Under A Tack!

The first truly warm day in Lexington could not emerge at a better time. My annual trip to watch the undertack show at Keeneland has arrived! The undertack showcases the upcoming 2-Year-Olds in Training that will be on sale, the horses run a variety of distances, 1/8, 3/8 or 1/4 usually. The standard/average time for an 1/8 seemed to be 10.2 this year. I think it was either 10.1 or 10.3 last year.

The fastest time for an 1/8 run was 10.0 while I was there. The run was finished by a Forest Wildcat bay filly, hip #84, out of an A.P. Indy mare named Orate. Apparently Orate is a sister to Pulpit, which makes sense with her name. Kind of the preaching, oral presentation theme eh? So this horse would be one I would be interested in. Residual value being a filly and potential talent on the track.

First Samurai offspring might have had the prettiest coats out there, I think all of the First Samurais were running consistently at 10.2 at 1/8. Offlee Wild had a nice runner at 10.1 going 1/8 in distance. A dark bay colt out of Norene's Nemesis in the Bold Ruler line, but would be a solid G3 talent looking at the black type. A Tapit ran one of the slower times, but would not start running. Just a slow start and they are just kids, so I chuckled and thought she was funny. The chestnut filly out of Malia managed to still notch a 10.3 finish time.

The only other horse aside from the Bernadini I wanted to watch was the Rock Hard Ten filly Fascinating Gal. She didn't run either, before I left.

I only stayed for an hour, as I took my lunch break early to watch the undertack show. I really wanted to see a Bernadini work, but all were scratched except one and he didn't run before I had to leave. Bummer.

None the less, I still was able to sit in the warm sun and relish the shimmer of running horses down the track. It is just spectacular to see how the bay and chestnut colors shine in the sun's reflection.

I have not had a chance to examine any conformation, I just watched them run. So all the info is based off of forty feet of separation or so =).

Aside from the horses; It was fun entering Keeneland this time, because I was walking behind a group of about five 30 somethings visiting for the first time. One of the five was explaining this is the paddock and where the horses prepare to go to the track. The people were oohing and ahing. One questioned in disbelief, "This is where they go to race, right here?"   The fun in this is just seeing how people still get excited about horse racing and observing new fans or new experiences.

In closing; Keeneland opens today...I'll be there!

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