This Is a 'Dam Good!' Story

You've probably read all of their names at some point or other during the past year. A few might be longtime favorites whose pedigrees appear immediately in your mind's eye; others are perhaps more vague.

All 10 mares chosen as candidates for the 2008 MarketWatch Thoroughbred Broodmare of the Year are worth further review, however, and here's your opportunity to learn more about each of these successful producers -- and to cast your vote to help determine the "readers' choice" top broodmare of 2008.

MarketWatch, published by The Blood-Horse, is a monthly newsletter for industry professionals that offers "information and analysis for the Thoroughbred investor." The MarketWatch Thoroughbred Broodmare of the Year special feature from the March issue now has been released as a FREE DOWNLOAD because it's too much fun to restrict it to a limited audience.

Here's what to do:

  1. Click on the link to view the free PDF report:  2008 MarketWatch Thoroughbred Broodmare of the Year



  2. When you're finished, vote for your pick in the official poll below (hurry -- the poll closes April 6).



  3. And then continue the debate!  Why does your choice deserve the title? Which of these dams will have long-lasting influence on the breed? Whose name didn't get mentioned but should have been a contestant? Who never should've made the cut? (If you think it's hard to choose between the 10 entries, try culling a list of 1,343 down to those 10!)  

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