A co-worker and I were talking about a horse named Sheltowee recently. Sheltowee is a 2-year-old colt in training who is being followed via our Maiden Watch Blog.

There is a trail that stems through several states in this region, including Kentucky and the Smokie Mountains of Tennessee. It is named the Sheltowee trail. The Sheltowee is a part of the trails Daniel Boone used to navigate and pioneer this area of the United States.

I am a rock climber/backpacker and enjoy nature, thus I have spent a lot of time in the Red River Gorge and various other natural parks in Kentucky and surrounding states. If you live near the Appalachia region, you should have at least heard of the Daniel Boone National Forrest or in the least the Appalachian trail.

My co-worker is an archaeologist and was explaining that Sheltowee was the Shawnee name given to Daniel Boone while he was living with them. Boone was actually captured by the Shawnee, but later adopted into their tribe. Sheltowee translates as Big Turtle, which if you ever hike any of the trail, you see turtle icons on trees along the way, so you know you are traveling along the trail.

So why is this important? Guess who Sheltowee is related too. Does Apple Martini sound familiar? It should, if not, then maybe the name Giant Oak sounds familiar. Yep, a half-brother to both Apple Martini and Giant Oak. However, this horse is not a Giant's Causeway, he is a Saint Liam out of Crafty Oak, who is by Crafty Prospector.

So if we translate the name to English, the name of this horse is "Giant Turtle" or "Big Turtle" or as Daniel Boone knows it...Sheltowee.

Keep an eye out as he will soon start his racing career!
Sheltowee (Saint Liam - Crafty Oak) 2-year-old colt

Note: Saint Liam is one of the first crop sires being followed by our Maiden Watch blog.

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As far as the Red River Gorge, enjoy this...from us climbing nerds:

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