can dance as well as Zenyatta.

   I do applaud your passion for animal rights. As far as horse racing is concerned I believe that horses are better off with the sport than without it. Progress within the sport is being made. I have a feeling that forums like this one have contributed to the awareness of issues and progress within the sport for better care of the horses. I think retirement organizations for them are growing too. It's far from perfect but so is everything else.

15 Aug 2012 12:56 AM

Dr. D

I'm not sure is worse…

You not knowing diddly squat about claiming races or you being derided about claiming races by an ole railbird whose grammar isn't worth diddly squat???

15 Aug 2012 1:14 AM
Steve Haskin

Hey, people, let's not ignore the first love of my life, Miss Landers. And we're not giving enough mention to Gilbert, Richard, and Whitey, who replaced Larry in the same theme every show -- Ward: "Beaver, dont touch my power saw."  Hey, Beav, let's try your dad's power saw."  "I cant, my dad said not to mess with it."   Aw come on Beav, what harm can it do."  "Yeah, what harm can it do." -- Power saw broken. "Gee, Beav, your dad's gonna clobber you." Ward gives Beaver pep talk, end of show.

15 Aug 2012 1:48 AM
The Deacon

In a million lifetimes I never thought "Leave it to Beaver" would show on one of Steve's blogs. Although I watched the Cleaver clan growing up, I am more of a "Happy Days" kind of guy.

Fonzie "The Fonz" Fonzarelli, Richie, Joanie, Howard, Ralph Malph and Potsie Webber.

In fact Steve you remind me of the Fonz, always so cool under pressure and knowing what to say at the right time.

Loved this article Steve, I understood your point.

Ron Palillo of Welcome Back Kotter died yesterday, Mr. Horshack. He was only old timers are losing of our stars, the ones we grew up watching.

15 Aug 2012 5:00 AM
Dr Drunkinbum

Since this is an article about marketing successful females we would be remiss if we didn't mention that Barbara Parkins, later of Peyton Place and Valley of the Dolls fame once played Beaver's babysittier in an episode. And we must not forget Judy Hensler, Mary Ellen Rogers, Angela Valentine and Violet Rutherford.

15 Aug 2012 10:03 AM
Dr Drunkinbum

I almost forgot. Julie Foster !!!! She was also in The Mickey Mouse Club and many other TV shows. (Cheryl Holdridge).

15 Aug 2012 10:16 AM

Dr D: NOW you've started it:

Nichelle Nichols (looked tough to keep that thingie in her ear all the time but at least she was on the Bridge); Marlo Thomas (THAT Girl); and Stephanie Powers (she was not a girl, but still, from UNCLE); and all those ladies, including the Beav's mother, who always wore pearls, even when doing the housework AND putting up with those dumb Mad Men when they came home for dinner.

Also, Susan St. James in McMillan and Wife: Barbara ?(sorry: I can't remember her last name) as the only woman in Ironside's group of investigators; and Angela Cartwright in Lost in Space (who I didn't know until later had been a Von Trapp)

And who was the girl in Sky King?

15 Aug 2012 11:04 AM

If you look closely, you will see that many of the whip strokes are aimed at the saddle cloth.

In most equestrian endeavors, the rider asks the horse for more effort with seat and legs. Aerodynamics dictate that the race rider doesn't have these tools. There are places where the whip is appropriate: go NOW; keep going, the race is not over just because you've got your head in front; straighten out; keep trying, don't quit, he might come back to you . . .

I don't think it can reach the level of "brutality" with the whips they carry nowadays -- compared to a few decades ago it's like whipping with a scarf -- but what I hate to see is a rider whaling on a horse who is home and cooled out when she should be wrapping up on him. What is that about? Trying to prove she's tough when there's nobody within range of her 'colorful vocabulary'?

Not trying to start a war, I won't mention any names, but it's the same one of the three riders we're discussing who leads the stats for failing to get her horse cleanly out of the gate an ungodly percentage of the time and seems to have no sense of pace whatsoever.

