Haskin's Classic Report: Mucho Macho is Now The Man

Mucho Macho Man is showing all the signs. You know those signs good horses show when all the stars are aligned perfectly and you know they’re sitting on the race of their life. Between his last race, his two works since that race, his love for Santa Anita, and his marriage made in heaven to Gary Stevens, he couldn’t be coming into the Breeders’ Cup Classic any better.

In looking at Mucho Macho Man’s current form, the first thing to remember is that he a June 15 foal, exceptionally late in the year. With his size and such a late birthday it is amazing he was able to make his career debut in July as a 2-year-old, going six furlongs. But, despite his second-place finishes in the Nashua and Remsen at 2, winning the Risen Star the following February, and finishing third in the Kentucky Derby, there is a strong possibility he is only now peaking and finally becoming the finished product.

Two of his best races have come at Santa Anita, and he obviously loves this track. Also, when he ran a solid third in this year’s Whitney, he was coming off only one race in the past 6 1/2 months. As for that one race, the Alydar Stakes, he was a fresh horse and pressed a :45 4/5 half, so he can be excused for finishing third to top-class stakes horses San Pablo and Hymn Book. And considering he only ran three-quarters of a mile in the Sunshine Millions before being eased on a sloppy sealed track he detested, he actually went into the Whitney off only one and a half races in the past nine months. He was sent off at 8-1 and pretty much ran like a horse who needed the race.

When he got to Santa Anita, the first thing he did was work five furlongs in a bullet :59 1/5, fastest of 58 works at the distance. It was like he was saying it was good to be home and he was now ready for a big effort.

Then, of course, came his dominating victory in the Awesome Again, in which he came home his final three-eighths in a swift :36 3/5. He bounced out of that race with a sharp :47 2/5 work, which is something you always want to see.

With a fast work under his belt, and with so much early speed in the Classic, Ritvo changed tactics in his next work, breaking him off slowly and having him come home fast. And he did just that. After an opening quarter in :26 1/5, he went his next quarter in :24 3/5 and then flew home his final eighth in :11 2/5 with his ears pricked. He galloped out an additional eighth in a strong :12 4/5.

So, now we come to the battle plan for the Classic, where strategy could dictate who wins and who loses. And when it comes to sports, what is more interesting to discuss than strategy and how to beat your opponent and how to avoid compromising your chances? With such a contentious pace expected, where your horse is placed and how relaxed he is early becomes all the more important.

Before the Awesome Again Stakes, I posted on Twitter and Facebook that Mucho Macho Man, since his maiden victory in that Calder sprint, was six-for-six when he had the lead at the eighth pole and 0-for-14 when he didn’t, and added that Gary Stevens was the perfect jockey for him, especially with Stevens riding like he did 20 years ago. Well, after the Awesome Again, Mucho Macho Man is now seven-for-seven when he has the lead at the eighth pole. It would seem that stat reveals a weapon that has proven to be deadly accurate. It also reveals a flaw just as accurate.

No statistic is entirely flawless, but this one is pretty startling when you come right down to it.

From the late ‘80s through the ‘90s, Stevens had a knack of waking horses up and getting more out of them than they were used to giving. He was arguably the best pace rider in the country and his strength and aggressive way of riding made him the perfect jockey for big, powerful horses like Silver Charm, Point Given, and Winning Colors.

In Mucho Macho Man’s case, the towering, long-striding colt just wouldn’t or couldn’t pass horses in the final furlong. Whether he was or is capable of it no one can say for sure. All we have are the statistics. But one thing we’ve noticed over the years is, for some reason, horses who don’t pass horses in the stretch often are difficult to pass themselves, which is why it was imperative that Stevens had Mucho Macho Man on the lead before the eighth pole. In fact, he had him on the lead before they even hit the top of the stretch. Would he have still won if he didn’t have the lead at the eighth pole? It’s difficult to tell, because the main danger was behind him and no one really put up a fight in front of him. Again, all we have are the stats.

So, how will this come to play in the Breeders’ Cup Classic, where you’re going to have classy, brilliant horses like Game On Dude, Moreno, Fort Larned, Palace Malice, and Paynter, all of whom like to be on or near the lead, as does Mucho Macho Man, who does rate kindly off the pace if he needs to?

Considering Mucho Macho Man’s statistics, one would think his task of getting to the lead by the eighth pole is going to be much more difficult in the Classic than it was in the Awesome Again. But those stats indicate that still might be the best strategy, regardless of who he has to catch and how many.

