Conformation: Equilateral triangle method

 A great question was asked by the reader The Old Gray Mare, who wanted some clarification on the triangle method.  I mentioned the triangle method in my previous post "Ouch at Oak Tree."  So here is a brief explanation on a quick way to check out horses.

Confirmation: Equilateral triangle method.

The triangle will follow the hip and shoulder up toward a point over the back. You want the bottom of the triangle to follow along the bottom of the barrel or stomach area. The base should be a straight line for the most part.

Using your fingers with this method means you place your pointer fingers together and your thumbs together to form a triangle...peer through the triangular hole created. It is a quick and easy way to get some ideas on the shape of a horse.

Picture: The picture holds two colors. Red is the correct triangle, and the green is the "actual" horse measurement with the triangle.

Horse 1 (left) has pretty close to an equilateral triangle proportion.

Horse 2 (right) is pretty close, but a bit longer and the base of the triangle is wider.

Equalateral Triangle

Thank you to my co-worker Leia for providing the picture and explaining more on horse conformation.

If you have other useful methods, tips or tricks then please do share!


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What a great contrast of conformation.  I like the way that you explained this method and how you gave a visual explanation too.  I think that leg conformation is important too, can you do something similar?

25 Mar 2008 9:43 AM

Hi Jequine, Here are a whole bunch of resources to help you learn about conformation.  Courtesy of The Horse and my co-worker Erin.

The Horse has many good articles on what to watch for in horse conformation and deformities.

25 Mar 2008 2:32 PM

Leia? We have someone named Leia who works here?

27 Mar 2008 5:14 PM

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