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Female families… patterns of inbreeding… sire line nicks… what really influences the strength of a Thoroughbred pedigree? How do conformation and class factor in? The Five-Cross Files explores bloodlines old and new, analyzes Thoroughbred pedigrees, tests breeding tools, and simplifies the science (and art) of successful Thoroughbred breeding.

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Fast Facts -- What Is the Comparable Index (CI)?

The Comparable Index is a tool that helps evaluate how strong a stallion's book of mares is -- either from year to year, or compared to other sires in a given year. It has many applications -- and I include an example of how commercial breeders might benefit with a bit of smart prospecting.... Read More

Beyond Perfection Saves Best for Last

Beyond Perfection was barren three times, slipped three more, and produced one dead foal (along with five less-than-impressive runners) before being booked to Candy Ride in 2005. The resulting grade II winner indicates the trouble was worth it -- but was it a good breeding decision?... Read More

Thoroughbred Racehorse Retirement

Fewer off-the-track fillies are in demand as broodmare prospects in this down economy, and they join the thousands of retired Thoroughbred geldings that need new homes every year. How will the industry fund retirement for all of them?... Read More

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