15 Aug 2012 11:30 AM

Just an aside -- a Frankel unbeliever wrote "Who has he beaten? Excelebration?"


15 Aug 2012 11:31 AM

Ummm, ladies, ladies - what is this about foals being taken from their dams so the cycle can continue?

You have the wrong species. Foals are taken from their dams for about 10 minutes so the cycle can continue. Mares are not infertile while lactating. They're back in heat less than two weeks after foaling.

Foals are put on nurse mares for health reasons such as Rh incompatibility, or when their dams are not producing sufficient milk for them. Most farms keep a couple of potential nurse mares around in case of an orphan foal.

15 Aug 2012 11:51 AM
Karen in Texas

barb---- Am I reading/understanding your 8/14 10:36 P.M. post to say that the foals of Zenyatta and Rachel A. were, and will continue in the future, to be removed to nurse mares? Please cite your source. As far as I can determine that is not correct, and I would appreciate seeing your information. You will find on Zenyatta's website that her foal was weaned ~yesterday along with an explanation of weaning procedures for most thoroughbred foals. If you click on "Lane's End Visit" you will find a "tweet" to the right side of the page by the Mosses announcing the foal's recent weaning. Similar information can be found on Stonestreet's Rachel Alexandra site.  It does not appear that either foal was removed from his mother's care/presence until this summer, when the weaning began. The foals are ~5 and 7 months of age.

15 Aug 2012 12:12 PM

I wanted to respond to the idea of bringing in new fans for the sport via way of "fresh" faces. I've thought of this often, as I've watched interest in the sport decline dramaticly over the years. In the 1960's my mother started watching soap operas, daily, for decades she followed the characters and plots. I was going to the track with my dad in the 60's. I grew up following the ponies. I could never sit through 30 minutes of one of mom's soaps. My mom watches the big races on TV and picks the horses out by color. She has no idea who they are, where they come from. How is it possible to tell her all she missed? You almost need the history of this game to see the true beauty of it. I believe that's why it's so hard to recruit new fans into the sport. If you missed the glory days of the past, you missed too much. Some would say, you missed it all. Even though I didn't see Man O'War and other legends of that era, I read about them, heard stories, and they're in my heart and mind. Horse racing is dying with US. All that may be left of the greatest sport on earth could be mere words on paper. "Fresh faces", only if they have cotton stuffed in their ears. We need more horses like Zenyatta to give a blood transfusion to our anemic sport, and that's a tall order.

15 Aug 2012 1:45 PM

Karen in Texas,

Yes, I would expect P Val to ride better - which is the point of my contention. Chantal does not deserve all the accollades she gets as a rider, because she does not deserve them. And she is an opportunist because she is using her looks to attain a level of competition she would not have entree` to without that pretty face (or, it could be argued, being Mike Smith's fiancee for a while ).


who's barn is Motto Mondo in? I have found homes or rescues for several OTTBs (and own one myself)and would love to help.

15 Aug 2012 2:58 PM
El Kabong

Steve, Dr. D

Any show with Gilbert was a treasure. There was always one guy in the pack that knew how to encourage trouble then duck out. Gilbert  knew how to create a mess and then excuse himself tactfully. He was also very skilled at pointing out the obvious stupidity after the fact. All the essentials of a budding politician if I'm not mistaken.

15 Aug 2012 4:56 PM
Karen in Texas

kincsem----Thanks for your reply. I don't believe Chantal is receiving an unwarranted number of accolades for her riding abilities--most opinions seem to describe her as good, but not great. Her 'level of competition' speaks for itself, and she could well win the Classic if G.O.D. is primed for another good effort. I'm wondering how she used her pretty face to achieve the Sovereign Award as Canada's top apprentice jockey in 2001--there must have been some stats to back that up. I guess we can agree to disagree on some of this....time will tell how she will be viewed historically. (BTW, your second sentence above says, "she does not deserve, because she does not deserve..."??

