Monday Morning BC Update

 Watching the beautiful sunrise over the mountains track side here at Santa Anita for the first time was just amazing. We had a few good shots of horse and rider riding in silhouette against the sun rise. There are a few horses working and a lot of horses I have not seen in person. I am tweeting on twitter all morning and have instant access to who is coming on and off the track. If you want you can follow me on twitter at

It seems all the action is going on after the break. I will update more later, but Twitter is where I am at.

 After watching Summer Bird enter and now just exiting the track, he was in the zone and on his toes. He looked fit, ready to go. As Mine That Bird was running on the track, I'll let you know how he looks when he exits. Chip looked calm and cool when reading off the distance of the work to the "clockers" booth. UPDATE: Mine That Bird looked good coming off and apparently Colonel John gave me the slip exiting the track, because I haven't seen him exit and he went out a while ago.

Caption: Sunrise at Santa Anita
Photo: Alex Cutadean


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