The aforementioned horses, as brilliant and talented as they are, just might be easier to pass on the turn than they would in the stretch. On the turn, the speed and pace horses still have not been asked for their run and their jockeys are trying to save as much as they can for the stretch run. It is here that they could be vulnerable to an early sweeping move, especially by a horse who gobbles up ground the way Mucho Macho Man does.

Whoever thought Ron the Greek would have the lead turning for home in the Jockey Club Gold Cup? But if you watch Jose Lezcano, hugging the rail, pushing on him around the turn and driving for the lead while Mike Smith was still sitting chilly on Palace of Malice, you can get an idea how effective the surprise factor can be, especially with a horse proven at a mile and a quarter. By the time Smith finally set Palace Malice down after turning for home, which is where most horses are set down, Ron the Greek already had a clear lead and was gone.

It is after horses are set down in the stretch that their blood is up and their competitive juices start flowing and they become more difficult to pass. Horses normally will dig in and come back again in the final furlong more than they would on the turn, especially if taken by surprise. With a horse like Mucho Macho Man, who is a big intimidating horse with a humongous stride, you have to use that advantage to try to inhale the pace horses with one fell swoop when they are not prepared to repel an attack.

If you can pull that off, you then turn the speed horses, who are brave on the lead, into horses who now must change tactics and try to catch another horse, something they are not accustomed to. And when they suddenly find themselves looking at the backside of a Goliath like Mucho Macho Man, who is kicking in with those huge strides, it becomes a whole different ballgame. And good luck to the deep closers trying to reel in a horse like Mucho Macho Man, who stays every bit of the mile and a quarter.

So, it seems as if it’s all systems go for Mucho Macho Man. Everything has gone perfectly since arriving in California and he appears to be thriving. It just might be that we’re about to see a different Mucho Macho Man than the one who ran so well in last year’s Classic and the one who likely was a bit short in this year’s Whitney.

Now, all that’s left is to wait until Nov. 2 and see where he is at the eighth pole.


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Great article!  This will be my first Breeders Cup, and it is even more exciting to have such a deeply talented field in the Classic.  Of course, since we are from Atlanta we will be cheering our home town horse MMM home.   Safe trips to all and I personally can't wait until next Saturday!!!!!!

27 Oct 2013 8:03 PM
Paula Higgins

Great column Steve! I love MMM and Kathy Ritvo. She is a very fine person and he is the horse that always tries. This is a wonderful analysis of the Breeders Cup Classic and I think you are right, he may have come into his own now. But as you said, much will depend on Gary Stevens having MMM where he needs him to be around the 8th pole. There are several horses in this race who I have a real soft spot for, especially Paynter, but if MMM and Kathy Ritvo win, I would be thrilled.

27 Oct 2013 8:17 PM
Jack Franklin

Will probably be the betting favorite.

27 Oct 2013 9:41 PM

I sure hope you are right, Steve. I've been in MMM's corner ever since 2011, and I've read every one of your articles on him several times.  I loved your recent analysis of where he has to be to win (for him), and you turned out to be right on the money for the Awesome Again. It just gives me a good feeling that Gary Stevens is on him... they seem to have been made for each other.  Timing is everything, and as you mentioned, MMM may just now be maturing into the racehorse he was born to be. That day in the pasture when they thought he was dead and he bounded up and took off, I'm hoping we get to see the grown-up version of that on November 2!! Sure would make up for some of the bad stuff that's happened this year in the sport, for me, anyway.  Monzante, Saginaw, Dullahan, Points Offthebench, etc., etc.  Too many et ceteras!

27 Oct 2013 9:45 PM


If the other trainers and jockeys are reading and believing your statistics on Mucho Macho Man, there's going to be one helluva race around the far turn to the quarter bend. I agree that Gary Stevens is great but Jerry Bailey in my opinion was the best at getting his horse to the lead coming off the far turn. I'll never forget how, on board Red Bullet in the 2000 Preakness, he outmaneuvered Kent Desormoeux on Fusaichi Pegasus, in the race to the bend, coming off the far turn at Pimlico.