15 Aug 2012 5:06 PM
Linda in Texas

I think that this particular blog has introduced more subjects not having to do with the subject 'Chantal' at all, than any blog we all have read and ever responded to.

Just reading this and the posts takes history back how many, 50 years?? And diddly squat 100.

Summing it up, one horse is in trouble and probably needs a rescue referring to I Like Candy's mention of Matto Mando, since some mares were dropped of at Round Mountain in Texas, maybe best we be on the look out for Mando! That is the most pressing subject to me that needs tending to.

Then Chantal is pretty and i am in agreement. Don't think i ever see a horse being smacked but across the side of the saddle cloth and never on the backside or neck. It is not made out of a steel rod for God's sake. Sometimes the jockey will raise the whip and get the horse's attention by the horse just knowing that dad nabbed thang is behind him!

Never watched "The Jockeys."

Let's see, Beaver, yes guilty. Not much else on then. Loved The Fonz. Deacon he had a head of hair in a pompadour, wasn't that his style.

White tee shirt and black leather jacket and short black boots. Cool man, totally cool!

Hope I Like Candy answers kincsem.

Glad you wrote a new article Steve.

I was about to write can't we all just get along. Speaking of which, Rodney King passed away over a month ago.

And Deacon, hello to you sir.

And an ol'rail bird, what books do you read?  Thought i better spiff up my vocabulary and my spellin' cuz i don't know as much as Dr. Drunkinbum, and you blistered him

with your come upin's pretty good.

And diddly squat. Now that is serious stuff there! I don't think i would care to meet diddly squat.

Sounds rankish to me.

And my final take away from this  article which was not Steve's intent is: Danica needs to stay away from Paynter.

Lunar spook - favorite newest post name.

And Oldie - you are the best. I will admit i liked auto racing too until Dale Sr, lost his life. You are a good sport to admit it.

I LIKE CANDY - see kincsem's post please 15 Aug 2012 2:58 PM.

Thanks, Steve.

And my very best for a full and speedy recovery to Monarchos who is home from the vet.

Being watched and cared for by tender hearted caring folks,and supervised by Mr. Charles Nuckols, Jr.  He is a gray now, you know.

Love them all.  

15 Aug 2012 5:55 PM
Steve Haskin

I didnt think anyone could get the Beav in more trouble than Larry Mondello, but Gilbert had him beat I think. He was a master instigator, and, yes, would have made a great politician. Of the Beaver girls, let us not forget the irrespresible Judy, perhaps the most obnoxious girl ever.

15 Aug 2012 5:57 PM

Hi kincsem.  Eight-year-old Matto Mondo was claimed during the Hollywood Park meet by trainer Justin Evans of Turf Paradise.  A simple google of his name brings up things like the following:  Mar 28, 2012 ... Justin Evans had 7 positives for alcohol in Arizona and is not eligible for ... He

has had multiple infractions over the years for all sorts of misconduct.  

Currently the gelding is at the $12.5K claimer level.  I think it's sad.  Thanks.

15 Aug 2012 10:57 PM
The Deacon

Linda in Texas:  A very kind hello to you as well and all the other familar bloggers.............

16 Aug 2012 2:52 AM

With Paynter and Bodiemeister's careers now on the ropes as they threaten to join the ranks of Grade 1 horses dropping like flies this year, the only hope for racing's image seems to be to change the focus to the more constant human element. So pump Chantal and market her wherever and whenever possible. Of course, it will all be naught if there's nothing left on the track for her to ride. In this current generation of brittle, drug weakened horses the odds must be long that Game on Dude can and will make it in sound condition to the BC Classic.

16 Aug 2012 9:06 AM
Fran Loszynski

Paynter should run in the Travers. He deserves that final turn and down the stretch because of his awesome run in the Belmont. Hope he's okay.

