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Hard-Knocking Eagle Time Serves Double Duty

Eagle Time has an interesting story. From the Alleged/Hoist the Flag sire line, this 12-year-old stallion ran from 2 to 7, served a few years at stud, and is now back at the track because running is what he most loves in all the world.... Read More

This Is a 'Dam Good!' Story

If you like reading about great Thoroughbred broodmares, take the phone off the hook, cancel your dinner plans, make yourself comfortable, and take a look at this.... Read More

A Morning at the Gallops

Training styles differ throughout the world -- the uphill gallops and large strings of U.K. trainers are a fascinating difference from conventional methods in the U.S.... Read More

Thoroughbred Horse Names

Secretariat wasn't the first choice of names for the Triple Crown champ. In fact, it wasn't one of the first FIVE names submitted to The Jockey Club. From Secretariat to Smarty Jones, let's look at how racehorses have been given names over the years.... Read More

About Those Photos...

The weekend photo contest exposed a few readers as true Turf historians -- not all of the pictures were easy but we had a couple of perfect responses.... Read More

Dear Memories

For a Thoroughbred breeder, few things are more exciting than watching a new crop of yearlings tearing across the field in youthful rivalry. But not everything is always as it seems.... Read More

Domino Delivers

It might be fiction, but this story's equine details are terrific. Think War Admiral ... Blue Larkspur ... and a Domino-line sire. Thoroughbred pedigree fans, you don't want to miss this.... Read More

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