Add Dogears to Your Thoroughbred Sales Catalog

A friend accompanied me out to Keeneland today to see several mares. She noticed my marked-up catalog and commented on how I dogear the pages.  Thought it would be worth sharing.

Here's a fresh catalog:

I open to the hip I'm interested in:

I fold the catalog page at a sharp angle, forcing the top of the page out of alignment with the rest of the book:

I then fold back the rest of the page parallel to the spine:

The result is a tabbed index:

With the Keeneland hip numbers printed in the outer corners, it's possible to have the tabs display the hip number. Easy reference!

I'm happy to hear your tips on getting the most out of the printed book. Do you do anything brilliant that makes it easier to find the information you need while you're on the sales grounds?

This is also probably a good time to mention that I've been going back and adding photos of the "Broodmarathon" mares we've discussed.  Click on any of the old threads and you'll see new thumbnail photos of any mares I've seen. (So far it's just the early hips--try the Argentine mares or the Broodmare of the Year tie-ins.)

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