I once read Steve that colts love to be around female humans. They love their tender touch on their foreheads. So female jockeys really already have an "in" with racehorses. I wish instead of being 5'4 1/2 inches I turned out to be 4'8"! I know when I visit Afleet Alex and pet his forehead star he bobs his head up and down and sideways!!!

16 Aug 2012 11:19 AM
lunar spook

LINDA IN TEXAS- thanx for the compliment on my user name , i have 6 all time favorite horse names: lunar spook, demons begone, giants causeway, bates motel, criminal type, ichobad crane and pants on fire !

16 Aug 2012 11:35 AM

Karen in Texas,

Yes the repeat was for emphasis. Thanks for picking up on that! You might notice that the level of competition in Canada is perhaps not as stiff as it is at Santa Anita, or Belmont. If it were, our top jockeys would be going THERE to ride. That being said, all the attention Chantal gets is for her looks, not for her superior jockey skills.I thought women were supposed to be beyond this idiotic behavior, but I guess not. The Brits saw right through her, didn't they?

16 Aug 2012 11:57 AM

Kincsem::  did you just diss Woodbine?!?!?

Nothing like kicking us when we're down!

16 Aug 2012 9:21 PM
Linda in Texas

lunar spook your mention of Pants on Fire made me think of SWEET DUCKY.

Alex'sBigFan - or anyone, any news any place about him? I liked him a lot and bam he was gone.

Meant to ask about him in my post yesterday.

Keeping it short. So have a great week end all. And happy and safe horse racing to man and beast alike.

Thanks Steve. This blog makes a week go by pretty quickly and i love the week ends! Plus look at all we learn. And i respect so many here who have been in and around this sport since they were little tykes learning from their dads. And that is nice. Love those dads. And miss mine for sure.


16 Aug 2012 10:29 PM

Whoa. Chantal is "using" her looks to get rides? Just what, exactly, would that involve? What would she do to "use" her looks that she would not otherwise do?

Take the bag off her head?

It's reasonable, if snarky, to suggest that Chantal's looks get her more attention than she would get were she plain, but to describe her looks as some tactic she employs is just silly.

If it was a tactic she employed, we'd all be copying her. Even Mike.

17 Aug 2012 3:49 AM
Karen in Texas

I agree, Cassandra.Says, with your 3:49 A.M. post. Maybe I wasn't expressing it quite so plainly, but I suspect kincsem (and a few others) just don't "like" Chantal in the first place.

Yes, mz, I do believe Woodbine was dissed in order to make a point tangentially...

17 Aug 2012 2:24 PM

Cassandra, Since Chantal's riding skills are about average in the competition whe keeps, I find it rather fair to say she is benefitting from the attention to her looks. Would you say that's a fair statement? Mike doesn't have to copy her; he can ride. And when he uses his famous left handed whip, you don't see his mounts bumping the outside competition like hers do, repeatedly.

Steve, I tracked down Justin Evens and told him we were discussing Matto mondo on a national blog. He said the owners  insisted on running that long at Del Mar. Now, a different set of Justin's owners own Matto Mondo and will run him 6 1/2 , one turn at Zia Park. I told him I would be interested when Matto Mondo is no longer able to run. He said he took my contact info...I left a message at the CARMA office for Lucinda Mandella, hoping that she would have a spark of interest. Please help me keep track of the horse. Thanks!

17 Aug 2012 3:17 PM

Linda in Texas,

I was thinking about Sweet Ducky after IHA's Japan deal was announced.  I have no idea on Sweet Ducky's well being.  He is supposedly in Russia.  Maybe we should try to get an inquiry going.

Or maybe if the Halls, who sold him, read any of Steve's blogs they can answer the question if they have kept tabs on what the Chechen president did with Sweety Ducky.  Last I heard he was going to run the Russian Derby after a poor performance in Dubai.  What has transpired after I have no idea.  


