Moments from Magdalana

On Thursday, July 10, a friend and I visited the wonderful training facility of Kenny McPeek.

Caption: Magdalana - Photo: Joey Mai

The horses of McPeek were rather calm and complacent upon visiting them, except for one. He bit my arm, but he caught me off guard and it didn't hurt too bad. Just a slight pink discoloration existed.

I was mainly there to visit Fitzaslew, who I have a neat bond with, and I had pictures taken with him. So did my buddy Joey. Fitz rubbed on my chin (goatee to be exact) for a little while, as did a few other horses. Fitzy needed a good visit, and I could tell he enjoyed the company. I'll be glad to see him back on the track soon.

Fitzy and I first met in the paddock of a Maiden Special Weight race on Stephen Foster Day at Churchill Downs. It was the first start and win for Fitzaslew! So that is why I needed to be sure to say hi, because I knew he would remember me, which he did. Amidala was at the Stephen Foster Day with me and pointed him out specifically for "being really pretty."

I really wanted Joey to see A to the Croft. What a beautiful horse. Tough guy Tom Hall also concurred that this filly is just a good-looking horse. Now, the fact there are stakes races under her belt doesn't hurt either. It was exciting to be with such a star.

Photo: Joey Mai

Along the second barn there was a new horse in McPeek's realm. He was bought at the recent Ocala sale and is a big horse. A beautiful 16 or 17 hand chestnut, to be exact. Just powerful looking and pretty well put together. Unfortunately, I do not remember the pedigree of this horse, but if McPeek trains him well, he should do some great things.

Prospective Love caught my heart though. This horse rubbed my goatee/chin with his gums like it was the next best thing. The gums were fun, and we talked a little and chatted about life. It was great. My friends BB and Joey walked on, as I stayed to chat a little bit more.

Photo: Joey Mai

The last memorable horse was a newly acquired Argentinean-bred horse named Parviso. BB was telling me how he had bucked her off in training once. I laughed at her, but walked over to the horse in the pasture, and he was as calm and sweet as can be. He walked right over and was hanging out. I still don't believe this horse is capable of such shenanigans. I petted and talked with this guy for a while too, congratulating him on giving BB a bumpy ride. I spoke a discussion in spanish to him and he seemed to really enjoy that as well.

Caption: Barn Row - Photo: Joey Mai

Photo: Joey Mai

Photo: Joey Mai

Perfect Soul Update:

I will no longer be updating Perfect Soul's stats or first crop of 2-year-olds. I may write something on his first winner. I apologize for this inconvenience and will leave the current posts up, since some of you have commented on them, and I value your thoughts.


As BHNow consumed my life for about a year, it is sad to see it go. It was such a useful tool for me, and I have linked to many stories from its crisp pages of dynamic data.

BUT, now all that neat data is available on for anyone and everyone!  All kinds of neat sortable lists are available, just by clicking on the tab.

So go enjoy the new features, they are pretty awesome.

Caption: Tree at McPeek's Place
Photo: Joey Mai

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