Last year Fort Larned stole a march on the "Macho Man" on the far turn and he is being primed to give us an en core. A fit and ready Fort Larned is Mucho Macho Man's biggest danger. The next most dangerous contender has to be Ron The Greek because he's in the best form of his career, he relishes the Santa Anita surface and distance, having won the 2012 Santa Anita Handicap there and showed in the Jockey Club Gold Cup that he is very capable of being close to the pace and will be finishing faster than most in the drive to the wire.

This Breeder's Cup Classic field is deep and competitive but I'm not looking beyond these three for the winner. Paynter and Will Take Charge would not surprise me if the battle up front gets really crazy but proven class usually wins out in these kind of races. My views on the chances of Game On Dude have been shared ad nauseum ...he will falter in the drive, not getting his own way on the lead and may even chuck the gallop before turning for home ...the dude has been there 'n' done that. As my good friend Coldfacts will tell you, history can give a good signal :)

27 Oct 2013 9:53 PM
Uncle Smiley


Please dont forget D. Wayne's stalker, Will Take Charge.

He might just need that big kick to electrify him!


27 Oct 2013 10:39 PM

I have seen clips of MMM working at SA and he looks absolutely magnificent. With that stated I have never been overly impressed with this him.

I recognized that my opinion does not matter but I cannot understand what intrigues people about a horse that won his 1st, G1 race in his 22nd start.

He is hard knocking sort that shows up most times but always finds one or two better. Based on these cold facts, is he to be seriously considered for the top spot in the BCC?  On looks yes! but on historic data no.

His excellent physical condition and exercise spins cannot be ignored but his impressive victory in the Awesome Again should not be misread.

Game On Dude won the Awesome Again impressively in 2012 before contesting the BCC. He was training like a machine in preparation for the 2012 BCC where he eventually finished a disappointing 7th.

GOD also won the 2011 renewal of the Gooddwood subsequently renamed the Awesome Again before his 2011 BCC effort. He finished a fighting second.

It is interesting that GOD did contest the 2013 renewal of the Gooddwood/Awesome Again. Is it a bad luck race for him ahead of the BCC? Probably!

Only one horse that has used the former Goodwood Stakes as final prep for the BCC has actually won it and that’s Tiznow.

I guess I should not be so cynical reading MMM chances as the 2002 BCC winner Valponi is probably the only BCC winner that did not win a G1 before his BCC victory.

MMM is therefore way ahead.

27 Oct 2013 11:02 PM
Bethany Loftis

Thanks for another great article! I've always been to chicken to really bet although handicapping is so much fun, however last year for the Breeder's Cup, I finally sucked it up and placed a $5 WPS on Mucho Macho Man in the Classic. I didn't really have time to think of who to bet as I had just gotten off work and managed to get to Choctaw just in time to make it to the window. I've followed Mucho Macho Man since his early 3 year old year, then, I couldn't help but have a feeling he was going to get better with age. I absolutely loved the patience of his connections as well as his whole story. Even though he didn't win last year, I still screamed like I was at a rock concert. He ran so well to finish second and I believe that helped set him up to come back with a vengeance this year. Good luck and come back to the village safe and sound Mooch!

28 Oct 2013 12:06 AM

Gary Stevens had 5 mounts Sunday, 10/27.  He won 4 and came in 3rd in the last.  He is giving a master's clinic on race riding. Mucho Macho Man is in good hands!

28 Oct 2013 1:26 AM
CArole rio

Steve such a well written article. My husband and I discussed how we felt too he should take command on the turn and at that point he has an advantage. My husband who is an ex jock agrees with you about horses who hang in the stretch compared to when they are on the lead and they are hard to pass and he feels it is because their hearts get big. Although we can't speak for a horse it is always an unexplainable relationship between horse and human how we understand these animals so I have to believe since he is an ex jock and been on those type horses that it is the truth.

We cannot wait until Nov 2nd for MMM to race.  We wish all the BC horses and jockeys a safe trip. Unfortunately they cannot all win and as anyone should expect we are 150% for MMM to win the Classic !!!

28 Oct 2013 7:07 AM
lunar spook

Im just not seeing it , would love to see this horse win it but he just NEVER wins big races , always a bridesmaid never a bride , im from Missouri he will have to show me a win before I lay any coin on him !!!

28 Oct 2013 8:01 AM

Be careful! This horse runs best when he has about 7-8 week off another race. Look at his form last year, and this year. The fact is that they needed to win a G.I with him for stud value, the Awesome Again was the PERFECT spot and PERFECT timing for him. I am not saying he won't win, I am displaying his trends.