How cute with Alex!  I hope you get to go soon.  I wish I could go.  Alex loved kids so I guess that is why he responds to shorter people.  God knows what Alex would do with me, I am 5'9" and wear heels all the time and that puts me at about 6'.  Alex was bottle fed milk by the breeder's little girl so that is where his love of children comes into play, they are his "mother."  

And poor Hansen had "mommie dearest" for a mother.  Land O' Goshen!!!!!!!!!!  Lucy said that in an episode once and that is the name of the farm where Hansen was born!!!!!

17 Aug 2012 6:41 PM

barb, where in the world did you get the idea that Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra's foals were taken from them and raised by nurse mares?

Until the two colts were weaned (at the normal age for horses being weaned) both were nursed and raised by their dams. There are plentiful pictures and videos all over the web of the two great mares with their foals. They are a joy to see!

Horses usually have a foal a year in the wild - and that is without the expert care (medically and otherwise) a top broodie receives. if a mare's body is not up to carrying a foal in any particular year she will either not conceive or will slip (miscarry) the foal either in the wild or on a farm.

This is in contrast to humans and our biology. In nature (or at least in those few hunter/gatherer societies still left, which is as close to nature as you can find our species) human mothers tend to have babies spaced about four years apart, or so my anthropology professors said. This is across culturals and across environments.

And when you think about it - the weaning of horses at a few months old and the weaning of humans at about four years old is actually pretty close developmentally per species. Both take place when the child/foal can move around well and survive on foods other than mother's milk.

Now - nurse mares do happen - primarily either when the mother mare passes away or for some other reason cannot provide milk - or when the mother rejects the baby. But under usual circumstances, broodmare mothers raise and nurse their own foals - and most of them pretty obviously enjoy motherhood.

Back to the main subject of the blog - Chantal is a very attractive woman, and I see no reason why she cannot be played up in the media. Horse racing needs all of the positive press it can get. So why not play up Chantal and Game on Dude at the BC?

18 Aug 2012 1:32 AM

Bottom line from Zero Mostel:

If you've got it . . .


19 Aug 2012 9:35 PM

Wow I've  been missing all this fun! Better than f.b. Way past time for racing to wake up& promote/market!! the personalities ; the(too often Fragile)stars- the horses.also the Jockeys,trainers,owners. we have many great characters & interesting stories that "regular" people find fascinating.My opinion the whip is overrated, the new ones are better ,more awareness education for jocks  needed . Kathy&  M.M.M. are a great story a true miracle and all ate making inroads in  a still very male dominated industry. Ill be back...good stuff  : )

22 Aug 2012 5:31 PM

Very nice article, Chantel is a very attractive lady no doubt but a very average jockey, Rosie is by far the better rider I am surprised Baffert did not switch after her terrible ride ar Dubai, yeaterday she got out broke again, only had one mount for whole day, moved horse way to soon, got outridden by Rosario, lost left line when she switched whip, and apprentice mistake, was gaasping for air when interviewed after race,Smith showed in the match race her lacks she was comrpletely outridden in that event,She is now married and probably realizes there are other things otheer than riding, it is a very tough life

27 Aug 2012 2:26 PM


I spoke with Richard Madella, and then finally got hold of Lucinda Mandella at CARMA (also, Richard's daughter-in-law). She listened to the story of Matto Mondo's fall down the claining ranks and then referred me to a woman who runs Equine Encore Foundation,in Arizona, Patty Shirley. Ms. Shirley has placed horses from Justin Evans barn in the past and told me that actually he is one of the better New Mexico based trainers when it comes to helping horses find a second career or rescue. She spoke with him and called me back and assured me that Justin said he would give her a call when Matto Mondo is ready to retire. The owners, are rescue friendly, too, so hopefully, his story will have a happy ending. If anyone is still paying attention to this thread, please contact Patty at her website and make a donation for Matto Mondo (whom she doesn't have yet, but hopefully will soon). Support these rescues!Thanks!

28 Aug 2012 6:52 PM

Thank God she's moving on!!

21 Oct 2012 9:16 PM

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