Haskin's Derby Report: Chrome Sweet Home

As predicted, California Chrome's arrival yesterday drew a large crowd, as did his first appearance on the track Tuesday morning. The son of Lucky Pulpit only jogged once around, but still made his presence felt, just by his demeanor and the way he handles himself. He appears to be a horse who knows what he's supposed to do and get it done at a time of his choosing. This is his first trip outside California, so he's been taking in this new and different environment. He's handsome, he's fast, and he has personality, and that adds up to big crowds wherever he goes.

One interesting note. If you're wondering why California Chrome wasn't wearing his Derby saddlecloth, they spelled his name wrong. He has a correct one now. 

All photos by Steve Haskin  

Quite a first look at California Chrome, as the handsome chestnut eyes his welcoming committee from the van.

He does have a presence about him.

Preparing to be led off the van. Look at the eye on this colt.

Surprise to all photographers. Chrome gets backed off the van. He has a tendency to lunge off, so they take precautionary measures.

After he's turned around, there is time for only one brief shot as he heads into the barn.

Chrome is fully charged and wants to do more as he is led off following his jog.

This is one handsome horse and he seems to know it.

Is that an aura beaming down on him?

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