28 Oct 2013 9:32 AM

The 2012 BCC was MMM's 6th start of the year.  Of his 5 previous races, he won 3 and was 2nd & 3rd in the others. He secured a comfortable spot when the gates opened for the BCC and was the horse best positioned to challenge Fort Larned on what was a speed favoring track. He had the length of the stretch to pass the resolute leader but could not find extra to achieve same.

His performance in the stretch of the 2012 BCC duplicated his stretch effort in the Woodward that served as his final prep for the Classic. He experienced a bottled up trip to the top of the stretch in the Woodward. When he eventually got free he used his  humongous strides to joined To Honor and Serve but just could not get by. His loss then was blamed on his trip. However, in the BCC he had perfect trip and duplicated his Woodward stretch effort.

When MMM enters the starting gates for the 2013 BCC, it will be with a record of one victory and two 3rds from 4 starts. The number of starts equals the number made by a Paynter the recovering 4YO. His 2013 record preceding the BCC is dismal when compared to his 2012.

The 2013 BCC field is a much more competitive than the 2012. It includes two talented Euros; three talented 3YOs; three multiple G1 winning veteran; a talented recovering 4YO and two other talented 5YOs one of whom bested him in 2012.

There is no doubt that MMM is in excellent physical condition and is training lights out. However, he has made less starts, scored less victories and is facing a tougher field. Will current physical condition and flashy exercise spins be enough to land him a BCC victory? Highly unlikely!

His humongous strides were sufficient to bring him level with the leaders in the 2012 Woodward and BCC, but were not capable of taking him by. If they are not capable of getting his nose in front, there is no path to victory for him.

28 Oct 2013 10:29 AM
Rusty Weisner

I'm with lunar spook and Coldfacts on MMM.  The horse has just won a G1 and has never won at 10f.  Another consideration:  his great performance in last year's Classic came on a biased track in a race where Game on Dude didn't figure.  Game on Dude's presence in the pace will presumably change the race.  That's not to say I'm betting that one -- I'll probably chicken out of this race, take several horses, and look for a winner elsewhere.

I like Steve Haskins' insight into how the race might be run, by the way.

28 Oct 2013 10:51 AM

Coldfacts time to do some fact checking.

Pleasantly Perfect won the Goodwood and did not have a Grade One victory, or even hit the board in a Grade One, prior to his Classic victory in 2003 at Santa Anita.

28 Oct 2013 10:53 AM

Steve, thanks for the insightful article.   Mucho Macho Man has been on my radar screen especially with the anticipated speed battle with Moreno, Graydar, Fort Larned and Game On Dude who lost all chance last year after being steadied at the start.  Gary needs to keep him close, but not too close to that speed and be ready to pounce, as you so eloquently put it.  

At the 2011 Kentucky Derby draw, I sat with some of MMM's ownership group and shared with them how his sire, Macho Uno, was letting everyone who could hear, who was the boss as they brought him over to the paddock for the Ohio Derby at Thistledown in his 3yo year.  What a rogue character Macho Uno was that day.

foxhunter:  Enjoy your first Breeders' Cup.  Try to get to the paddock and see them up close.  

CArole rio:  Thanks for your insight on how horses sometimes deal with each other.

My wife thinks I'm coming down with some kind of ailment.  I tell her it's just Breeders' Cup mania.  Maybe Dr. D. has some wise words of treatment?  

28 Oct 2013 10:56 AM
steve from st louis

Steve, between Will Take Charge and MMM, which is bigger? Compare their action if you could. It appears to me that MMM may be bigger (17.2 hands?), while WTC has more of the skipping action of a turf runner. Which one wears the big boy pants?

28 Oct 2013 12:12 PM

Definitely agree that Mucho Macho Man seems to be in the best form of his career, and his two races at Santa Anita are far beyond anything else he's ever produced. With Stevens on, he'll be very tough if he can get a good trip.

The biggest question to me for how the Classic will unfold is the pace scenario, specifically with respect to Game On Dude and Fort Larned. It's become clear that both of these horses, while ostensibly capable of rating, simply run better when they're on the lead, and it's also pretty clear from their comments in the past few months that both trainers know it. It's gonna be a matter of which one wants it more, and how quick of a pace they're willing to set to get it. I don't think it's inconceivable that we see a duel between these two resulting in a sub 46.3 half, which would likely be disastrous for both. If one backs off and lets the leader go above 47, though, it could be over from there. I'm guessing it will be Fort Larned in front - Game On Dude thus far seems to have shown a slightly better ability to rate. But Baffert might just tell Mike to send, with the memory of Bejarano's sluggish ride in last year's race in mind.

