The Breeders' Cup: Enhance Your Experience with the Web

This isn't the Kentucky Derby, this is the Breeders' Cup.

Last year at the Breeders' Cup Stable Boy and I were able to push out track-side video in real time, through my blog. At the same time, I was tweeting live from the gap at Santa Anita. Observing the horses coming on and off the track. As well as how they looked while hitting the top of the stretch in works. The feed back from us providing this information was all very positive. We were also not the only people doing great work and posting it in real time or live. There were many entities out there on the track tweeting and blogging, taking video and photos.

This post is to tell you a few places to watch for inside information and keep track of breaking news and events going on with the Breeders' Cup. I would also hope you could clue in your friends and family who may be casual race fans, or not fans at all, to get more out of the event than just watching the race. Many tools exist to get more out of the Breeders' Cup than just watching the races on TV or live at the track.

Blood-Horse Publications covers the Breeders' Cup from multiple angles every year as do many fans whom blog and tweet about the event. Breeders' Cup 360 holds great behind the scenes access into the championships. Ernie, your host, is an entertaining personality to help make sense of it all. As far as every angle, Twitter has become instant access to breaking news stories from all sides of the event.

On twitter:
Use #BC10 to keep track of Breeders' Cup tweets.

Who to Follow:
@johnasher (Churchill Downs media extraordinaire)
@BloodHorse (latest Thoroughbred News)
@JasonShandler (Journalist and Handicapper from
@ClaireNovak (Journalist and Personality in the Thoroughbred world)
@TBAblogs (Community of Thoroughbred Racing enthusiasts and connections)
@BH_AdamsTurf (me, if I am there)

The 2009 Breeders' Cup Championships was my first live experience with the event and I encourage you to check out the races. Here are a few samples of my blogging while on site, in real time, from 2009.

Lex to Tex to LAX: An intro to my journey to the BC in California

Sunday Morning BC Update

Monday Morning BC Update

BC Trackside Video, Hot Off the Track

Breeders' Cup Competition VIDEOS

If Churchill Downs hosting the 2010 Breeders' Cup was not enough to entertain you in Kentucky, check out the World Equestrian Games, and the Keeneland September Thoroughbred Auction occurring near the same time.

What resources are you going to use to follow the BC this year?

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