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Hot EP

Okay, so Hot-ep isn't releasing a record, but what are his chances? I also let you in on my thoughts for the Lane's End Stakes. It's all Jedi Games in here.... Read More

Media Notes

Dates for the airing of Kentucky Derby prep races on Cable. A new Thoroughbred documentary that is a must see. Swale, watch it.... Read More

Triple Crown HD

HD = Haskin's Dozen, I take a personal spin on Haskin's Derby Dozen for this week. I also mention some horses I think you need to know about. This is my first Triple Crown post of the year, so I hope it gives a few new insights for you.... Read More

Moments from Magdalana

Visiting with good friends Fitzaslew, A to the Croft, Prospective Love and Parviso. Also includes a Perfect Soul update and a final farewell to BHNow. Now UPDATED with pictures!... Read More

Rock and Roll

Royal Ascot meet in England...more turfy goodness, IEAH gets Foot Loose as the New Kids on the Block, and how both could affect us.... Read More

Labeling A Winner; All In A Name

There are so many creative and fun names out there. What are some of your favorite names that currently exist? What are some fun names you might want to create or see? Any good stories behind a horse that you named?... Read More

A Cool Day at Ashford Stud

On a rather cold day this winter, Ashford opened its broad black iron gates for people to come in and visit their stallions first hand. The gates were a tad slow, but it built anticipation as we drove down their stretched driveway, giant beautiful trees lining the sides and draping over us, to their secondary gate that enters the stable area.... Read More

The Perfect Following

Pick a stallion prospect who will have a crop of 2YOs coming up. Following these horses also allows you to create a bond and develop with the horse, if that is something that interests you. You will start to see how successful the sire will be through the success of his offspring. A fun experience has been following the developing 2YOs of newer stallions.... Read More

Conformation: Equilateral triangle method

A great question was asked by the reader The Old Gray Mare, who wanted some clarification on the triangle method. I mentioned the triangle method in my previous post "Ouch at Oak Tree." Confirmation: Equilateral triangle method. ... Read More

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