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 Breeders' Cup

I am off to Breeders' Cup Saturday morning at 6am. My plan is to try and give you all a few blogs from the track, sights and sounds, updates, and interesting observations. This will be my first time at Santa Anita, so I am excited about the trip. I wish Chantal was still around, but maybe I can meet Kayla eh? Stop Stable Boy and myself to say hi, if you see us cruising around the track. If I can find wireless in locations along the way, then expect a few tweets.

I am excited to see Chocolate Candy, Capt. Candyman Can, Einstein and other old friends, but really excited to finally see several horses I have not had a chance to see run in person.

On another note, I was in the studio while taping ATO for this week. I have my opinions on all of the industry issues at hand today, but to hear Bill Farish in person gave me a better sense of where he is coming from; compared to reading letters. I encourage you to watch ATO, specifically the interview, and see what he has to say. The interview was ten minutes, but we had to cut it down for the show.

And They're Off with Bill Farish

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Horse Rally

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