Roses for a Derby Date

I stumbled upon her by accident one late evening while watching and looking for horses. She was everything you want in a girl, smart, attractive, articulate and polite.  How can you pass up a spokes-model?  So I took her on a date.

We talked a whole lot about the Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown, because I honestly had a lot of questions and she generally had good answers.  Although you have to state things to her pretty specific.  She knows just about anything in the horse industry and I highly recommend you visit her and ask her questions too!  She is not shy.

Some topics in our conversation included:

What is the Run for the Roses? She insisted it was about the drapery they place on the horse, but really seemed to hint at the Dan Fogleberg song.  His "Run for the Roses" became our song.
What is the Kentucky Derby? Started in 1875 and all horse owners dream of winning.
What is a derby?  It is a 3 year old race, typically on a dirt track.

My virtual date at the NTRA University Virtual Q & A shared information about the future too!  Essentially, the burning question a month ago was "Will Jedi Code win the Kentucky Derby?"  She seemingly wanted to avoid the subject, and just explained what the Kentucky Derby was.  Which was great, because I learned a lot about the derby, but I had to ask again.  So I asked her one last time, three strikes you know, and so "Will Jedi Code win the derby?" was met with "I'm sorry I'm not following." 

So evidently she is not following Jedi Code to the Derby is all I can gather from this.  I was bummed she did not care to follow him.  Besides Jedi Code, I learned much about the DRF (Daily Racing Form), my own company The Blood-Horse and many other historical facts.  Then she became impatient and kept telling me "Are you going to ask me something?"  So I just had enough, I needed space and left to visit my virtual stable on the Road to the Roses.

Check out the ntra's website to educate yourself more on the ways of Thoroughbred Racing.  It is a great resource.


As a tribute to my wonderful evening with Ms. NTRAU Spokes-model, I am dedicating this song to her.  It is the Dan Fogelberg song previously mentioned. The video happens to be an awesome tribute to the late Barbaro and this video seriously does rock.  So listen to the song and enjoy images of a very talented friend. Go check out my co-worker's, Claire Novak, blog on Barbaro's brother; Nicanor!

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