Dear Memories

Last week I had the opportunity to sit in on a "round table" discussion of a few prominent breeders, hosted by Blood-Horse Publications.  In addition to several fascinating theories presented during the formal discussion, it was a thrill to interact with these successful horsemen during a long break in the afternoon.

It was during the recess that I heard a great story from Arthur Hancock, who was recalling the excitement of a morning several years ago.  He was watching a field far away where a group of his farm's yearlings were frolicking. All of a sudden, he said, all of the colts bolted across the field.  His heart raced as he noticed that they were following one especially speedy figure that was pulling away, seeming with every stride to add daylight between itself and the rest of the runners.

Mr. Hancock rushed towards the yearlings' field to see which of the colts was such a standout.  "I'll be damned if I sell that one," he recalled saying to himself.

When he had gotten closer to the field, he again saw the group of horses, still chasing after ... a deer.

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