Jedi Code.

 Jedi Code.

  The name captured me at the first mention.  I am a huge fan of Star Wars and have thoroughly investigated the many horses who have related names, but that is another story.  Jedi Code and I have a rich history and I have many stories to tell about him.  

  Jedi Code is by Empire Maker out of the Secretariat Mare, Listen Well.  I do like Empire Maker and who doesn't like Secretariat mares?  The name is clever in the sense that Jedi Code relates to Empire and Listen...because Jedi's are wise and counsel The Republic in Star Wars and Empire...well, that is self explanatory.

  He tends to be a stalker and will be slow from the gate only to catch up during the mid point of the races.  Jedi Code has been promoted by me often around the office and to all my friends.  It has kind of become a house horse, despite his humble representation on the track so far.  He has a spark and potential...his relatives were greater in their three/four year old racing days.

  My goal is for Jedi Code to race in the Kentucky, Derby.  I don't think he will honestly win, but just for him to be known and to have that under his belt.  I will never give up on him, he is my horse.  Where is Yoda to help in training when you need him?
Look for my first Keeneland race with Jedi Code's first start, The Maiden is Broken and Gulfstream Mischief.

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