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The Perfect Following

Pick a stallion prospect who will have a crop of 2YOs coming up. Following these horses also allows you to create a bond and develop with the horse, if that is something that interests you. You will start to see how successful the sire will be through the success of his offspring. A fun experience has been following the developing 2YOs of newer stallions.... Read More

Conformation: Equilateral triangle method

A great question was asked by the reader The Old Gray Mare, who wanted some clarification on the triangle method. I mentioned the triangle method in my previous post "Ouch at Oak Tree." Confirmation: Equilateral triangle method. ... Read More

Ouch at Oak Tree

I was invited to hang out and saw my visit as an opportunity to learn about the breeding process for Thoroughbred horses. Now I get the basics of breeding, as sex isn't really too hard to understand, but I mean all the other intricacies involved. Clearly I did not know what I was getting into. ... Read More

Free Food, Free Knowledge

I wanted to go see the horses of Lane's End and who can pass up free food? The stallions were great, and this was my first open house. The experience was thrilling; to look at stallions up close, showing off their stuff. I had two great co-workers who were teaching me the ropes.... Read More

Roses for a Derby Date

So I took her on a date. We talked a whole lot about the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown, because I honestly had a lot of questions and she generally had good answers.... Read More

A Racing Empire

There are a great number of horses that hold cherished names from the Star Wars saga. The more recent names are the heros and villains I will be touching on in this post.... Read More

The Kentucky Derby Likes March Madness

March Madness always grips me each year. As a sports fan, the idea of teams working hard to peak at the prime of the season is awesome. The training, endurance, and camaraderie must fuse into one body, one mind. Lets look at the Road to the Roses 2008 Kentucky Derby Fantasy Challenge.... Read More

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