28 Oct 2013 12:36 PM
lunar spook

For any horse players who put any stock in the dosage index (and I do)the classic is taylor made for DECLARATION OF WAR AMD PALACE MALICE. . . . . just saying

28 Oct 2013 3:30 PM
Rusty Weisner


I think you're right.  That's very insightful about the spacing of his races.  

28 Oct 2013 3:41 PM


Your are correct. The data based I used exclude some records for the Goodwood/Awesome Again.

Tiznow is therefore joined by Pleasantly Perfect and Ferdinand as winners of the Goodwood/Awesome Again as preps for the BCC.

On the subject of not having a G1 victory before the BCC, it was not a definitive statement as I specified it was a probability.

Valponi and Cat Thief did not have a  G1 win either before or after to their respective BCC victories.

28 Oct 2013 3:53 PM

Steve thank you. Some very good insight. I am one that believes in MMM and his handlers. They have brought him back this year to be peaking at the perfect time. I look for him to break well and with Gary Stevens urging win this one. Good luck MMM from your friends in Atlanta. By the way we need support for pari mutual wagering in Georgia so please support us.

28 Oct 2013 4:04 PM

Am I terrible for being more interested in the Distaff this year than the Classic?  Royal Delta vs. Princess of Sylmar, Round 2.

28 Oct 2013 6:01 PM
It aint easy being good!

My take on the classic is two things. One make sure you bet on a jockey that knows the race track. I love me some Johnny V but he doesnt know the track like the big three do. Big three being RB,MS& JR. Second look for the stalker. I love ron the greek but he will need to run his eyeballs out to win this race! I think this might be a good time to bet a 3 year old. Typically they are overmatched but I think this is the year Palace Malice can do it! I see a repeat of last year with FL and MMM out front. I think this year GOD will be out front with them softening things up for the midpack stalker!

28 Oct 2013 7:59 PM

I can't get into this horse at all, not sure why but I just don't think he'll be in the mix at all.  I'm going to stick with WTC on most of my tickets, I'll have GoD and RTG on one of my tickets (P3 and P4), I can't see anyone else other than those 3 winning the Classic.

Juvenile Turf : I'm liking Poker Player at 12-1 now that Diamond Bachelor switched to the Juvenile.  I have no idea why they chose to run DB in the Juvenile.

Turf : This is the race I will most likely spread horses for the P3s and P4s.  PoE, Indy Point, Twilight Eclipse and BBK.

Sprint : Was hoping to get 8-1 on Secret Circle in here but I guess that 1:07 got him the 4-1.    

Looks like Wise Dan will again be my best bet of the whole weekend just like last year...having seen the field, I just don't see anyone even coming close.  Barring any injury, WD has already won that race IMO.

Coldfacts : You seem to use history to narrow down your picks and I'm surprised that you forgot one about your pick in the Classic.  I just read Steve's article on GoD and mentioned O'brien has entered 13 horses since 2000, that's over a decade of trying to win the Classic.  What makes you think this is the horse that will win it for him?  Again, I'm surprised that you missed that (or ignored it.)

28 Oct 2013 9:32 PM

It aint easy being good! :  Rafael Bejarano doesn't have a horse in the Classic and Palace Malice, well, Johnny V is on him...

28 Oct 2013 9:36 PM
Greg R

Mucho always has had the potential, but circumstances keep getting in the way so that he can never quite get in a groove.  He's been hopscotched around the country, runs up against off tracks or other problems, his career has stopped and started fitfully......... Finally, conditions seem right and he is coming into the race that counts with momentum.  I doubt Fort Larned can do it again.  Ron the Greek's last race, IF repeated, could win this one - big question mark.  The time he won the Big Cap, the pace melted down all over the track.  G O D is capable of running them into the ground, but will he relax with the big, noisy crowd and with Moreno pestering him?  At least he doesn't need to contend with Graydar or Cross Traffic's speed, as well.  You never know when Flat Out will put forth his A++ effort, either.  I wish them all well, including the young upstarts, but I'll take Mucho to fire a lifetime best or G O D to go out with a bang.  (In a good way.)  

