The Five-Cross Files

Female families… patterns of inbreeding… sire line nicks… what really influences the strength of a Thoroughbred pedigree? How do conformation and class factor in? The Five-Cross Files explores bloodlines old and new, analyzes Thoroughbred pedigrees, tests breeding tools, and simplifies the science (and art) of successful Thoroughbred breeding.

June 2008 - Posts

Where Did They All Go?

They're stallions who've underperformed and sent off to a foreign land... or are ferried away by high bidders abroad while they're still young. These exported Thoroughbred stallions are a big loss for American breeders.... Read More

September, Here We Come

Breeding decisions made in 2006... foals born in 2007... yearling sales in 2008. I've got a colt headed to Keeneland September... follow along with his sales prep and all the joys (and pains) of sending a yearling through the ring.... Read More

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