Free Food, Free Knowledge

Open house in elementary school always meant one important thing to me: I received a chance to show off my work from art class, and work from all those other classes we had to take, to my parents. There was just something special in showing your parents your accomplishments, and then have them respond with positive comments. Though Lane's End Farm is not exactly a school, I learned a lot during a few visits to their open house.

I wanted to go see the horses of Lane's End and who can pass up free food? So my friends Marta, Leia, and I hit the barns post complementary lunch provided by Lane's End.  The stallions were great, and this was my first open house. The experience was thrilling; to look at stallions up close, showing off their stuff. I had two great co-workers who were teaching me the ropes. Letting me know what to look for, how to act, and all the breeding prospect things to do. Lingo, body language, reaction, and a good list of what not to say, came from Leia.

I definitely wanted to see my buddy Aragorn because we had a billion ads in the work I do with his great face on it. He was very nice in person and a strong looker. He always had this confident looking groom by his side in the Lane's End PDF ads, and I met him as well. He was very nice. We also checked out Rock Hard Ten, and Mingun while another couple had Kingmambo out walking around. All the horses out were just great looking.

I was very impressed with how much stallions fill out and develop after they are done with their racing careers.  From lean and mean to big and bad. I visited the many favorites laying low in their stalls as well like Lemon Drop Kid, Mineshaft, and A. P. Indy. Seeing some of the modern legends is always fun. I just didn't realize how much horses can have personality variations. Some were lazy, some curious, while others sweet and some, were just in their own world. 

The open house left me with a lot of new knowledge and the desire to visit as many farms and open houses as possible.  Not just for free food, which was nothing short of exquisite, but to learn about the industry breeding programs. My appreciation has grown, and I encourage people to visit these farms and ask questions in groups. I understand the main purpose of the open houses are for breeders/owners who are seriously considering stallion prospects to observe them first hand, but education is key. Especially if it sways you into being a new client.

 Rock Hard Ten
 Rock Hard Ten courtesy of Marta.  All Rights Reserved.

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