29 Oct 2013 12:46 AM


29 Oct 2013 12:29 PM
It aint easy being good!

Thank Jay jay for the post! Well that means I have narrowed my picks down to three horses. Declrations of War, WTC and possibly a bomb! No horse 6 or older has won the classic so you can toss GOD, RON. Post 1 is an auto toss for me! Same goes for the extreme outside! Has a 3 year old ever won the classic before?

29 Oct 2013 12:50 PM


O'Brien has finished 2nd in the Classic twice.

He never considered that Turf Classic for DOW and that gives me confidence that he thinks the 4YO will hand the dirt.  

29 Oct 2013 1:18 PM

I find it interesting that so few have considered how good Declaration of War or Palace Malice could be in this race. Will Take Charge will be in the hunt as well. This is setting up to be a bang up horse race. If MMM wins it he will have to run the race of his life. Whoever loses I like a race where there are no excuses and I do hope it is one of those. Everyone come home safe with a check.

29 Oct 2013 1:22 PM
lunar spook

CRIS- I agree with you I like declaration of war and palace malice also !!! with will take charge coming late , great minds think alike !!  good luck !!!

29 Oct 2013 2:06 PM

Coldfacts :  One can argue that since older horses have come in 2nd in the past,  they could win this year's Classic right ?  I'm sure DoW can handle the dirt, he's 3 for 3 on it, but none of it was this year.  If he wins, I'll consider him a very good horse as I've said in my previous posts, just too much to overcome for the Classic but good luck to you and DoW, may you both make a bundle this Saturday.  I personally wouldn't bet my money based on the trainer's confidence on his horse...

IAEBG : Yes, many times before.

29 Oct 2013 8:40 PM
Greg R

It ain't easy being good!:  "Has a 3 year old ever won the Classic before?"  Yes, including KY Derby winners Sunday Silence and Unbridled.  Concern was less highly regarded coming into his Classic victory.

30 Oct 2013 1:04 AM

Greg R,

How could you not mention Curlin the last local based 3YO to win the BCC.

The US bred and European raced Raven's Pass also won the BCC as a 3YO.

30 Oct 2013 8:09 AM

It ain't easy being good,

Do the 3YOs have any chance in the 2013 BCC? The level of success by 3YOs in the BCC is only better by 4YOs.

All the BCCs contested at SA Park have been complete in 2:00 plus or less. This time frame relates to both dirt and synthetic.

The 2012 BCC winner and runner up contested a combined two 10F races before their BCC effort:

Fort Larned - 3rd in JCGC completed in 2:01.44

MMM – 3rd Kentucky Derby completed in 2:02.04.

Both races were their 1st attempts at the distance.

How do the 3YOs compare at the distance?

Palace Malice – 12t in K/Derby  (2:02.89); 4th in Travers(2:02.68) and 2nd in JCGC (1:59.70) 3 attempts

WTC - 8th in K/Derby (2:02.89); 1st in Travers (2:02.68). 2 attempt

Moreno - 1st in Travers (2:02.68) 1 attempt

Palace Malice appears to have the best time for the distance but it was on his 3rd attempt on a track known for quick times at the distance. Pleasant Tap’s 1:58.80 is the sakes record for the distance.

In Moreno’s first attempts at 9F, 1 3/16F & 10F, he finished 3nd 4th & 2nd.  

In PM first efforts at 9F, 10F & 12F, he finished 7th, 12th and 1st.

In WTC first efforts at 9F, 10F & 1 3/16F, he finished 1st, 8th and 10th

The late bloomer Moreno appears to have a better record at a distance of ground than both PM and WTC despite the fact that both have beaten.

He was defeated by the Belmont winner and returned to finish ahead of him in his 1st attempt at 10F. He was runner up to WTC twice but might have been a victim of his brutal 11 & 12 program preceding those races.

If he can improve a couple of seconds with his 6 weeks between races, he has to be the 3YO with the best shot. Again, his sire and dam sire won the race so it in his blood.

30 Oct 2013 8:44 AM
Greg R

I wasn't offering a complete listing; I was answering a yes or no question.

31 Oct 2013 12:24 AM
It aint easy being good!

Thanks coldfacts thats all I needed! Box them up with moreno, WTC, DOW & MMM book it! DOW WPS baby! With so much speed and alot of unknowns must take the foreign invader! I like the fact that older horses dont do well in the classic so you can toss RTG, Flat Out and GOD

31 Oct 2013 11:50 AM

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