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Ladies' Day - Two Sides

I like Ladies' Day. I've been asking for Ladies' Day for quite some time, and I'm not the only one, but now that it's here seems like many are against it. And, no one is saying they like it anymore. It seems like we've driven off by terms like "sexist" and who can blame us. Well, I'm not going down without a fight. ... Read More

The Largest Problem Facing Racing - It Ain't the Papers

Every sport has image problems. The NBA had the Jailblazers, the NFL still has the Bengals, MLB battles drugs, and the NHL is well, if you've heard of it, it's the hockey league. Many in our industry point to the NHL as another sport going through rough times. Like horse racing, paper coverage is dwindling, it gets low ratings, and its season is said to be too long. It's horse racing but on Ice! Well, no not exactly. ... Read More

My Eyes Glaze Over When Someone Says ADW

I believe the most pressing issue in the sport is the ADW issue. And yet when someone talks about it I wonder if it would hurt that bad if I stuck a fork in my ear and twisted. Talks are again being, well talked, and not much is coming from them accept acrimony. Shock I know.... Read More

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