Haskin's Derby Report: Morning at The Downs

With the bad weather breaking, cooling temperatures, and the track wet but packed down, Kentucky Derby horses returned to serious gallops Wednesday morning and were feeling good and anxious to get back in action.

Starting things off was California Chrome, who went out at 6:45, jogging once around, working up a mouthful of saliva and champing at the bit. He then schooled in the paddock, and was on his toes, still working on that bit before settling down and relaxing. He stood calmly in the saddling stall on his three visits in there. He then walked through the tunnel to the track and took his first spin around the Churchill oval. First time around he was gawking at things, and there is a lot to gawk at. But second time around he was more focused and got into a nice steady rhythm.

California Chrome checks out track before going out for his gallop.

Chrome on the big screen.

Chrome in action on the big screen.

No one is handling this track and going any better than Medal Count.

Intense Holiday, with all four feet off the ground, is getting better every day.

Wicked Strong was on the muscle Wednesday morning.

Wicked Strong picks it up second time around.

Wildcat Red

If his training and powerful presence are any indication, Danza could be something special. Here he shows off his regal way of moving.

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