BC Trackside Video, Hot Off the Track

Alex and I were able to stop with Larry Jones for a bit and he was explaining that this is his first time at Santa Anita, so I'm not the only one. Anyway, Larry and his wife were talking about how they are excited about accepting their award at the awards dinner. He also had some interesting comments on the track surface, we have video of that but I am not sure if it can be used or not. We will have to review it. Larry was happy, loving the weather and his wife emphasized that we need to help pressure Larry NOT to retire. It was a fun light-hearted conversation.

Trackside video from Santa Anita to tease you with.

Red Rocks:

[brightcove videoid="47848375001"]


[brightcove videoid="47839630001"]

She Be Wild:

[brightcove videoid="47848387001"]


[brightcove videoid="47856840001"]


[brightcove videoid="47836826001"]

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