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Derby May Care

Beautiful IMAGES of Kentucky Derby 136 contenders. And the favorite question to answer during this time of year. Brief update on The Pamplemousse.... Read More

Free Food, Free Knowledge 2009

Let's tour some new stallions and old favorites with a food competition thrown in. Photos, workouts and entrys...Big Bad Leroybrown is in the Sunshine Millions, while Han Solo and Obi Wan did well in their recent races!... Read More

Horses and Their Tongues: What's up with that?

I have stumbled upon a new angle to bet in the Belmont and this angle is original. You will only read it on here and yes, it has to do with horses and their tongue talents. Then there are a few other tongue stories on the side. Is there a talent you have seen from a horse that deserves some mention?... Read More

Ouch at Oak Tree

I was invited to hang out and saw my visit as an opportunity to learn about the breeding process for Thoroughbred horses. Now I get the basics of breeding, as sex isn't really too hard to understand, but I mean all the other intricacies involved. Clearly I did not know what I was getting into. ... Read More

Free Food, Free Knowledge

I wanted to go see the horses of Lane's End and who can pass up free food? The stallions were great, and this was my first open house. The experience was thrilling; to look at stallions up close, showing off their stuff. I had two great co-workers who were teaching me the ropes.... Read More

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