2011 Belmont Stakes - Predict the Order of Finish

Who will win the Belmont Stakes? Will it be Derby winner Animal Kingdom, Preakness winner Shackleford, or a new face? How will the others finish?

To participate, use your cursor to drag the selections on the left (currently arranged in post position order) to the blank placeholders on the right. Once you have completed ranking all of the horses, submit your entries and compare your results to the rest of the community. A first place ranking will earn 11 points, second place receives 10 points, and so on.


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Belmont will be brilliant like always,and the only horse taht was capable of winning the triple crown will show how great he is.Master of Hound and Nehro will be brilliant in their attempt to dethrowned the King but to no avail.Shackleford whom I rate as the best miler around will have to content that the distance will be out of his league.I still love this horse dearly.Mucho Macho Man has been asked to do too much in this period i hope he come out well,perhaps he still need more maturity under his belt.Ok folks the King will rule once more

08 Jun 2011 2:47 PM

I had a dream, and in it, MMM wins by 2. Second is Animal Kingdom, then Nehro, then MOH, then Shack.

08 Jun 2011 2:56 PM

This looks like the knottiest Belmont Stakes in ages; any number can play here.  Obviously, the Derby winner Animal Kingdom is going to be a very tough nut to crack but I'll try to beat him with Santiva and Master Of Hounds.  Don't be surprised to see Stay Thirsty run a blinder at this distance over this track.

My top five:

1) Santiva

2) Master of Hounds

3) Animal Kingdom

4) Stay Thirsty

5) Nehro

Happy hunting.

08 Jun 2011 5:15 PM

Master of Hounds wins with Nehro right behind him.  Animal Kindom picks up Show.

08 Jun 2011 7:02 PM
Bunny Hinzman

Animal Kingdom is my clear-cut favorite for the Belmont Stakes. In his races, all the indicators point towards him having the ability to handle the Belmont. Coming out of the Preakness a little weary, he managed to recover, and has been training well. Graham Motion’s strategy to race this colt lightly early in his three year old season will give him an edge on the other contenders who also started in the first two Triple Crown races. Animal Kingdom should handle the track surface well, and if the pace is fast, I expect him to cross the wire first.

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08 Jun 2011 8:26 PM

I think Animal Kingdom is a clear cut winner he has shown he is a outstanding race horse and should get better and better plus the extra distance should make him even better unless something unusual happens he's the winner by open lengths. Master of Hounds has been asked to do too much. It's to far for Shackleford I think but he's a tough never give up horse and you never know with these ones. Mucho Macho Man has to show he is good enough. Stay Thirsty is fresh.

1)Animal Kingdom

2)Mucho Macho Man


4)Stay Thirsty


09 Jun 2011 6:46 AM


I told you Dialed In big neck and laborious galloping style woukld make him uncompetitive against top class company. Well his finishes in the Derby and Preakness validated my assessment. Since Jason dedicated a Blog to Santiva, I have been on record as stating that the colt is slow a by classic standards. He has not done anything to change by initial my assessment. Consequently, I am surprised that you have again aligned yourself another slow colt. If he is void of speed, how will the anticipated slower pace of the Belmont help him? He does not have an explosive turn of foot and is by all indications is a grinder. I will be very surprised if he hit the board he will not grind pass the top closers.  You are being generous with Animal Kingdom as I think he will be 4th at best.

MOH should be your #1 choice as he has the pedigree that has dominated the last 10 Belmont Stakes. See the record below:

NB: I have slotted MOH into the 2011 spot as he seems to fit in nicely with the past winners. If it was only so easy determine a winner!

2011 - Master On Hounds  Sire: King Mambo -Dam sire: Saddlers Wells – Northern Dancer

2010 – Drosselmeyer –       Sire: Distorted Humor - Dam sire: Mascow Ballet by Nijinsky – Northern Dancer

2009-   Summer Bird -        Sire: Birdstone - Dam sire: Summer Squall by Storm Bird – Northern Dancer

2007 – Rags To Riches -    Sire: A P Indy - Dam sire: Deputy Minister by Vice Regent – Northern Dancer

2006 – Jazil                  –    Sire: Seeking The Gold - Dam sire: Deputy Minister by Vice Regent – Northern Dancer

2004 - Birdstone          -     Sire: Grindstone - Dam sire: by Storm Bird – Northern Dancer

2003 - Empire Maker    -    Sire: Unbridled - Dam sire: by El Gran Senor – Northern Dancer

2002 - Sarava                -    Sire: Wild Again - - Dam sire: Deputy Minister by Vice Regent – Northern Dancer



Brilliant Speed


Stay Thirsty

09 Jun 2011 8:22 AM

Billy, I *so* hope you're right!  Love MMM, he has my heart.

10 Jun 2011 11:36 PM

Animal Kingdom

Master of Hounds

Mucho Macho Man



Prime Cut

Stay Thirsty

11 Jun 2011 2:48 AM


and who cares who else!

11 Jun 2011 1:02 PM


Animal Kingdom

Master of Hounds


Mucho Macho Man

Shackleford to steal it in the mud.

Will box top three in exacta.

Good luck.

11 Jun 2011 5:16 PM

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